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Autumn Bazaar in Lerryn Memorial Hall

October 17th 2017

Our Autumn Bazaar will take place on Saturday 21 October from 10.00am – 3.00pm

Lots of stalls .. vintage, home produce, crafts, bric-a-brac, charity, toys, paintings, antiques

Coffee and cakes  

For further details contact Vicki on 07801953446

All proceeds to the Lerryn Memorial Hall

St Veep Church Jazz Evening

October 17th 2017

The RNLI Fish Supper

October 17th 2017

The fabrics of my life - report on WI talk

October 16th 2017


The WI members and their guests who gathered in Lerryn Memorial Hall to hear Faith Truscott speak on this subject expected to learn a lot about fabrics, and they certainly did that.

When Faith was a young woman, already an experienced teacher and accustomed to working with children with disabilities, she went with VSO to Indonesia, where she was based on the tiny island of Lambok.  She married there and received textiles as wedding gifts, collecting other such gifts over the years she spent there.

Ever since she was a child she had sewed, but in Indonesia she became much more aware of the fabrics themselves and the skill and care that went into producing them. She brought to the meeting examples of the main methods of making and decorating local textiles and we were privileged to be able to see and handle them – some of them extremely old and precious.

The principle of batik – creating patterns on fabric by covering parts of it with a wax that resists the dye - is now familiar to many people, but the word ‘batik’ means ‘make a dot’ and the special tool for applying the wax involves a slender barrel that releases the hot wax through a tube less than a millimetre in width. Faith confessed that her own attempts had invariably created a wax puddle, but then she showed us the elaborate and delicate patterns created by other people on the samples she had brought. None of them, we noticed, carried the ‘cracking’ marks characteristic of many designs sold here as batik. The freshly waxed fabrics, we learned, were kept taut on a wooden frame for insertion into the vats of vegetable dye. If the wax cracked, that was a disaster.

Even more elaborate was the production of ikat patterns. ‘Ikat’ means ‘to lock’. For those of us whose ‘tie-dyeing’ efforts used to involve tying knots in T-shirts, it was a revelation to look at a fabric created by tying tight knots to resist the dye in each individual strand of cotton in the warp of the fabric, then dyeing it, re-knotting it for a different effect and dipping it again. Huge and complex patterns are created this way, non-literate workers retaining the whole pattern in their heads as they work. In really special pieces, the weft is treated the same way, creating even greater complexity. A piece of fabric created like this can take twelve years to make.

Although the fabrics themselves were awe-inspiring, what was moving about Faith’s talk was the fact that they had become a part of her own and other people’s lives in a culture where the cloth made for ‘the birthing’ is retained for use as the same person’s shroud, and the heavy ceremonial shawls incorporating real gold and silver threads are not fashion statements but heirlooms, designed to be loved and valued from one generation to the next. It was her acceptance into this way of life that gave depth to Faith’s memories of it – including the lovely story of the local people’s attempts to falsify her marriage certificate in order to protect her from the shame of being so much older than the fourteen years that was, for them, the proper age for a girl to be wed!

Ann Henderson

Lerryn WI

Rockpool Ramble

October 16th 2017

Talk - Bird of Prey Conservation

October 16th 2017

Red Store Charity Event

October 16th 2017

Upcoming Events for St Winnow Parish Church

October 16th 2017


Successful fundraising for the Village Hall

October 9th 2017

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the recent 'Johnny Cowling' comedy evening in aid of the village hall.  It was a great night and we raised £700 for the hall. 

Secondly many thanks to 'The Ship' for once again holding a quiz in support of the village hall,  we raised over £150 on that evening.   

Many thanks to everyone for supporting both events, two fun evenings for the hall.

Fowey Estuary Clean Up by Kayak

October 9th 2017

A message from Encounter Cornwall...
Announcing the second of this year's Estuary Clean Up on Sunday October 15th at 1pm. 
For those of you who have previously participated you will know the format, but we do need everyone who would like to come to book - either by messaging us, email or give us a ring - we need to know what type of pasty you want too! 
As the litter pick involves manoeuvering the kayaks in and out of the river bank, and getting in and out too, we ideally need volunteers who have kayaked before - however, we often have families taking part, which is wonderful, so we don't want to deter anyone who wants to help! 
We will supply plastic gloves, and bin bags, and we will be serving pasties, cakes and tea and coffee at the Boatshed, Golant. If you want your pasty before you set out, arrive earlier and let us know and we'll have it ready for you. 
If you have your own kayak/canoe/paddleboard, you are also very welcome, but please let us know beforehand.
Karen & Dave

Lerryn History Society outing to Truro Cathedral and Crantock Church

October 2nd 2017

On Saturday 30th September, members went on a day outing to Truro Cathedral and Crantock Church to see more woodcarving by Violet Pinwill. We travelled by the LAMA minibus, (expertly driven by Annie Singer) and collected our guide Helen Wilson and her husband in Lostwithiel. On arrival at the cathedral, we were met by Michael, one of the Cathedral guides and taken on a guided tour by him and Helen.

It was wonderful to have such a personal insight into the wonderful work by the Pinwill sisters, and to receive such expert detailed information whilst walking round the cathedral.


After lunch in the Cathedral Restaurant, we travelled to Crantock for a visit to the church, and were met by the sacristan. The wood carving is almost unbelievable in its intricate detail, and we were privileged to have a guided tour, and see close up the workmanship, including the “Confessional” desk and chair.


A most memorable day, and great thanks to Sue Daw for organising the outing, Annie Singer for driving the minibus, and Helen Wilson for being such an expert guide.

Paul Weatherhogg – Chairman, Lerryn History Society.

St Veep Church bells - update

September 26th 2017

We have a delay on the delivery of the bells which will affect our programme of social events. Reg the fabricator at  Nicholsons has been away sick and is not due back until October 2nd at the earliest. The annoying thing is that the tower and the bells are on schedule;  it is the bell frame which is delayed but without that we cannot hang the bells.
We have decided that the jazz concert on Saturday 21st October in St Veep Church will still go ahead on the scheduled date but we have postponed everything else until we are certain Reg is back in action and we can set firm dates.

Minibus Sightseeing Trip to Land's End

September 24th 2017

The LERRYN AREA MINIBUS ASSOCIATION runs a timetable of weekly trips to Bodmin and monthly trips to Truro and St Austell.  In addition, in full consultation with our passengers, we run a programme of "Special Trips".

Our September trip on Thursday 21st was a sightseeing trip to Land's End and once again we had glorious weather.  Our itinerary was as follows:

  • Lerryn-Lostwithiel-Marazion:  we had our coffee break in the Godolphin Arms Hotel from which you have front seat views of St Michael's Mount
  • Marazion-Land's End:  we had lunch at the hotel and the staff had reserved for our group tables by the bay windows and we had uninterrupted views of the sea.  What a treat!  The weather was so clear that you could see the Isles of Scilly without problems.  The food was good too!
  • Land's End-Sennen Cove:  we found benches overlooking the beautiful sandy beach from which we could follow the antics of walkers, swimmers and surfers.  Some passengers even indulged in an ice-cream!
  • Sennen Cove-Zennor-St Ives: this must be the prettiest road in Cornwall with breathtakingly views of the sea on the left and the moor on the right
  • St Ives-Lostwithiel-Lerryn



Our next Special Trips are as follows:

  • Saturday 28th October: Tavistock Farmers’ Market
  • Saturday 25th November am:  LAMA Christmas Coffee Morning
  • Thursday 30th November am:  Waitrose Special (Truro)
  • Thursday 14th December am:  Trelawney Garden Centre

Ship Inn Pop-up shop

September 13th 2017

Since the closure of the Lerryn River Stores, we have been helping out by keeping a basic supply of provisions such of pasties, sausage rolls, fresh bread, milk, eggs, tomatoes, butter & other items.

If there is something we can help you with that isn't listed above, please give us a ring.

Just to remind everyone, we are receiving medicines every Tuesday, which was previously being dropped off to the shop.

We are also ordering in papers from Penhalligons on a daily basis (delivered by the postman at about 11am), and also we can take orders for Sunday papers (delivered early morning) with either cash or vouchers.

Again, please let us know if you would like us to handle your order request.

All the staff at The Ship Inn Lerryn
01208 872374

Guided Visit to Fowey Aquarium

September 10th 2017

Come along and see the blue lobster aptly named 'Bluebell' by one of our youngest volunteers Lily during our Marine Day event last week!

Shop closure message from Parish Council

September 6th 2017

Because of the recent closure of Lerryn Village Stores, St Veep Parish Council has decided to extend the period of Public Participation at their next council meeting to give local residents the opportunity to discuss the current situation.
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 14 th September 2017 in the Memorial Hall, Lerryn and will commence at 7.00 pm prompt, with the Parish Council meeting following.
We look forward to seeing you.

Lerryn River Stores - update

September 3rd 2017

Those of you who did not go to the shop yesterday may not be aware that the following 2 notices went up in the shop door:

1.  The first advising customers that the shop will be closed from Monday 4th September at 5.00pm

2. The second advising Lerryn residents who pick up their prescriptions from the shop that the LAMA drivers will now deliver the prescriptons to the Ship Inn.


Darren -Lerryn

September 2nd 2017

Dear village, I am with great regret pulling out of Lerryn River Stores as Manager with immediate effect; the reasons are as follows: I cannot disclose the three persons responsible but I am taking legal action against those for libel and slander, Since I have worked at the stores, I have made great friends and enjoyed my time there, building a fantastic village shop - in fact so good that two very generous people were willing to purchase the shop for me to carry on running. When I first started at the shop rumours were spread about Liz having an affair and that I'd been in prison for fraud, you name it, it has been slung and this was very malicious, hurtful and untrue. The Post Office for one do not employ such people and carry out rigorous checks.  I wiped it aside and carried on, I’ve not been paid since May 2016, but I carried on for the village, the latest libel allegations are by text, email and by phone to witnesses, they are totally untrue and libel and slanderous, because of this I've decided to take legal action against those involved. I am so sorry that I have had to make this decision, but please if you hear any of these libel comments or receive any slanderous emails, then please contact me so I can take the necessary recourse. Thank you to the many of you who have and continue to be supportive and who I consider to be great friends.

Thank you 


St Veep Church bells - updated dates for your diary

September 2nd 2017

Our historic Virgin Cornish bells have now been transported to Nicholsons bellffoundry in Bridport.  Please note some forthcoming important events:
September 15th:  an opportunity to climb the scaffolding, admire the view and see the work the builders have carried out.
October 11th: do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. The refurbished bells will be on display in the aisle of the church. Time:  7.00 pm onwards with coffee, wine and refreshments
October 21/22nd: gala weekend. A thank you to the community for their support - details to be announced.

Pennant Farmhouse open for business!

August 31st 2017

Pennant Farmhouse
Catherine and Martin are delighted to let you all know that Pennant Farmhouse luxury bed and breakfast is now fully operational and we are looking forward to welcoming more guests, and sharing with them our little known , but tranquil and beautiful corner of Cornwall. Check out our website on www.pennantfarmhouse.uk

Another once in a lifetime opportunity - Top of St Veep Church Tower

August 31st 2017

Thanks to our contractors, Heritage Cornwall Limited,  we are able to offer you the opportunity to climb the scaffolding and admire the view from the top of the tower and look at the work being done to the tower and the castellations.

The climb will be supervised by the builders who recommend you wear sensible footwear and clothing.

This event, part of our Heritage Lottery Fund community effort will take place at 2.00 pm on Friday 15th September.

To book your place,  please ring our churchwarden Oliver Trevelyan on  07795 516494. If the call switches to answerphone leave your name and telephone number and he will ring you back.

Canada geese on pit stop in Penpoll Creek

August 31st 2017

Residents of Penpoll are used to seeing many Canada geese formations in the sky from mid August but this year we have been treated to an amazing spectacle.  Hundreds of geese have made Penpoll their home for a while,  enjoying paddling in the creek by the bridge and resting in the recently harvested field on Middle Penpoll Farm.  Here are some pictures which aim to capture the spectacle.


Lerryn River Stores

August 30th 2017

Dear all

It is with a mixture of disappointment and sadness that we announce that we will cease trading with effect from 25 September 2017. The post office for the time being will remain open but this may change depending on the post office.  You will all be able to purchase bread, milk, meat and veg until the 25th September; ambient products will now start to run down and not be replaced, newspapers will run for as long as we can ; all vouchers will be returned to our customers that use them once papers cease.

