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Service of dedication of the St Veep Church bells on 10th December 2017

December 14th 2017

What joy to walk up the candlelit path whilst listening to our church bells ringing again!   Parishioners gathered in the church for this historical event, a lifetime opportunity that they did not want to miss.  The Rector of the Benefice and Parish Priest of St Veep, the Reverend Paul Beynon, led this very special service in the long history of our church.   G F Handel called the bell “The English national instrument” and it is also the instrument of the Cornish. 

During the service there was an opportunity to thank the organisations that had awarded grants as well as all the local people whose hard work, determination, expertise and and/or generosity ensured that the money needed to restore and rehang the ancient bells was raised.  Peter Bucknell, who masterminded the fundraising, was singled out for particular praise and given a present.




Peter and Pat cut the celebration cake which we enjoyed after the service.





In addition, the new Altar frontals created by Rachel Brown, were blessed and dedicated.  After the service we had an opportunity to admire this beautiful work of art.  If you drive past the church, do stop to go and see it.  The frontals represent the beauty and richness of our Cornish countryside and echo the colours of the stained glass window above the altar.  See how many wild flowers you can spot!

Lerryn Pre-School Provision

December 12th 2017

St Veep Church Peal of Bells

December 12th 2017


Truro Diocesan Ringers  from the left: Debbie Spittle, John Davis, David Ralls, Robert Perry, Eric Bannister and Ruth Reeves.


Peter Bucknell receiving a cheque from David Ralls on behalf of the Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers


Six members of the Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers came to St. Veep and rang a successful peal of 5040 changes. They completed their mammoth task in 2 hours and 43 minutes.  The ringers are not a specific band of six, they are a pool of dedicated method ringers in the Diocese and whoever is available on the day takes on the task. As a complete layman when it comes to ringing I found their skill, dedication and enthusiasm infectious.

The 2¾ hour event was a demonstration of Method Ringing not practised at St Veep normally. John Davis explained that only about 20% of ringers in Cornwall are Method Ringers and of that 20% only half of them are willing to ring for 3 hours at a time. He explained the difference between Method Ringing, where ringers learn a line and each bell comes in at a certain point on that line and the change occurs every ½ pull, and Call Change Ringing which is reliant on a conductor calling the changes. The majority of Towers in Cornwall use the latter method.

The Diocesan Guild Ringers used Plain Bob Minor, Cambridge Surprise Minor and Kent Treble Bob Minor, with six bells changing, to complete the marathon session.  Ruth Reeves said it had been a pleasure to ring the peal on the Maiden Bells, the only set of six in the Country, and to meet the bell restoration committee.  

The Bell Appeal Committee laid on a pasty lunch and afterwards where David Ralls presented Peter Bucknell, the Chair of the St Veep Appeal, with a cheque and Robert Perry, the Secretary of the Diocesan Guild, praised the work of the Appeal Committee.

Seagull Race December 30th

December 11th 2017

Sleeping Beauty

December 10th 2017


Thanks to Jo and Lola Willcox for taking the photos and to Bernie Gibbons for uploading them to the website. There are 4 pages of excellent images of the Sleeping Beauty Pantomime on the Photo Gallery.  To see these photos,  go to the Photo Gallery or click on the image below:

Lerryn School & The Bells at St Veep

December 7th 2017

Minibus to Ronald Elliott's funeral

December 6th 2017

The Lerryn Area Minibus Association will be running a free minibus to the crematorium.  We will leave the car park at 3.45pm.  Seats are likely to be in high demand, so we kindy request that you contact our booking clerk on 01208 871272 to book a seat and avoid disappointment.

Ronald Elliott Funeral

December 5th 2017

St Veep Church bells - final event this year

December 5th 2017

Sunday 10th December
Our final event at 6.00pm is a Celebration of the rehanging of the bells and the completion of the project which will be conducted by Reverend Paul.  Please come along and be part of this historic event.

Christmas Food and Drinks Fair

December 5th 2017

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