The shop has enjoyed a rich and varied history and we have been proud to have been a very small part of it. We have tried our very best to provide a shop that caters for all, with a mixture of everyday groceries and local produce.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank our staff past and all of our young team, for all their hard-work and commitment. and for the support that the village and surrounding areas have shown; the friends we've made its been a fantastic journey,  

As always in life, there is more that we could add, but this is not the forum for such comment; instead we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

In the meantime, we sincerely hope that someone will step forward and take over the reins. 

Best wishes,


Walking the St Winnow Way, Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August 2017

August 29th 2017

What a wonderful Bank Holiday! 

St Winnow Parish Church could not have wished for better weather or for greater support in walking the St Winnow Way and for all of our visitors. So many thanks go to so many people and groups who helped bring the day into fruition, culminating with the first public ringing of our ten lovely new bells. We even featured on BBC Spotlight!  

Every contribution in donation or deed has been so valued and appreciated. The seed of a remarkable and creative vision turning into an audible and visible reality is a marvelous thing to witness and we are so proud of our journey and community spirit, far and wide.  Proud to have been a part of it.  

However, whilst our appeal for our funding gap goes on, this is not the end of our project.  But, perhaps more excitingly, the beginnings of something much further extending.  At St Winnow we talk about the stones of our building and the people being the living stones.  The buildings of our Benefice simply came alive on Monday, packed to the rafters.  People of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs; no boundaries.  Simply a sense of togetherness, achievement, community bonding, fellowship, comradeship, reuniting; the hope and inspiration for this to continue.  To keep our wonderful heritage alive.  Surely the greatest achievement and gift.  Priceless.  
Thank you all!

St Veep Church supporters' outing

August 27th 2017

Coach Trip to Nicholsons Bell Works of Wednesday 23 August 2017

On Wednesday 23 August a trip to Bridport in Dorset was arranged to visit the Nicholsons Bell Works where St Veeps virgin peel of bells was being refurbished. The purpose of the visit was primarily educational and also to contribute to the fostering of community relations throughout the parish and beyond. Thus a coach load of 44 people set out from Lerryn at 0915hrs.


By midday we had reached Lyme Regis for a very pleasant lunch stop for an hour and a half, before setting off for the Bell Works. Arriving there at 1400hrs we spent a most interesting and informative two hours viewing the premises and learning of the technical processes involved in all aspects of Bell refurbishment. Some myths were dispelled and replaced with often more fascinating facts, but (if proof was needed) the reality of St Veeps virgin peel was confirmed beyond doubt for all.


After leaving Bridport it was back on the road again heading for the Dartmoor Lodge at Ashburton, where we had a most excellent carvery supper.

Following the meal, due recognition and thanks were expressed to Carol Langmaid for organising such a highly successful and enjoyable day and also to Peter Bucknell, who has been the main driving force for St Veeps bell and bell tower restoration.

Then it was back on the coach heading for home but not without the inevitable merry sing song on the way. Arriving back in Lerryn all agreed that we had enjoyed a most splendid charabanc trip.

To see further photographs of the outing go to the Photo Gallery or click on the bell below:

Walking the St Winnow Way on Bank Holiday Monday

August 27th 2017

On Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2017, join us on our annual pilgrimage, walking the St Winnow way; starting at St Mary Bradoc Church for picnics at 12 noon, then walking to Boconnoc Church and St Nectan’s Chapel between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m where we will stop for teas and cakes; progressing to St Winnow for 4 p.m. until 6 p.m where you will be able to hear our ten new bells ring out for the first time publicly in joyful celebration across the banks of the river Fowey. 

Funds raised on this day will be in aid of Cornwall Historic Churches Trust and Bradoc and St Winnow Churches. By kind permission of Boconnoc Estate, please keep dogs on leads whilst on the Estate grounds.

Toilet and disabled access are available at St Winnow Parish Church.

LAMA Cream Teas on Bank Holiday Sunday!

August 26th 2017

LAMA invites you to its CREAM TEAS on Sunday 27th August 2017 (2.30 – 4.00pm) in Lerryn Memorial Hall.  There will be a produce stall, a books stall and a Raffle.  All proceeds will go to the Lerryn Area Minibus Association.  Come and support your community minibus!

Marine Discovery Day

August 18th 2017




11:00am — 03:00pm

Join the Your Shore Beach Rangers Project for a day of fun and games on Portmellon beach.

Find out more about your local beach and marine wildlife with a rock pool ramble, snorkel taster, scavenger hunt, beach crafts and more..

PLUS find out about your new local Three Bays Wildlife Group that are calling for volunteers to get involved. Come along and find out more!

@threebayswildlifegroup on facebook

E. nat.gibb@cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk

Many of you will know Rob Wells, one of our very keen volunteers. Living in Mevagissey, Rob could see the need for more marine conservation and awareness work nearer his home and has been part of setting up a new marine group called 'Three Bays Wildlife'.
They are holding a taster session of marine events including rockpooling, snorkelling, scavenger hunt and beach crafts at Portmellon Beach (near Mevagissey) on Monday 21st August from 11am to 3pm and everyone is welcome to attend.
It will be fantastic to have another local conservation group to 'join up the gaps' along our beautiful coast, we wish them every success and we look forward to our groups working together in the future.
Please go along and support them!
Claire (Friends of Fowey Estuary)

Garden Visit to YY

August 13th 2017


Sunday 13th August from 2pm to 5pm in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

SX 102578  or  PL22 0JL

David and Tessa Guiterman invite you to their open garden on Sunday 13th August from 2pm to 5pm in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

We were treated to a visit to the garden in June and it was thoroughly enjoyable - not to be missed!

Tickets SOLD OUT

August 10th 2017

RNLI Rescue off Fowey

August 9th 2017

Fowey RNLI D-Class launched to swimmer in distress

Friday 4 August at 5pm 3 volunteers on the Olive Two launched to respond to a report of a woman in trouble swimming near St Catherine’s Point and now missing.

A couple had set off from Coombe Beach to swim to Readymoney when the woman had got into difficulties. The man had helped her to a rock and then gone for help.

The RNLI crewmembers were tasked with searching from St Catherine’s to Coombe to find her as quickly as possible.

As they searched all the gullies, people on the cliff started to wave directions and the woman was found. Jamie Gitsham went ashore to check her ability to move and the lifeboat stood off to wait. When it was ascertained that she could move safely she was helped on board by Tim Stables and Malcolm Richardson and taken to the lifeboat station to await an ambulance.

After warming up she felt better and the ambulance was cancelled.

The Fowey RNLI D-Class lifeboat Olive Two was returned to station and made ready for service by 5.45pm.

(Photos taken from St Catherine's Castle, Fowey)

Lerryn Produce Show Report

August 9th 2017





About 150 local residents, children, babes in arms and visitors turned out on Saturday to enjoy our 67th Annual Show, a big thank you to everyone for your support.

The sun shone, allowing everyone to enjoy authentic Cornish Cream Teas whilst listening to gentle music supplied by our local keyboard maestro Malcolm Bell.


The Show was opened by Rev. Paul Beynon, Rector of the Benefice of Lostwithiel Parishes. He showed great interest in the wonderful displays of exhibits.


Unfortunately the heavy down pours of rain over the last few weeks posed big problems for exhibitors in the flower classes. Thankfully they managed to work miracles and provide some stunning exhibits. Sadly the weather took it toll on the Roses, as we had no exhibit in these classes this year.Show entries in the Vegetable, Fruit and Cookery classes were up this year. Entries to the childrens classes were slightly down, but it was nice to see quite a number of children entering the Adults classes.


Two brothers Jayden and Thomas Boraston jointly won Mary Farrant Antique Cup and Rosette for most point in the children classes. The other major winners were as follows:-

W.I. Cup for Most Points in Show                                                  Brian Philp

Association Cup for most points  (Vegetable Classes)                   Brian Philp

Collon Cup for most points (Fruit Classes)                                    Keith Langmaid

Mrs A. Day Cup for most points (Decorative Classes)                  Rita Dunn

Penfoye Cup for most points (Flower Classes)                               Pat Bucknall

Polscoe Cup for most points (Cookery Classes)                             Ann Henderson

George Keast Memorial Shield (Young Gardener of the Year)    Harry Shaw

Ruth Motton Memorial Shield (Best Exhibit Flower Classes)      Pat Bucknall

Russell Glanville Challenge Cup (Best Vegetable)                         John Hancock

I & C Keast Memorial Cup (Best Bloom in Show)                        Carol Langmaid

Cornish Garden Society Gold Medal (Best Overall Exhibit)        John Hancock


To see further photos of the Produce Show go to the Photo Gallery or click on the tomatoes below:

The photos extend over 2 pages of the Gallery

Wildlife of Water Meadows

August 8th 2017

Join us in making history at St Winnow Parish Church

August 6th 2017

Join us in making history at St Winnow Parish Church. You are warmly invited on Sunday, 6th August 2017  to our 11 a.m. Parish Eucharist service at which The Bishop of St Germans, The Rt Revd. Chris Goldsmith will consecrate our ten new bells and rededicate our re-furbished tower and our conserved old bells. This will provide a unique opportunity to view our ten new bells, which will be on display in the Lady Chapel of our church for the afternoon before they are installed into the tower the following day, where they will ring out gloriously for the next hundreds of years across the banks of the river Fowey. Please come along and join us in celebrating the works to our tower and the offering of our thanks to God for the incredible achievements of the past year and the generosity of so many people. Ten bells are the most musical combination for any peal of church bells and place St Winnow Parish Church in a distinctive position. They will be the only ring of ten concurrently cast bells in Cornwall and the only ring of ten in South East Cornwall. After the service, there will be light refreshments, and the church will be open for the afternoon and our Bells & Tower appeal committee will be on hand to give presentations and talk to you about all of the works that have taken place. Please let us know if you would like to attend by confirming numbers to info@stwinnowparishchurch.com so that we can plan seating. Parking will be very limited so please car share where possible. A park and ride service will be in operation from Trewether Farm at the end of the lane. Our appeal for funds remains open as we seek to close the gap on the remaining work to be completed. Please visit our appeal page at www.stwinnowparishchurch.com for details of how you can help support us.

Then, on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August 2017, join us on our annual pilgrimage, walking the St Winnow way; starting at St Mary Bradoc Church for picnics at 12 noon, then walking to Boconnoc Church and St Nectan’s Chapel between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m where we will stop for teas and cakes; progressing to St Winnow for 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. where you will be able to hear our ten new bells ring out for the first time publicly in joyful celebration across the banks of the river Fowey.  Funds raised on this day will be in aid of Cornwall Historic Churches Trust and Bradoc and St Winnow Churches. By kind permission of Boconnoc Estate, please keep dogs on leads whilst on the Estate grounds.

Toilet and disabled access are available at St Winnow Parish Church.

Lerryn Produce Show on Saturday

August 4th 2017

Lerryn Produce Show Today

(Saturday 5th August)

Lerryn Produce Show - countdown to Saturday!

August 4th 2017

Lerryn History Society learns about Exercise Tiger

July 31st 2017

On Monday 24 July, 19 members of Lerryn History Society set off in the LAMA bus + 1 car to learn a little about Exercise Tiger.  Our first stop was Dartmouth.


Here we visited the Museum (kindly opened early for us) and watched a video of the evacuation of villages in the Slapton Sands area in 1943 to make way for U.S. troops.    

This was one of the most traumatic episodes in the area’s history, involving the clearance of 30,000 acres and three thousand men, women and children who were evacuated, all within 6 weeks, at the end of 1943, taking their belongings, livestock, pets and in many cases, farm equipment with them.  They made way for 15,000 U.S. troops, who over the following months engaged in battle exercise, often involving live ammunition.




  After lunch in Dartmouth,  we travelled on to Torcross where we were met by Dean Small at the Sherman Tank Memorial .  Dean is son of the late Ken Small, the man responsible for raising the Sherman tank from the sea bed.  Ken Small’s determination to raise the tank created media interest; this led to American survivors and family members coming forward after 50 years of silence, to tell their stories of Exercise Tiger. Eventually, the memorial was recognized by the U.S. Government and remains today as a memorial to honour all those who perished during Exercise Tiger.






          To learn more about Exercise Tiger go to:





Rockpool Ramble Cancelled

July 28th 2017

Cancelled because of the forecast of bad weather

Duck Race

July 23rd 2017


For further photos of the duck race, go to the Photo Gallery or click on the duck below:

Nice weather for ducks!

July 22nd 2017


Today from 1.00pm


Book your duck(s) in advance at the Lerryn Stores or make your selection in person at the event in Lerryn from 1.00pm

There will also be an opportunity to see one of the LAMA committee members dressed up as a duck - an opportunity you simply cannot miss!


Prostitutes and Prime Ministers at the WI

July 20th 2017

Lerryn WI has a business meeting once a month for its members, but everybody in the village is free to attend the talk that follows.This month, everyone present awaited with interest the story behind Margaret Parker’s interesting choice of title.

In fact her fascinating talk contained more than one story. The prostitute in question was one of the people who filled in a questionnaire when Margaret was working in market research. As with all such surveys, it was essential to gather material from both genders and a wide range of ages, occupations, educational attainment and social backgrounds. To make this easier, different kinds of employment were put into categories and people completing the forms were required to tick the category that most nearly resembled their job. A woman who worked as a prostitute, having completed the rest of the survey, had to seek Margaret’s guidance on the appropriate category for her employment. Margaret, equally puzzled, had to refer to her employers. (The answer, it turned out, was C1: skilled manual.) Meanwhile, Margaret had also established in conversation that this particular prostitute was also a sociology graduate who had calculated that by the time she reached the age of 30 she should have saved up enough to be able to do her post-graduate research. 

The other story relating to the title concerned Mrs Thatcher. Margaret, having returned to work part-time after having her children,  was sent one weekend to meet the then Prime Minister, who had granted an interview to the Press Association. Margaret made clear to us that her own political views and priorities were not at all those of Mrs Thatcher, but she still had to warm to a woman who apologised very promptly when she found she had dragged out a working mother on a Saturday. Had she realised, Mrs Thatcher said, she would have scheduled the interview for a weekday.

Such anecdotes were not the only story Margaret had to tell. The history of her own career told its own tale, raising many issues about gender equality and many illustrations of the changes in society over one working lifetime.

Her first and lasting interest was in the law, but she left school and trained as a journalist because girls at that point didn’t usually go to university. She followed up her interest in law in the only way open to her at the time, by becoming a court reporter employed by the Press Association. Because Press Association journalists covered more than just local/national papers, they always had a seat at the end of the row in court because they always had a deadline somewhere, and the means of getting urgent information back to the office was the telephones outside the room.

Access to such phones was crucial and journalists would always be pointed towards the bank of dedicated phone lines kept for them. This turned out to be a mixed blessing when Margaret was sent late one night to the Egyptian Embassy to investigate rumours about the death of President Nasser. There was the usual row of phones available for journalists – in the gents’ lavatory. Margaret used them.

This was not just a talk about the undoubted difficulties of women at work, because it pointed up the ways in which gender-based assumptions limit people of both sexes.  Margaret’s listeners greatly enjoyed hearing about the respectable judge thrown out of a branch of a women’s clothing chain when he tried to buy himself a pair of the black stockings needed for a formal occasion calling for knee breeches.

It was satisfying to hear that later in Margaret’s professional life she finally topped up her matriculation qualifications and applied to read law. She was accepted for a university place at the same time as she received an invitation to take up the relatively new field of radio journalism. She could clearly have succeeded in either field, but elected at last to get her law degree. After that, rather than becoming a barrister, she taught law part-time and for two days a week brought together her legal expertise and a lifetime of experience with people, offering legal advice on a voluntary basis to those in need.

It was a pleasure to hear the talk and a great pleasure, however briefly, to meet such a person.


Boconnoc Music Recital - tomorrow

July 19th 2017

A day out at the Falmouth Beaches

July 17th 2017

The LERRYN AREA MINIBUS ASSOCIATION  runs a timetable of weekly trips to Bodmin and monthly trips to Truro and St Austell.  In addition, in full consultation with our passengers,  we run a programme of "Special Trips".

Our trip in July was to the Falmouth Beaches and once again, we had glorious weather.  Our itinerary was as follows:

  • Coffee break at Trelissick Gardens near Truro
  • Sightseeing:  Falmouth Docks (view from Castle Hill) and Pendennis Point
  • Lunch at Gyllyngvase Beach
  • Walk round the beatifully manicured Queen Mary's Gardens next to the beach (They were opened in 1912 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Mary, the wife of George V.).  The hot border was spectacular and the flowers included field poppies of an intense red never seen before,  labelled "ladybird poppy"
  • Drive past Swanpool beach
  • Ice cream break on the beach at Maenporth


Our next special trip will be on Thursday 21st September when we will be going on a sightseeign trip to Penzance, Lands' End and Sennen Cove.  Why don't you join us?

Lerryn River Stores

July 16th 2017

Thank you to all our loyal Customers that help support and keep the village shop going, to help the shop to continue from strength to strength and bring us in to the 21st Century. We now have an online shop that provides the best of Cornish produce worldwide. This is the "Bricks to the websites Clicks" This means we are open even when we're closed. It's early days so we will keep adding products daily. We launched on Monday and this has been very successful to date. www.smuggledfromcornwall.com and lerrynriverstores.co.uk  We've had orders from around the UK, so hopefully this will help secure the future of your Village shop and post office for years to come.

Our site maybe 21st century but our roots are very much 18th Century.   It all began in 1793 when Leonard Rowe & Inlaw opened their village store. Over time the store became known as Lerryn River Stores. Today it still continues to trade and is now the HQ and bricks to the website’s “clicks”.
Both sites are the home for some of the finest food, drink and treasures - Smuggled from Cornwall.  
Please spread the word and we will keep updating with the finest Cornish produce as we discover it.

Lerryn Ladies Dining Club - an evening at the Smugglers' Rest at Talland Bay

July 15th 2017

The Dining Club meets three or four times a year and members take it in turn to organise the evening.  Susan Bailey and Annie Singer organised the outing of Friday 14th July and nineteen Lerryn Ladies made their way to the Smugglers' Rest in Talland Bay for a meat and fish barbecue.  The weather was glorious - blue skies and not a breath of wind and the sea was flat calm - a view that we could all enjoy from our outside tables.







We enjoyed our barbecue and afterwards some ladies indulged in ice-creams.  Julie definitely enjoyed hers!








Because 14th July is Bastille Day in France,  there was an opportunity to dress up in red, white and blue for those who wanted to.  Susan won the best dressed prize!



We look forward to our next meal out which will take place in October.






To see further photos of the Ladies Dining Club outing, click on the photo of Talland Bay below:

St Veep Church Bells - celebration event of 13th July 2017

July 15th 2017

As part of our “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” celebrations,  we invited the whole community to St. Veep church on Thursday evening.
Our Virgin Bells were set out in the aisle of the church:  this is the first time they have been on public display since they were refurbished by Taylors in 1936. In addition,  the dismantled bell frame showing distinct signs of rust was laid out in the churchyard.
We were delighted so many people came along to take advantage of this opportunity - we estimated at least 80 and maybe 100.
Refreshments were provided by the W.I., many thanks to Flynn and all her team and also to the Supporters of St. Veep who provided a modicum of wine, coffee and soft drinks.
This made for an informative  and convivial evening for a large number of the community and all of us at St. Veep Church would like to thank you for your support with the bell project.
The bells have now been loaded on a lorry and should by now have arrived at the bell hangers foundry at Bridport.
Finally many, many thanks to the volunteers, too many to mention by name, who helped remove the bells and the frame from the tower.
To see further photos of this event, go to the Photo Gallery or click on the bell below:
The photos extend over two pages of the Gallery

Join Pelynt Choir at St Winnow

July 15th 2017

St Veep Church Bells: pupils of Lerryn School get a Once in Lifetime Opportunity

July 14th 2017

As part of this celebration,  the school visited the church on Wednesday afternoon to view the bells which were set out in the aisle of the church.
Fittingly,  they arrived in the LAMA bus at about 1.30.
We all enjoyed a short history of the virgin bells and after looking at them,  we went out into the churchyard  and examined the dismantled bell frame.
The children then spent some time drawing the bells before we all had squash and biscuits which went down very well.
Finally before they left each pupil was given a Heritage Lottery Fund lapel badge.
For further photos of this event, go to the Photo Gallery or click on the button below:
The photos extend over two pages of the Gallery


July 12th 2017

For the first time since 1936,  St. Veep’s virgin bells will be lowered and stored in the aisle of the church.

Come and see the bells on Thursday 13th July from 7.00 pm onwards.


Have your photograph taken with the bells and enjoy a cup of tea with us or even perhaps a glass of wine.

The bell ringers will be there to show you round the bells and perhaps tell a tale or two.

Please come along, all are very welcome!

Sea Sunday

July 7th 2017

Please join us at 11am on 9 July at Fowey Parish Church for Sea Sunday
We shall be celebrating Fowey’s maritime links and all those connected with the sea in our town - those who use our port and harbour, who provide services and who watch over our coastline and we shall be especially praying for and supporting the Mission to Seafarers here in Fowey under new leadership with Yvette Hall as our Port Welfare Officer.
with every blessing
Philip (Rev Philip de Grey-Warter)

We are delighted to welcome back tomorrow the St Mewan Sinfonia

July 1st 2017

On Sunday, 2nd July 2017 we are delighted to welcome back the St Mewan Sinfonia for their annual concert at St Winnow Parish Church; Mid-Cornwall's very own orchestra playing music for a summer evening in our delightful setting on the banks of the River Fowey.  Including works by John Stanley, Frank Bridge, Hubert Parry and John Rutter.



A day out in Devon

June 28th 2017

The LERRYN AREA MINIBUS ASSOCIATION  runs a timetable of weekly trips to Bodmin and monthly trips to Truro and St Austell.  In addition, in full consultation with our passengers,  we run a programme of "Special Trips".


Our trip in June was to Dartmouth and Slapton Sands.  Our twelve passengers spent a very pleasant 3 hours in Dartmouth where they had their lunch.  Dartmouth is such a pleasant seaside town with plenty of activity on the river that there is no danger of getting bored.  In the afternoon, we drove to Slapton Sands where our passengers learnt about Operation Tiger* and our driver took the opportunity of treating herself to an ice-cream!





Our next trip is on Monday 17th July when we will be having a day at the seaside.  We will visit 2 of the beaches in and around Falmouth.  There are still a few seats available.  Why don't you join us?




Exercise Tiger, or Operation Tiger, was the code name for one in a series of large-scale rehearsals for the D-Day invasion of Normandy,  which took place in April 1944 on Slapton Sands in Devon. Coordination and communication problems resulted in friendly fire deaths during the exercise, and an Allied convoy positioning itself for the landing was attacked by E-boats of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine, resulting in the deaths of at least 639 American servicemen.  Because of the impending invasion of Normandy, the incident was under the strictest secrecy at the time and was only nominally reported afterwards.

Summer Solstice thank you

June 27th 2017

Many thanks to Nikki and Richard Philp for organising such a fabulous night for Lerryn last Saturday.    Lots of hard work but what a great night.   Many thanks also to everyone that worked so hard with Nikki and Richard to make it such a success.  The Ship, Lerryn River Stores, the volunteers, the people and organisations who donated the raffle prizes, the wonderful band the straw dogs.  The profit from the night will be split between the village hall and the school, £100 each, to quote Richard 'proper job' !

Also a massive vote of thanks to the River Lerryn Yacht Squadron for organising the boat and river side of the evening, another huge success and such fun.   Thanks to you all for the hard work involved in making this annual event something to look forward.    Finally, 'The Walrus' this has been donated to the school for their Summer Fair fundraising event on 1st July.   Guess the name of the Walrus is already running in the shop.  Wine and the walrus being the prize, please support even if you don't want the walrus ( how could I even suggest that ! ) and help raise another £100 for the school.

Summer Solstice Event on the River

June 25th 2017

On Saturday, 24th June, the annual summer solstice event took place.  The theme, this year, was "The Beatles Songbook"



To see more photos of the Summer Solstice Event - pictures taken by Bernie Gibbons and Lola Willcox (they extend over 2 pages of the Photo Gallery), click on the walrus below:

"I am the walrus
Goo goo g'joob!"

Summer Solstice Event - TODAY!

June 24th 2017

Dendrochronology - St Veep leads the way

June 20th 2017

On Monday 12th June 2017 at 7-30pm the Lerryn History Society, under the leadership of their Chairman Mr Paul Weatherhogg, organised a special talk given by Dr. Joanna Mattingley entitled “Dendrochronology- St Veep leads the way”.

This fascinating talk centred on the science of reading the wood rings in timbers in order to determine their felling date to an accuracy of circa fifteen years, in order to access the building dates of churches and other historical buildings. It transpired that St Veep church was amongst the first in Cornwall to have this done and it would seem that St Veep is one of the oldest churches in the county being dated around 1488.

Some forty to fifty local people enjoyed this evening and tea, coffee and cakes were provided by “The Friends Of St Veep” on completion.

St Veep Bellringers Take to the Water

June 20th 2017

Bank Holiday Monday dawned fine and clear so early in the afternoon 8 ringers and 8 supporters, with Annie Singer driving, took the new Lerryn Minibus to Penmarlam.

We then embarked in three boats for Albert Quay in Fowey when aided by a fine fellow named Ken we rang the bells in the Parish Church. Very nice bells but a tad heavier then St. Veep’s.

After a communal picnic on Albert Quay we set sail again for Golant. We were then met by Sue Miller who ferried the older members up the hill to St Sampsons. Once again an enjoyable ring, the bells are lighter than our own but very different.

Back to the boats and on to Lostwithiel, we were lucky to see a seal on the way, it must have come up fishing on the tide.

We were greeted at St. Barts by tower captain Simon Brewer aided and abetted by Sam. We know these bells well and enjoyed a very convivial ring with our friends from Lostwithiel.

All too soon we had to return to Lerryn in semi-darkness.

Many thanks to David Vipond for his almost faultless organisation and the boat owners for their excellent seamanship.


Art and Ceramics in The Red Store

June 15th 2017


The Red Store Lerryn
Lerryn, Lostwithiel, PL22 0PZ
Art & Ceramics
open daily
th18th June 2017
Danka Napiorkowska
Jenni Phillips
Rosie Henstridge 
Jenni Phillips


BBC Music day Bell ringers on the green from 6pm THIS EVENING!

June 15th 2017

You are all warmly invited to come along with family and friends to enjoy an evening of community fun on the riverbanks, from 6.30pm until around 9.00pm

The local children will be ringing the Bradoc and St Winnow church bell mini ring for a time as part of this countrywide/worldwide event between 6.30pm and 7.30pm and Lerryn school children will be singing some songs for us.  After this, there will be an opportunity for visitors to the event to have a go at bell ringing.  There will be plenty to do with a marquee, Lerryn School Association are providing a BBQ, a bar will be available and Lerryn River Stores (www.lerrynriverstores.co.uk) will be open for the evening for snacks, drinks and ice creams. We also have use of the village hall in case of inclement weather, although we are hoping for sunnier climes by then!  

Funds raised are to be split between the St Winnow Bells & Tower Appeal (www.stwinnowparishchurch.com/newpage) and Lerryn School – two very worthy local causes. 

Isle of Wight - Newchurch choir summer afternoon concert at ST Winnow Parish Church

June 15th 2017

Isle of Wight Newchurch Choir - Summer Afternoon Concert at St Winnow Parish Church
Sunday, 18
th June 2017
2p.m. for 2.30p.m. start.
  Picnics welcome.

We are delighted that the famous Newchurch Male Voice Choir (with the Cantobelle Ladies) will be visiting St Winnow as part of their Cornwall tour and you are warmly invited to come along and enjoy an afternoon of music at our beautiful riverside setting, with Pelynt Male Choir.
  Picnics welcome.  Collection for the St Winnow Bells & Tower appeal.

St Winnow Parish Church, PL22 0LF
Enquires to:  info@stwinnowparishchurch.com

Camel Valley Vineyard Visit

June 15th 2017

LAMA needs you!

June 15th 2017








We are currently running on critically low numbers of volunteer fundraisers - we urgently need help!

Could you spare us some time, even as little as one or two hours a month, to help us run fundraising events?

If you are any good at any of the following:

  • Creating posters

  • Making cards or any sort of craft items to sell

  • Baking cakes and savoury things

  • Making jams, chutneys etc.

  • Putting out tables and chairs

  • Selling things at a stall, smiling and taking money

Then, we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested or simply would like to find out more, please contact Ann Henderson on 01208 873428 or Annie Singer on 01208 871272

Thank you in advance for your support

The Lerryn Area Minibus Association

St Veep and St Winnow Parish Councils - First Volunteers Groups event.

May 29th 2017

Because of a recent successful public meeting when more than twenty people attended and a number of suggestions were put forward, the Parish Counils have arranged the following event:


Saturday 3rd June 2017

Parish Litter Pick

From 10.00am until 12.00 noon


Everybody welcome.  We will meet in the car park at 9.45am.  For insurance purposes, all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

It would be appreciated if you could let us know if you will be taking part by contacting Morley Tubb on 01726 870210 or by e-mail:  stveeppc@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you can contact any member of your Parish Council.

We look forward to seeing you.

DENDROCHRONOLOGY - St Veep leads the way

May 29th 2017

LERRYN HISTORY SOCIETY  in conjunction with St Veep Church presents ‘Dendrochronology’ - St Veep Church leads the way on Monday 12th June 2017 at 7.30 pm at St Veep Church.  Come and find out how and why
Everybody welcome. Entrance free.  Our speaker will be Dr. Joanna Mattingly assisted by Andrew Foot.  For more details of Lerryn History Society visit www.lerrynhistory.co.uk

Open Studios continues for the rest of the week! Come and see us at THE RED STORE!

May 29th 2017

John and I would love to see you at our exhibition at The Red Store during Cornwall Open Studios, 27th May to 4th June.
I have attached a flyer giving details of our exhibition and also information about other artists with open studios in this area.
The brochure giving details of all the artists taking part this year can be found online, openstudioscornwall.co.uk and at various local outlets and shops.
Hoping to see you at The Red Store
With kind regards  

Viva Lerryn Creek - SOLD OUT!

May 29th 2017

¡Viva! Lerryn Creek



Featuring Kabasa - the nearest salsa band to Cuba!

Tickets on sale Monday 1st May at Watts Trading & Lerryn Village Stores

Lerryn Memorial Hall, Friday June 2nd. 

Doors at 7.30pm show at 8pm. Tickets £12 and released on Monday May 1st.
LAMA Bus return Lostwithiel - Lerryn for a small fee. Details with tickets at Watts Trading. Profits from the evening will be donated to Lerryn Memorial Hall & LAMA Bus.
Licenced Wine Bar and Pizza light bites available.
LOSTWITHIEL JAZZ CAFE - the hottest ticket in town

LAMA invites you to its Spring Coffee Morning - TODAY!

May 27th 2017

LAMA invites you to its

Spring Coffee Morning


Saturday 27 May 2017  10.30 am - 12.00 pm

Lerryn Memorial Hall



Second Hand Books and Bric a Brac

Homemade Cakes and Real Coffee


All proceeds to the Lerryn Area Minibus Association


May 25th 2017

The service will take place at St Veep at 2.30pm on Thursday 25th May. The LAMA bus will leave Lerryn car park at 1.30pm to take people to the service and will return there afterwards. There will be a second run if necessary, so nobody will be left behind.

There will be no charge for this service. 

An Unusual Visitor to Lerryn

May 23rd 2017



Mysterious arrival of a Bennett's (Red-necked) wallaby in a garden in Lerryn!

To see a video clip of the wallaby, click on the button below:


St Winnow Parish Church is delighted to be welcoming Resonet - tomorrow

May 20th 2017

St Winnow Parish Church is delighted to be welcoming Resonet, an acapella choir that specialises in Renaissance music from the 14th Century on next Sunday, 21st May 2017 in aid of our Bells & Tower appeal. 

To continue echoes of the early years of the building, the music is unaccompanied and includes four, five, and six part singing by Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices. Composers included in the concert are Palestrina, Victoria, Pergolesi and others. 

Resonet members are drawn mainly from the staff of the BBC South West in Plymouth.  Most of the choir spend their professional lives working on the BBC's regional television programmes in the South West - Spotlight, the Politics Show and Inside Out. The Choir conductor is Martyn Oates, whom you may recognise as the BBC’s Political Editor in the South West and you can see further detail at http://resonetchoir.weebly.com
Pre-concert drinks will be available from 6pm, with the concert commencing at 6.30pm.  There are two halves, each around 45 minutes, with a short interval in-between.

Tickets are available from Lerryn River Stores and also Urzella Court Antiques in Fore Street Lostwithiel at £7 each, which includes a glass of wine on arrival. Tickets will also be available on the evening of the concert at the Church. 

Disabled access and a toilet is available.
St Winnow Parish Church, Lostwithiel, PL22 0LF. 
Queries to 

Lerryn to St Winnow Walk & Talk - tomorrow

May 20th 2017


Sunday 21st May (Friends of Fowey Estuary)
Join us on a circular walk from Lerryn to St. Winnow, we will be taking in the the beautiful views from this estuary walk, looking at flora and fauna along the way and show you some of our dormouse monitoring sites in Ethy Woods. We have also invited our friends from the Looe Marine Conservation Group to join us.
Meet at 10.30am in Lerryn Car Park
Please wear sensible footwear and bring a picnic or some money for a cream tea at St Winnow.

Plant Sale & Coffee Morning - today!

May 13th 2017




At 10.30.a.m. in Lerryn Memorial Hall

Get ready for the best plant sale this side of Cornwall!

Do come along and bag a few bargains for the garden -  enjoy delicious coffee and cakes  - and please don’t forget to return your prize winner’s cups to Sue Hancock.

The funds we raise go to putting on the Annual produce show – this year on Saturday 5th August – so any plant donations that we can sell at the Coffee morning will be gratefully received.

There will also be a chance to renew your memberships and collect this year’s show schedule.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Our in-house expert says…

Don’t be fooled by the lovely Spring weather we have being enjoying lately! May is an excellent time to sow all sorts of vegetables including runner beans, carrots, beetroot, lettuce and broad beans, but beware, the night-time cold and frosts can still be harmful to early plantings.

And now is the time to weed, weed, weed, so don’t forget to sharpen your hoes!

Wildlife Gardening Talk - tonight!

May 11th 2017

A Friends of Fowey Estuary Talk - 'Wildlife Gardening - Dispelling the Myths' by Cheryl Marriott from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.
Whether you've got a large plot or a small courtyard, there's something everyone can do to encourage wildlife into their garden.
Meet 7.30pm at Trenython Manor Hotel

The Polperro Fisherman's Choir Concert - TONIGHT!

May 10th 2017

The popular Polperro Fisherman's Choir Concert is taking place at St Winnow Parish Church, this coming Wednesday, 10th May 2017, at 7.30pm.  Tickets £5 on the door or from Uzella Court Antiques (Lostwithiel), to include cheese and wine.  In aid of church funds.  

A great evening in a beautiful riverside setting.

Ethy House Gardens Open Day-TODAY

May 6th 2017

Website News

April 30th 2017

Pub Quiz and Website Meeting

A big "Thank you!" to Ronnie & Jonny

at The Ship Inn, Lerryn

for providing the venue and prizes for the quiz on Saturday 29th April

With quiz entry fees and raffle, we collected the sum  of


towards the maintenance and development of lerryn.net

Thanks also to all those who took part in the quiz


Meeting for the Website Group at The Ship

Tuesday 2nd May at 8pm

We are always very happy to talk to people interested in getting involved in 

any aspect of lerryn.net

News, photos, events, local services or other local information

all very welcome - and also anyone with IT skills!

Please come along to the meeting this Tuesday, 2nd May at 8pm

to find out more


lerryn.net: notification of AGM

April 21st 2017

Our 2017 AGM will take place on Tuesday 2nd May at the Ship Inn,  Lerryn at 8.00pm.  Come and find out about our work.  Come and find out how you could support our work.


Today’s news – future generations’ archive


Pub quiz of Saturday 29th April

April 21st 2017

The next pub quiz at the Ship Inn,  Lerryn on Saturday 29th April will be for:


Today’s news – future generations’ archive

Come and support your community asset

More Local Services

April 19th 2017

Thank you to Local Services

Thanks to the following 3 Local Services

for renewing their annual fee and helping to support this website


Encounter Cornwall

Kayak trips and hire

Bartram Deakin Associates


Pelynt Boarding Kennels

Boarding for dogs and cats, grooming, day care


For these and other local services, choose local services from the left hand menu

on the Home page


'The Great Lerryn Quilt Raffle'

April 17th 2017

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported 'The Great Lerryn Quilt Raffle' in aid of both St Winnow and St Veep Church Bells & Tower Appeals.

Our target fundraising from this raffle was exceeded, with £510 having been received at the final count, to be split equally between both churches. 

The winning ticket was independently drawn on Easter Sunday in The Ship Inn, Lerryn.  The parents of David (The Ship Inn chef) were the winners of the beautiful prize of a handmade quilt and matching cushion.

Many thanks to the wonderful and talented lady who made and kindly donated the prize.  Also to the fantastic support of The Ship Inn, Lerryn and Lerryn River Stores in helping with the raffle sales.

Happy Easter everyone!

Photo Archive (Emma Vernon)

April 13th 2017

We have been contacted by "Beverley", whose mother, Emma Vernon, used to live in Lerryn View until she was ninety.  She then moved to Devon and lived there alone for a further 5 years.  Emma loved going on the Lerryn bus, and therefore Beverley, her daughter, would like to support the Village minibus.   Beverley has kindly sent a parcel of Easter goodies for the Easter coffee morning for LAMA to be held on Saturday 15th April at 10.30 am till 12.00 pm at the Church Rooms Lostwithiel.  Thank you, Beverley.

Beverley's mother can be seen in the photo below which is one of many archive photos that can be viewed on lerryn.net


Thora Mansell, Maggie Martin, Emma Vernon in the 1980s

For more photos of the Lerryn Area from the 1890s to the present day, go to Photo Archive towards the top left of this page or click on the button below:


St Veep Church Bells Press Release

April 10th 2017

St Veep Church secures National Lottery Fund investment

St Veep Church has received a grant of £55,000 (fifty five thousand pounds) from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), towards the complete refurbishment of the Maiden Bells of St Veep and essential building work to the tower, it was announced today.  The bells were last taken down and serviced in 1936.  Since then, there have been considerable improvements to the materials used to hang the bells and it is anticipated that this work should keep the bells ringing for many years to come.

Thanks to money raised by National Lottery Players, the project will give opportunities for our young ringers to improve their ringing technique and join the ringing team, but at present they are held back by having the bells out of action due to a 6” crack in the tenor bell.  The retired headmaster of our local school has written a play for the children to act in the social event planned when the bells are rehung.

We are also arranging a parish visit to Lyme Regis to see our ‘work in progress’ on the bells.   Two of our Parishioners are being trained to act as guides for visitors.  Leaflets and Guidebooks will be printed and our website is being reconstructed and updated.  This has all been made possible by National Lottery players.

The bells project will ensure the continuation of our local heritage and the preservation of our bells and church.

We anticipate work to start about 1st June and finish during October.

St Veep Church has a unique set of six Maiden Bells.  This is a report from 1770 from the then vicar:-        

“St Cyyricius Church Bells Dedicated to St Veep on the sixteenth day of June, in the year of OUR LORD, one thousand, seven hundred and seventy.  In the south of Cornwall, not far from the coast, there is hung in that ancient old tower which stands fifty seven feet high, and its walls of six feet in width, a perfect peal of SIX VIRGIN BELLS, cast on the SIXTEENTH day of June, in the stillness of the night, one thousand, seven hundred and seventy, by Pennington, bell founder, in a meadow opposite the church gate, for the sum of seventeen pounds.  The bells were all put into the furnace and cast in their moulds, and when they were cold, they were hung on a girder.  Pennington tapped them with his hammer, and pronounced them perfect virgin peal.  The tenor bell, weighing just over 10cwt, is inscribed “William Penwarne, vicar AD 1770” and “I call the Quick to Church and the Dead to Grave”.

The bell committee and the whole parish were so pleased to receive the grant from Heritage Lottery Fund, (HLF) as it means that our heritage can be handed down to our children and grandchildren.


About the Heritage Lottery Fund

Thanks to National Lottery players, we invest money to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about – from the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks and buildings we love, from precious memories and collections to rare wildlife. www.hlf.org.uk.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #HLFsupported.


Come and support your local minibus association

April 6th 2017

LAMA invites you to its Easter Coffee Morning




Saturday 15th April 2017   10.30 am - 12.00 pm


Church Rooms, Lostwithiel



Easter Hamper Raffle

Guess the Weight Of The Simnel Cake

Where is the Easter Bunny Rabbit Hiding?

Second Hand Books

Homemade Cakes and Real Coffee



All proceeds to the Lerryn Area Minibus Association


April 4th 2017

Tickets in the shop now for two plays on 7th and 8th April - one by Alan Ayckbourn, the other by Nick Warburton. Tickets £7. Wine, nibbles and raffle available. Don't miss it - it should be a good evening. Doors open 7.00pm for a 7.30 start.

Rockpool Ramble

April 4th 2017

We have our first Rockpool Ramble of 2017 coming up next week on Thursday 13th April at Readymoney Beach, Fowey, 1pm to 3pm, meet on the beach.  Everyone welcome but children must be accompanied by an adult. Please wear sensible footwear.
See poster above for more information.
This is the first event for our exciting 2017/18 programme. If you haven't already renewed your membership, please do so and we'll send you an events card.

The Great Lerryn Quilt Raffle

April 2nd 2017

Many thanks to everyone who has supported this raffle.  Owing to illness, the draw has not yet taken place and the winning ticket is now proposed to be drawn on Easter Sunday, 16th April 2017 between 2pm and 3pm at The Ship Inn, Lerryn.  So still time to purchase a ticket if you would like to do so from either The Ship Inn, Lerryn or Lerryn River Stores.  We have just hit £400 and it would be great to achieve our target £500 to be shared between two very local causes, the St Winnow and St Veep Bells & Tower appeals.

Local Services

March 31st 2017

Local Services

Did you know that some very useful local services support this website by contributing a small annual fee and appearing on the Local Services section of the website? You might find just what you are looking for and also, in turn, find yourself supporting those services too!

Thank you to the following who have recently renewed their annual fee for the year beginning April 2017:


Dave Maclennan - Electrician

Trevor Pearce - Painter & Decorator

Encounter Walking Holidays - Self Guided walking holidays

Lerryn River Stores - Our local shop

Lerryn Minibus Association

Duchy Motors - Vehicle servicing, repairs and MOTs

and welcome to a new addition

Jurgen Koenen - Graphic & Web design & Translation


Choose Local Services from the left hand menu or click on the button below to read more:

If you would like to include your own local service in the listings, you can add your details by completing details for a new entry on the local services section. This application will then come through to admin and you will be asked to pay the annual fee of £10 to make the entry "live" on the website

Thank you to all concerned


Lerryn panto 2017

March 28th 2017

We are auditioning for this year's panto on Thursday 27th April this year so that rehearsals can begin during the summer term. Please see the poster - and then, if you are interested, come along! We shall be glad to see you.


March 24th 2017

The hair of the dog



No animals were harmed in the taking of these photographs!



                              Great Tit                                                                         Jackdaw 


March 22nd 2017

The notice in April edition of 'The Bridge' announcing the auditions for this year's pantomime has the wrong date. The auditions are on April 27th, not the 12th. All the other information is correct. See you there!

Come and Support the Fowey Lifeboat

March 19th 2017

Friends of Fowey Estuary event of 28th March 2017

March 8th 2017

Our next event is scheduled for Tuesday 28th March. Our AGM (which is very short!) will be followed by a talk by Capt. Mike Sutherland about the history of the tugs and working vessels of Fowey.  Mike is passionate about this topic having served for over 25 years as Fowey Harbour Master.  We have no doubt that it will be a fascinating talk.

We will meet at 7.30pm at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club.

What a Community Response "Quilt Raffle"

March 7th 2017

What a community response.  Raffle ticket sales already at £300. Please help us to raise our target £500 by the end of March.  Please ask in The Ship Inn, Lerryn, Lerryn River Stores or contact Elizabeth at info@stwinnowparishchurch.com or Penny Philp at St Veep Church.  Thank you for your support.

Fish Supper

March 5th 2017







Grey Heron by the River Lerryn














This bird's successful catch nearly proved too difficult to swallow






Live Noise in Lerryn

March 5th 2017

Alexander Henderson, whose father lived in Lerryn, is coming back with friends to give the village an evening's fun and to raise some funds for Alzheimer's UK. Tickets £7 on the door. Doors open 7.00pm.

Community Minibus needs you!

March 2nd 2017

The minibus is run by a committee of 4 volunteers, supported by a small group of volunteer fundraisers and by our greatest asset – our drivers.  We are currently running on critically low numbers of volunteers - we urgently need help!

Could you spare us some time, even as little as one or two hours a month?  We are looking for people who would be willing to:

  • Drive one of our regular trips (this could take up as little as one morning a month).This is a priority for us.  Familiarisation lessons will be offered

  • Help us run fundraising events

  • Join our committee (we meet for a short meeting 6 times a year)

Why don’t you come and meet the team and see how you could help?  Join us for a complimentary drink and nibbles on Monday 6th March at 7.00pm in the Lerryn Memorial Hall.  We look forward to seeing you then.

Road closure in Lostwithiel

March 2nd 2017

Message from Network Rail:

We will shortly be renewing Lostwithiel Level Crossing as it is nearing the end of its design life and must be replaced for safety reasons.  The Level Crossing will be closed from 22:00hrs on Friday 3rd March to 5:00hrs on Monday 13th March and we will be working around the clock during this time.

While the Level Crossing will be closed to road traffic, our appointed contractor will have Level Crossing Pedestrian Attendants  stationed either side of the crossing who will escort all pedestrians across the Level Crossing just as soon as it is safe to do so.

A signposted diversionary road will be in operation at all times during this closure. 

We apologise for any inconvenience these essential works may cause.

Concert in Boconnoc Church

March 1st 2017

Vaila Davies

February 22nd 2017

We are sorry to report that
of 15 Lerryn View, Lerryn, passed away on Thursday 16th February 2017 aged 86.
If you would like to pay your final respects, her funeral is taking place at the:
Turfdown Road
Fletchers Bridge
PL30 4AP
on the 6th March 2017 at 2.30pm.
Followed by, refreshments at the Ship, Fore Street, Lerryn.

Gin Tasting & Quiz Night In Support Of St Veep Bell & Tower Appeal

February 13th 2017

Talk on Seabed Surveying for Marine Renewable Energy’

February 12th 2017

Fowey Estuary Clean Up

February 12th 2017

Fund raising lunch at Lanlawren Manor

February 11th 2017


Wednesday 22nd March 2017
12.30 for 1.00 p.m.

A fundraising lunch at the historic 
(17th Century) 
Lanlawren Manor, 
in East Lanteglos Parish.

Lady Chilver is opening her wonderful house and providing lunch in aid of the 
St Winnow Parish Church Bells & Tower Appeal. 

Tickets £12.50 per head, limited to the first 40 applicants.

Bookings with payment to:  The Appeal Office, Creek Cottage, Lerryn, PL22 0QB. 
Please make cheques payable to: St Winnow PCC.
Please state the number of tickets required and clearly print names, an address and 
telephone number and provide a contact e-mail address if you have one, so that confirmation and tickets, 
together with further details and directions can be issued ahead of the day.

For further information or queries, please contact 
info@stwinnowparishchurch.com or 01208 873458.

Spuds and Puds Lunch

February 8th 2017

A Breath of sea air by Canon John Halkes

February 6th 2017

Minibus trip to Lerryn Post Office

February 5th 2017

Since Tuesday 24th January 2017, the Lerryn Area Minibus has been trialling a weekly post office trip to Lerryn for Lostwithiel residents

Every Tuesday, we run a trip to Bodmin and on the way back we stop at the surgery to pick up prescriptions for the Lerryn residents.  It made sense to trial the “post office run” at the end of those trips.

If you want to use this service, just meet the minibus driver in the car park outside the doctors’ surgery between 12.15 and 12.30pm.  Please bear with us, as the roadworks in Bodmin mean we cannot guarantee our punctuality.   The minibus will return to Lostwithiel as soon as passengers have concluded their transactions at the post office. There is no need to book in advance.

We hope to go on doing this as long as there is a demand for such trips. The aim is to provide a service to the community, so we are charging a token return fare of just 50 pence.

If you have any queries, please contact Ann Henderson, Chair of LAMA, on 01208 873428

The great Lerryn Quilt raffle donations to St Winnow & St Veep church appeal

February 5th 2017

Cornwall prepares for strong wind and heavy rain

February 2nd 2017

Please see below press release from Cornwall Council

With the Met Office forecasting that Storm Doris will bring strong winds and heavy rain to Cornwall later today (Thursday) and during Friday, Cornwall Council is warning residents to be prepared and take precautions where necessary.

 The latest information from the MET Office and the Environment Agency is for the wettest weather to move across Cornwall later today, with the highest winds expected on Friday.  There is currently a Met Office weather wind warning in force, for Friday, with the risk of high winds across coasts and hills and large waves along southern coasts. 

Between 10 and 40mm of rain are expected to fall on parts of Cornwall on Thursday, with Gale Force 8 winds expected early to mid afternoon, before the wind slowly eases by early evening.

There are two peaks of strong winds expected on Friday –the first arriving late morning to mid-afternoon, followed by the second peak during mid-afternoon to early evening.

 The winds will be at their strongest across the Isles of Scilly and the southern coasts of Cornwall, and around hills during these peaks, ranging from Gale Force 8 up to Gale Force 9 on occasions, with gusts of between 50-65mph,and possibly up to 70mph.  These winds may cause some travel disruption – particularly on exposed bridges and high sided vehicles, as well as potential disruption to air and ferry travel  There is also the risk of damage to trees and potential disruption to power supplies, as well as the risk of injury from flying debris , such as bins, bins, fences and trampolines and temporary structures.

The strong winds are likely to be accompanied by large waves, especially around the Isles of Scilly, and the southern coasts of Cornwall, which may present a hazard to the public on beaches, sea walls, piers and promenades, especially at high tides, plus on coastal roads and railways, due to wave spray and possible overtopping.

“We are advising members of the public to drive according the prevailing conditions and not to take unnecessary risks” said Geoff  Brown, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Homes and Communities.  “We would also ask people to avoid walking along the coast path and by cliff edges during the strong winds unless absolutely necessary.

“While we recognise the fascination of watching the large waves people can put themselves in danger by standing too close to quay sides and harbours, please keep a safe distance from the sea as large waves can travel a considerable distance up the shoreline”.

All the agencies are monitoring the situation closely and are on standby to act if the situation deteriorates.  

As neither the Council nor the Environment Agency has a statutory duty to provide sandbags, anyone whose property is prone to flooding should ensure they have a supply of sandbags ready to protect their home or business should they need to.  Local communities are also encouraged to check with vulnerable neighbours in case they need help with obtaining flood protection materials.  Residents are also advised to check that their drains are clear of leaves and blockages.

Sandbags can be obtained from builders merchants, DIY and hardware stores.

For further advice on preparing for flooding is available on the Cornwall Council website at www.cornwall.gov.uk/flooding


The Great Winter Nurdle Hunt

January 30th 2017

This coming weekend, the 3rd-5th February is the Great Winter Nurdle Hunt
What on earth is a Nurdle, you may ask?
Nurdles are small plastic pellets which are a raw material in the manufacture of plastic products. 
They are being found in large numbers in the marine environment and are harmful to marine life.
The Great Nurdle Hunt is being organised in collaboration with a number of organisations including Greenpeace and the Marine Conservation Society.
They are asking people to visit a beach over the coming weekend and keep an eye out for nurdles and record them to provide evidence to the UK Government of the scale of this issue.
For further information, see the above poster

Tree Pruning Workshop

January 30th 2017

Thank you Pony Express and The Ship Inn.

January 30th 2017

A huge thank you on behalf of St Winnow and St Veep Parish Churches to the Lerryn ‘Pony Express’  for funds raised towards our respective Bells & Tower Appeals.  Funds were raised from the delivery of Christmas cards throughout Lerryn village and the surrounding area at Christmas 2016 with the local children, and also from the subsequent ‘Pony Express’ pub quiz in The Ship Inn, Lerryn at the weekend.  Funds raised amounted to £ 225 for EACH Church as a result – a fantastic and most appreciated result.

Thanks also to The Ship Inn, Lerryn for hosting the pub quiz (great night), everyone who donated raffle prizes and of course all who supported the Lerryn ‘Pony Express’.

Cabaret Coffee Morning

January 29th 2017

Seagull Race Photos

January 26th 2017

A good crowd turned out this year to watch the Winter Solstice Seagull Race.  

Every year, the proceeds from the entries and the sale of mulled wine and mince pies are distributed amongst local charities.  This year, the River Lerryn Yacht Squadron, who organises the event, has agreed to donate £50 to each of the following charities and groups: lerryn.net, LAMA, the Village Hall, The Merlin Centre and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The dates to note for this year's events are:

Summer Solstice Celebrations:  Saturday 24th June 2017

Seagull Race:  Saturday 30th December 2017

For further photos of this year's Seagull Race (taken by Darren) click on the button below:

Four Seasons on The Fowey

January 9th 2017

St Winnow & St Veep Bells appeal Pub Quiz

January 8th 2017

Message from the River Lerryn Yacht Squadron

January 5th 2017

We have set the dates of this year's Solstice event and of the next Seagull Race.  Here are the dates to put firmly in your diaries:

Saturday 24th June:  Solstice celebrations

Saturday 30th December:  Seagull Race

Seagull Race supports local groups and charities

January 5th 2017

Thank you to everybody who supported the Seagull Race.  It turned out to be a fun experience both for the competitors and the spectators.  Every year, the proceeds from the entries and the sale of mulled wine and mince pies are distributed amongst local charities.  This year, the River Lerryn Yacht Squadron who organises the event has agreed to donate £50 to each of the following charities and groups: lerryn.net, LAMA, the Village Hall, The Merlin Centre and Cornwall Air Ambulance.


Ribbons of Smoke

December 27th 2016

Ribbons of smoke drifting over Ribby Wood in the early morning

Seagull Race 2016

December 26th 2016

Happy Christmas

December 25th 2016

Season's Greetings from all at lerryn.net & from this little, Cornish robin

Pony Express

December 23rd 2016

Thanks, once again, to the Pony Express Team for delivering our Christmas mail

St Winnow Parish Church Midnight Mass

December 22nd 2016

St Winnow Parish Church invite you to our 'Midnight Mass' on Saturday, 24th December 2016, starting at 10pm.  Hope to see you there.  Happy Christmas everyone!

St Winnow Carol Service

December 15th 2016

St Winnow Parish Church warmly invite you to our Carol Service 
on Monday, 19th December 2016 at 7pm.

Boconnoc Carol Concert

December 14th 2016

Boconnoc Carol Service is on Wednesday 14 December at 7pm. Join us for traditional
Six Lessons and Carols and for mulled wine and mince pies in the  Soane Room afterwards.

Father Christmas comes to Lerryn

December 7th 2016








Father Christmas in Lerryn on Tuesday night










Hood Winked

December 5th 2016


For more photographs of the pantomine, click on the button below.  The photos extend over 2 pages of the Photo Gallery

Lerryn School Christmas Fair

November 23rd 2016

Saturday 10th December from 10.00-12.00 : Memorial Hall 
Lerryn School Christmas Fair. Come and visit Father Christmas, get your face painted or just pop in for a cuppa and a slice of cake. There will be a raffle, book stall, cake stall, handmade wreaths. The usual lucky baubles will be available from the shop beforehand to be drawn at the fair. All proceeds will go to the school.     

Christmas Arts Fair

November 22nd 2016

Christmas Coffee Morning

November 13th 2016

Autumn Bazaar - Village Hall

November 11th 2016

Rockpool Ramble

October 19th 2016

Fright Night - CANCELLED due to lack of support

October 19th 2016

Red Store Charity Day

October 17th 2016


Talk on Troy Class Yachts of Fowey

October 11th 2016

Info at www.foweyheritage.org.uk  Secretary 01726 870457

St Winnow at Red Store Charity Day

October 10th 2016


Senior Citizens Christmas Party

October 10th 2016


Wine Tasting Event at Boconnoc

October 10th 2016

St Winnow & Bradoc barn dance

October 1st 2016


Lerryn River Stores winter hours

October 1st 2016

As advertised on the shop window and instore for the past month our Winter Hours start from :

Monday 3rd of October

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8am -5pm

Wednesday 8 - 1

Sunday 8 - 1

The Post Office will open daily except on a Sunday and will close an hour before the store closes.

Thank you 

Lerryn River Stores



Fungus Day at Lanhydrock

September 27th 2016

Quiz and Fish & Chips Supper

September 14th 2016

A Recitation of St Marks Gospel

September 14th 2016




You are warmly invited to hear Canon Alan Rowell sing his own translation of the Gospel of Mark. 
Canon Alan Rowell has found a particular ministry in singing, from memory, his own translation of St
Mark’s Gospel. The performance takes just under two hours.
Alan has performed this in homes and churches in different parts of the
country as well as in his own county of Cornwall.

Writers and Literature of Fowey

September 8th 2016

Bat Talk & Walk

August 24th 2016

Art Exhibition

August 21st 2016

Cream Teas

August 16th 2016

Come and support your local community minibus

Milltown Garden Open

August 9th 2016

BEWARE - Telephone Fraud

August 3rd 2016

A Lerryn Resident contacted us to give details of the following telephone fraud and information given by the police when she contacted them:

  • The fraudsters are targeting 01208 numbers
  • They claim they are from BT Open Reach
  • They state that they have found a problem with your computer operating system, want you to give them access to your computer and offer to fix it for a fee

Advice from the police:

  • DO NOT give them access to your computer or pay for them to fix it
  • Report it to the NATIONAL FRAUD CYBERCRIME UNIT by phoning 0300 123 2040 or going online at: www.actionfraud.police.uk



August 3rd 2016

Assuming the vaccine delivery arrives on time,  the annual 'flu vaccination will be on 21 September this year.

We are asked to arrive at the Scout Hut, if at all possible, in accordance with the following outline schedule, organised on the basis of the first letter of people's surnames:

A-D      9.30-10.30

E-I      10.30-11.30

J-M      11.30-12.45

N-R      13.30-14.30

S-Z      14.30-16.15.

There will be 'catch-up' opportunities at the surgery for people who cannot manage the 21st, but these will not be arranged until after the 'flu day  session is over.



Man Engine visits Lostwithiel

July 27th 2016



For video clip click the button below

Rockpool Ramble

July 27th 2016

Park and Ride Arrangements for Man Engine

July 26th 2016

The Man Engine is coming to Lostwithiel tomorrow Wednesday 27th July.  A Park and Ride scheme will be operating from Trewether Farm between Lerryn and Lostwithiel.  The cost will be £1.00 per seat.  There will be two minibuses in operation, including the Lerryn Area Minibus.  The Park and Ride will operate between Trewether Farm and Lostwithiel between 2.00 and 5.00pm and from Lostwithiel back to Trewether Farm between 7.00 and 8.30pm

St Winnow Parish Church Summer Fayre

July 24th 2016

Lerryn River Stores Update

July 20th 2016

Due to a faulty telephone line we have had to have a temporary line fitted,

Our new temporary telephone number is 01208 872813,


website: www.lerrynriverstores.co.uk

Best Wishes


Pre-school provision at Lerryn School

July 20th 2016

Lerryn Pre -school now open for places.

 15 hours of free, funded Early Years Education for 3-4 year olds.

Join us for special adventures at Lerryn Pre-School.

Starting the 5th of September 2016,  Lerryn opens its doors for

 pre-school children aged 3-4 years.

  Monday and Tuesday 9am – 3pm and Wednesday 9am – 12pm 

Children are welcome to join us at our lovely river view setting to explore, play and make new friends.

Bring your own lunch or order from our own provision.

Contact the School Secretary on

 01208 872620 for more details.

We also offer after school care.


Life Afloat

July 13th 2016



Orchestral Evening at St Winnow

July 13th 2016

Summer Solstice Event

June 10th 2016


June 6th 2016

Thank you!

At a lovely event in the Hall on Sunday afternoon, we made a very useful contribution to the Hall’s dishwasher fund. It could not have been done without the help of:

  • The school
  • The shop
  • The pub
  • The ‘little shop’
  • The people who made such generous amounts of beautiful food
  • Individuals such as Bill Cole, Ronald Elliot and Lerryn Art group.

Once again, thanks to all!


May 28th 2016

Wednesday 1st June is the last day for getting tickets for the Queen's Birthday Tea Party, which will be in the Memorial Hall on the afternoon of Sunday 5th.

Tickets are in the shop now. Don't forget!

Playgroups last quiz

May 28th 2016

Playgroups last quiz this Saturday doors open 7.30 tickets £7 we will be serving pulled pork please support us one final time thank u. Book on 01208367029


May 24th 2016

Lostwithiel Community Centre is closed with immediate effect until an insurance problem can be resolved.


May 22nd 2016

Don't forget the raffle and quiz at the Ship Inn on Saturday 28th May. 

The proceeds will go to the Memorial Hall to help with the purchase of a dishwasher, and there will be all the fun of the last night of the quiz series.

Visitors welcome. Quiz starts at 9.00pm. Why not book a meal beforehand?

St Winnow Bell & Tower Appeal

May 20th 2016

Road Closure

May 10th 2016

Notification of road closure
Location:         Road From Trecangate Farm To Trebant, Lanreath and Road From Junction
                      South Of Woods Cross To Junction East Of Shillamill Lakes, Lerryn
Timing:           16th May to 10th June 2016 (24 hours, weekends included)
Contact:          Simon Trevains, CORMAC  Solutions Ltd, Tel: 0300 1234 222

Water Quality Talk

April 27th 2016

Fun Day on the Green

April 23rd 2016

Today, in the spring sunshine, visitors and locals were able to enjoy the Cousin Jack's Fun Day on the Village Green.


To see more photographs of today's event click on the button below:

Footpath re-opened

April 22nd 2016

The footpath blocked by the fallen tree reported earlier has now been cleared





Lerryn History Society AGM

April 20th 2016

Looe Guided Walk

April 18th 2016

A reminder of our next event which is this Saturday 23rd April, a guided walk on Looe's Marine Discovery Trail. Meet at 10.30am at Millpool Car Park, West Looe (PL13 2AF or SX 250538) by the benches, look for the flag!
This is a joint event with the Looe Marine Conservation Group and their volunteers will be giving us some informal commentary along our walk. We have received the following information from the Looe volunteers:


I’ve allowed approximately 15mins walk and talk time for each venue:

10.30am start:

Our tour will take in:

Welcome and Intro at Millpool. Matt 

The Estuary at Kilminorth Woods. Matt 

Sustainable Fishing at West Looe Market. Gill.

Seals at Nelson’s Statue. Darryl.

Eel grass beds at the harbour entrance view point. Sue.

Looe Island on Hannafore sea wall. Martin.

The Rocky Shore on Hannafore beach. Matt

Approx 12.30pm. Lunch on Hannafore beach and explore the rocky shore.

Finish 1.30pm.

It will be brilliant to have the Looe volunteers to show us around - hope you can come along.

Footpath blocked

April 11th 2016


Riverside footpath to Ethy Rocks blocked by fallen tree, a victim of the strong winds of Sunday 10th April

The Glyn Cinema

April 11th 2016

Pub Quiz and Raffle

April 11th 2016

Film Night with Jenny Agutter at RAF St Mawgan

March 30th 2016

Enjoy a fundraising  evening on Saturday 7th May with children’s charity CHICKS patron, Jenny Agutter, at the screening of her film The Eagle Has Landed. The film, described by a New York Times critic as "a good old-fashioned adventure movie", is turning 40 this year! The event is being held at RAF St Mawgan, Newquay, where a number of scenes for the film were shot. Tickets cost £35, or £50 for a seat in the first two rows. Entry price includes a screening of the film (with popcorn!), a Q&A with Jenny and a buffet dinner in the Combined Mess following the film screening.  Please note there are a limited amount of places for the Film Night.  To buy tickets, please call 01822 811020 (option 1) or email mick@chicks.org.uk 

Rockpool Ramble

March 28th 2016

Friday 8th April

Rockpool Ramble at Readymoney Beach, Fowey
Meet on the beach 12.30pm to 2.30pm
All children must be accompanied and please wear sensible footwear
A family favourite, come and explore the amazing marine wildlife to be found right on our doorstep - All welcome

Tide & Time Talk

March 27th 2016

Wednesday 6th April

Talk 'Tide and Time' by local Astronomer Brian Sheen
Meet 7.30pm at Trenython Manor Hotel
Join us for what promises to be a very interesting and informative talk

Fun free sessions for 4 year olds at Lerryn School

March 25th 2016

Starting 15th April, 4 year olds are welcome to join us at our lovely river view setting to explore, play and make new friends.

Free sessions run every Friday 9:30-12:00 until the summer holidays. 

Contact the School Secretary on 01208 872620 for more details.

RNLI Coffee Morning

March 22nd 2016

Cornish Sudoku Evening

March 21st 2016

SUDOKU: Dead Boring, for Geeks Only? WRONG!

Charles Morgan, Cornwall’s very own ‘Sudoku Wizard’ presents an evening of impish fun, showing you Sudoku as you have never seen it before. He will demonstrate how to solve a number of seemingly ordinary but actually most unusual Sudoku puzzles that are guaranteed to be far more enjoyable than the usual jumble of numbers. Even Sudoku sceptics will be spellbound!

Easter Saturday 7.30 p.m

The Red Store, Lerryn, PL22 0PZ

£5.00 adults, £3.00 school age children

In Support of St Veep Parish Church

* If the road to Red Store is cut off by the tide, just walk along alleyway between the shop and Ship Inn, through the archway, continue for 100 yds and you will come out directly opposite the Red Store.

Council Tax Scam

March 17th 2016

A Council Tax Scam is doing the rounds again and people should be aware that you may receive a call from someone claiming to be able to re-rate your property to achieve reductions in council tax and tax banding.  They require your credit card and £65 payment up front. Cornwall Council and Trading Standards have confirmed that this is a scam.  Could you please pass on the message so that others are warned.

Friends of Fowey Estuary AGM & Talk

March 14th 2016

LAMA Coffee Morning

March 11th 2016

Ladies of Lerryn Dining Club

March 11th 2016

Lerryn Ladies Dining Club
On Tuesday 8th March the Ladies of Lerryn Dining Club enjoyed the first meeting of the year  at the The  Fowey Hotel. Having dined there on many occasion I was in no doubt that the ladies would have a delightful evening.  The private dining in The Drawing Room made the evening as it was, exclusive to the Lerryn ladies. It was  laid out in an exquisite and elegant fashion that one would expect to find in a 4 star venue. We were made very welcome by the staff and the Maitre de  made sure that the evening was a memorable event.   The  diner was 3 courses made up of mouthwatering choices such as smoked salmon timbale, chicken parfait,  hake served with a white sauce,  chicken wrapped in presunto, Mediterranean vegetables, lemon tart, creme brulee as a few examples followed by coffee and petite fours. Fine wines were served with our diner  which we enjoyed in abundance.  This  leads me to say a big thank you to Annie Singer for driving everyone  there in the Lerryn Mini Bus.  All the ladies dressed for the occasion and a glamorous appearance was the order of the night. 
The Dining Club is a very popular event as it allows the ladies to meet up and catch up with events. It plays an important social  part in keeping with the  very much enjoyed community spirit of our beautiful village. If you would like to join us for our next outing (dated TBA) take a look on the Lerryn village website for details. It would be good to see you. 

Lostwithiel Environment Group Talk

March 10th 2016

Osprey Nesting Poles

March 6th 2016

Twelve members of the Friends of the Fowey Estuary  met on Saturday 5th am at Haye Farm for a visit to the Osprey Poles;  it was a bright morning with a chilly wind from the north.  We had a pleasant walk over the fields to see the poles, there were signs of Spring everywhere from lambs in the fields, primroses in the hedgerows and even frogspawn and tadpoles in a puddle! 
The osprey poles were certainly impressive, I have to say if I were an Osprey, I'd certainly pay them a visit with such beautiful views over Penpol creek!
After a short speech of dedication by Peter, a brass plaque was attached to one of the poles facing down towards the estuary. 
The plaque reads:
'Dedicated in Memory of George Cussans
Founding Chairman of the Friends of the Fowey Estuary
In recognition of the support he gave this and other projects
Long may be keep watch over the Fowey Estuary'
We are delighted to dedicate the poles to George, a fitting memorial to a special man for our group.
A handful of us then went on the neighbouring field to view the heronry but unfortunately there was not much action to be seen, understandably the few herons we did see were hunkered down on their nests sheltering from the chilly breeze.
Thanks as always to Alix & Nigel Vincent at Haye Farm for their hospitality and support and thanks to those who came for a lovely morning
Friends of the Fowey Estuary


February 24th 2016

The seats by Lerryn War Memorial are in need of replacement, and Lerryn WI are helping to raise the funds for one of them by holding a lunch in the Memorial Hall on Saturday 12th March.

Please support this event. Tickets will be available in the shop until close of trading on Wednesday 9th March at £7.50 (adult) and £3.75 (child).

MENU: Cottage pie, either chicken or vegetarian, followed by a choice between tiramisu and apple crumble with custard. Tea and coffee are included, but you have to bring your own wine!

There will also be a raffle.

The meal will be served from 12.30pm and the doors open at 12.00. 


February 15th 2016

Sailing in the Arctic Talk

February 10th 2016

Rockpool Ramble

February 9th 2016

And Still More to Come!

February 7th 2016


Apple Tree Pruning Workshop

February 3rd 2016

The national Trust are organising two pruning workshops

6th February 2016 Mature Apple Tree Pruning Workshop 12:30 -2:30pm

A practical workshop where you can learn to take care of older apple trees , expert advice given on pruning techniques and management of traditional orchard trees. (Near Polruan)

12th February 2016 Young Apple Tree Pruning Workshop 12:30 -2:30pm

A practical workshop where you can learn to take care of younger apple trees , expert advice given on pruning techniques and management of traditional orchard trees. (In Lerryn)

Booking essential, Donations welcome, refreshments provided. Tel: 01726 870146 e-mail: southeastcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk

Lerry River Stores Delivery Service

January 15th 2016

We are pleased to announce from the 20th of January 2016, we are offering a free delivery service on a Wednesday only, Minimum order is £20 within a 3 mile radius, Place your order before 3pm on a Tuesday for a Wednesday delivery, pop in or telephone 01208 872375 to place your order....

follow us on twitter @lerrynriverstores.

Lerryn Post Office Opening Hours

January 15th 2016

Our new Post Office opening hours are:

Monday 9am to 2pm, Tuesday 8am to 5pm, Wednesday 8am to 5pm, Thursday 8am to 5pm, Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm, Sundays closed.

Lerryn River Stores Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 8am to 5.30pm, Sunday 8am to 1pm

Talk on Otters

January 7th 2016

Spuds and Puds Lunch

January 5th 2016


January 3rd 2016

Donation to lerryn.net

Ben Harrild has given a generous donation of £25 towards the upkeep of lerryn.net.  This is in appreciation of the stunning photos of Autumn colours in Lerryn.  Thanks also to Jeff Parfitt, not only for taking the photos, but for loading them onto the website and arranging for copies to be sent to Ben.

Thank you Ben and Jeff !


Vacancy For St Veep Parish Councillor

January 2nd 2016



Councillor Vacancy



Due to the resignation of Cllr Andrea Goodenough, a vacancy has occurred for a Councillor to serve on St Veep Parish Council.


If you would like to be considered for Co-option to St Veep Parish Council, you should apply in writing to, Mr P.M. Tubb (Clerk), Castleway, Lanteglos-by-Fowey, Cornwall. PL23 1ND.

Applications to be received by no later than noon on Thursday 14th January 2016.


In the event of more than one application being received, sitting councillors will select the successful applicant.



Published By, Mr P.M.Tubb, Clerk to St Veep Parish Council, Castleway, Lanteglos-by-Fowey, Cornwall. PL23 1ND

Dated  30th December 2015.

Seagull Race

December 28th 2015

Report on the Lerryn Seagull Race of Saturday 19th December 2015


“What care we though for wind and weather,” was the apt refrain of the intrepid mariners who took part in the 28th annual River Lerryn Yacht Squadron Seagull Race.  Despite gale force gusts, piercing showers and an early 10.15 am start, 34 boats and about 100 hundred people fortified with mulled wine and mince pies, entered the race. The race is open to all, the only requirement being that the boats must  be powered solely by a traditional seagull outboard motor.

The theme this year was “Old Time Music Hall” and many of the competitors and boats, regardless of the conditions, were in appropriate fancy dress.  After a safety briefing and an orderly Le Mans style start, competition was both frenzied and fierce as two laps of the taxing course from Lerryn to St Winnow Point and back were negotiated. To ensure that all was safe six safety boats were deployed in case of incident.  The RLYS would like to give particular thanks to the Devon and Cornwall Police who supplied two officers and a fast response boat to assist in safety cover.

The results were as follows:

Winner largest class and Ship Inn trophy, Richard Philp

Winner over 12', A Southgate

Winner canoe, A Osborne

Team prize, Lowertown

Fast Lady, Becky Bruce

Best dressed boat, R Smith

Best costume, Treeve Fowler

Spirit of the contest, A Reddall

Concours d'elegance, J Kimble

Mystery place. J Hayward


The sum of £214 was raised for the RNLI and £261 for local charities.

Thanks to all the members of the RLYS who, once again, put on such a quirky and

entertaining event.

To see more photos of the event, click on the image below:

They may take a little while to load

Happy Christmas

December 25th 2015

Greetings from everyone at lerryn.net

We wish all of our lerryn.net visitors a very Happy Christmas


Best Wishes for 2016

Pony Express

December 22nd 2015

Thanks to the Pony Express, once again, for delivering our Christmas Mail



December 15th 2015

Please come and join us on Wednesday 16th December, from 6.00pm till 7.00pm, for an evening with James Strawbridge. Sample mulled wine, mince pies and some special Cornish delicacies. All welcome.


Festive Lights

December 13th 2015

Carols this Christmas

December 7th 2015

Click here for more information.



December 7th 2015

Carols Round the Tree in the Hall this year will be on the evening of Monday 21st December at 7.30pm. 

Please think about items you could contribute to the hamper raffle, or about whether you could bring some mince pies to the event.

Seagull Race

December 1st 2015

Lerryn School Christmas Fayre

November 20th 2015

Lerryn School Christmas Fayre, Saturday 5 December 2012 10:30-12:30.

Christmas Shopping Opportunity

November 13th 2015

Christmas shopping opportunity in the Lerryn Memorial hall on Saturday 21st November

The Lerryn Area Minibus Association will be running its second Christmas Coffee morning on Saturday 21st November. Building on last year's success, we will have a variety of stalls to help you with your Christmas shopping. You will be able to buy pots of spring bulbs (hyacinths and narcissi); artistic hand-made Christmas cards and well as gift tags; jewellery made by Anne Day; Christmas wrapping paper etc. We will also have a stall full of unwanted presents, all unused and in original wrappers etc.
We look forward to seeing you there!

St Veep Church diary update

November 13th 2015

There is a lot going on between now and Christmas and here is the summary of events:

Tuesday 10 November at 1.30 pm:   School visit to St. Veep church.

Friday 20 November:  Sherry Evening at Red Store  7.30 pm.  Tickets from Bernard Bonsey.

Wednesday 25 November:  School Eucharist at St. Veep  -  All welcome.

Wednesday 9th December: School Nativity at St. Veep  2.00 to 3.00 pm.  All welcome.

Friday 11th. December:  Pelynt Male Voice Choir - St. Veep church 7.30 pm. 

Wednesday 15 December:  School concert at St. Veep church 6.30 - 7.30pm  - All welcome.

In addition,   there will be an exhibition in the tower of St.Veep showing the history of the bells, the work that is being proposed and other memorabilia.


Do come and join us!

Marine Life Rescues Talk

November 5th 2015

  The next event from our programme is on Tuesday 17th November, it is a talk about Marine Life Rescues by Darryl Thorpe, a British Divers Marine Life Rescue volunteer.
  Darryl has had the opportunity to get close to a variety of marine mammals but unfortunately often in traumatic conditions, it promises to be a most interesting talk.
  Meet at 7.30pm in the Mission to Seafarers, Fowey Docks. Access is via the pedestrian gate up the steps by the car ferry slipway ONLY, there is no vehicle access to the Fowey Docks.

Autumn in Lerryn

November 1st 2015


1st November 2015

Music Hall in Lerryn

October 28th 2015

Tickets on sale in the shop from Wednesday 28th October

Fowey Estuary Clean Up

October 27th 2015

PORK AND CIDER on 31st October 3.00pm - late

October 26th 2015

Come and join us for an afternoon and evening of family friendly fun on the village green with local street food trucks serving authentic BBQ Pulled Pork, Pasties, range of local Cider, Toffee Apples, Music, Games and Fancy Dress Competitions. 

In Association with Lerryn River Stores:
- Inkies Smokehouse 
- Lazy Jacks Cider Bar
- Haye Farm Cider
- Posh Pasty Company

I look forward to seeing you all.
James Strawbridge

Friends of Fowey Estuary Talk

October 14th 2015

Golant Apple Day

October 13th 2015

Red Store Charity Day

October 1st 2015

The Bells of St Veep Church

September 30th 2015

Please help us keep St Veep’s Bells Ringing


St Veep has a unique set of bells being the only ringable virgin peel in the country.  They were cast in 1770 by the Pennington Brothers in a meadow opposite the church and when the 6 bells came out of the moulds they were each in perfect tune.

Unfortunately, during a routine inspection by Taylors of Loughborough, repairs totalling approx. £26,000.00 were needed.  We can reduce this amount slightly by providing labour for their engineer and bed and breakfast etc. 

The bells are rung at least once a month for services and of course for weddings and other special events.  We have a strong team of ringers, some experienced, some learning, some older some as young as 15.  They practice every Thursday evening apart from the summer months and new ringers are also welcome.

We are applying for grants and will hold fundraising events but need your help please.  Any donation you could make would be very welcome but we would also appreciate your support at our fundraising events.

Please contact Paul Weatherhogg if you would like to make a donation  paul@weatherhogg.com



Discover Secrets: Come to the Memorial Hall in Lerryn on 13th November

September 28th 2015

CAMP THEATRE are touring Cornwall with 'Secrets', a triple bill of three one-act comedies by John Mortimer -  all in one evening! Posters are on the village notice-board and in the shop, and the shop hold tickets, or call 07977 570941. At £8 a ticket (£7 concessions), it should be a very entertaining evening.

Rockpool Ramble

September 25th 2015

Annie Singer's Party

September 22nd 2015




Annie Singer held a combined 60th Birthday and retirement party in the Memorial Hall on Sunday.  Many from the Village attended and had a most enjoyable time






To see many more photographs of this special occasion go to the Photo Gallery or click on the banner below

High Tides Warning

August 31st 2015

There will be further very high Spring tides over the next few days

31.08.2015: 07.26 & 19.43

01.09.2015: 08.13 & 20.30

02.09.2015: 08.57 & 21.15

03.09.2015: 09.40 & 21.57

Should Have Gone To Specsavers!

August 31st 2015


August 30th 2015

A lot of people had a wonderful time - and did some fairly nifty dancing, in some cases! - at the Leggyfoot rock gig in August. All the costs of the event - band, marquee and toilet hire - were borne by Leggyfoot and Jonny kindly donated the beer. All the proceeds were split between the Hall and the minibus, which have each received an extremely welcome donation.

Very many thanks, on behalf of LAMA, to Annie, Chris and Jonny, and to all the people who attended the party and who gave so generously.  

Ann Henderson


August 20th 2015


We are pleased to report that the panel of Royal Arms presented to the parish by Charles the 2nd in respect of our loyalty in the Civil War has been lovingly restored and is once again hanging in the chancel.

Damage to the panel was caused through damp from a leak in the roof, now fixed, as well as the ravages of time.

The church is open every day and you are very welcome to come and inspect the restored panel.

Alternatively, you can view a photograph on our facebook page or come to our Family Service on the 3rd Sunday in the month at 11 0'clock .

As always, contributions towards the maintenance of the church would be gratefully received and our treasurer, Paul Weatherhog, is always pleased to receive donations or, alternatively, put them in the box in the church when you visit.

Red Arrows over Lerryn

August 13th 2015




Red Arrows seen from Lerryn on their way to Falmouth display on Wednesday









Red Arrows over Lerryn on their return from Falmouth display on Wednesday flying to Exeter








"Red 10" over Lerryn in his "Squirrel" helicopter on his way back from Falmouth to Exeter






Don't forget the Red Arrows display at Fowey on Thursday 20th August at 6.00 p.m.


Garden Open

August 8th 2015

Games on the Green

August 6th 2015


Everyone had a good time on the green on Sunday 19th July - the sun shone, the games were fun, lots of ice-cream was eaten at the hatch and we made £300 for the minibus.
One of the highlights was the race of the plastic ducks, boldly herded down the river by Howard and scooped up at the stepping stones by valiant children who eagerly and very efficiently identified the winner.
Many thanks to all those who helped - and to photographer Mike Baker, who was hoping for a photo finish!
Ann Henderson

Lerryn History Society

August 6th 2015


August 4th 2015

Tide timetables are available in the village shop!

Lerryn Produce Association 65th Annual Show

August 4th 2015

Lerryn Produce Association 65th Annual Show

The highest standard of entries and an abundance of produce, in spite of the weather, provided one of the best–ever shows, and was a credit to all the entrants.

The event was opened this year by Mrs Brigid Howells, Head of Lerryn School who was presented with a bouquet of flowers by young Abi Brown.

Mrs Howells noted that the Produce Association has always enjoyed close links with Lerryn School, and stressed the importance of instilling the ‘gardening bug’ early.

The Lerryn Produce Association is 65 years old, and 16 years ago, in 1999 they commented on the need for young talent, saying:

 “Concern has been recorded many times about the lack of younger members of the village community joining the Association.  This is still a concern today.  We are told that gardening is the nation’s favourite pastime and we need our younger people to help this important part of the village life to continue.”

Stand-out entrants in the children’s classes included Matthew Rounsevell for his Scarecrow and evocative photograph entitled Little and Large. Teenager Henry Langmaid took 1st prize with his hand-made wooden toolbox. And the George Keast Memorial Shield Gardener of the Year went to Abi Brown.

Stunning floral displays in the Decorative classes saw many familiar names including Joan Harvey and Jane Bulmer. Joan delighted everyone with her amazing design for a Decorated Hat, using layer upon layer of glossy camellia leaves. Her imagination and skill shone through in other titles including “Rose Garden”, “Water Garden” and “Rock Garden”.

Brian Philp and Morley Tubb shared 1st prize for their potatoes, and Brian scooped up further prizes for his runner beans and cabbages, lifting the Association Cup for most points in the vegetable classes. He also took the Glanville Cup for Best Vegetable Exhibit.

The Cornish Garden Society Award for Best Exhibit was awarded to Dawn Clark and Brian Philp who won Silver Gilt and Gold respectively.

The I&C Keast Memorial Cup for Best Bloom went to John Philp for his beautiful golden dahlia, and John also took Best Exhibit in the flower classes.

Marie Farey won prizes for fruit and flowers and Pat Bucknell took the Jubilee cup for her vibrant collection of ‘Hot Flowers’ .

Overall winner of the Cookery Classes was Ann Henderson, who baked vegetable samosas and also a cake reflecting 100 years of the WI.

Chairman John Hancock said “Thank you to everyone on the committee for all their dedicated hard work and to everyone who came along to support the day."  If you would like to join the Association or find out how you can help to support the show, please email John  Hancock: john7hancock@yahoo.co.uk


Thank you on behalf of the Merlin Centre

August 2nd 2015

We wish to thank all our helpers and anyone who supported us in any way, whether baking cakes, visiting the gardens or even just chilling out listening to ‘Anything Goes’ with tea and cakes in the hall.  Given the weather last Sunday, we had a great turn out and managed to raise an incredible £687.  So, thanks everyone for supporting such a worthwhile cause as the Merlin MS Centre.


Lin, Jennifer and Nina

Rockpool Ramble

July 24th 2015

Gardens Open

July 24th 2015

School's Sports Day

July 20th 2015


For more photos of the School's Sports Day,  go to the Photo Gallery or click on the button below:

Games on the Green

July 19th 2015

What will you play first on the afternoon of Sunday 19th July? Are you handy with the dice? Good at hand-eye co-ordination? Up for a gentle game of boules? Or is your style more of a quick flutter on the tombola and watching gentle children splatting a rat while waiting for the duck race to start?

Whatever your skills and inclinations, come and support the LAMA minibus from 2.30-4.00pm on the green - or in the Hall if wet. Either way, refreshments will be available from the shop.

65th Annual Produce Show

July 14th 2015


Lerryn and District Produce Association

65th Annual Produce Show.


The posters advertising this years’ show have been pinned up around and about, so now’s the time to start preparing and nurturing your entries. If you’ve never put anything into an annual show before, now is the time to take the plunge and – you never know – you could be walking away with a beautiful prize-winners’ trophy or simply basking in the glory of entering something you have produced.

Entry forms and schedules with full details about all the different competition classes are available from Lerryn River Stores or from Brian and Penny Philp.

We can promise you a beautiful show of flowers, fruit and vegetables, mouth-watering bakes and preserves, children’s crafts, exquisite decorative floral displays, photographs, and of course, Cornish cream teas, a raffle and music by our live band, Anything Goes.

So please do come along and support the wonderful effort and creativity shown by our community in the traditional setting of the Memorial Hall on Saturday 1st August.


Please remember to return your prize-winners’ cups to Sue Hancock (01208 873478).

Osprey Nesting Poles

July 11th 2015

We are excited to let you know that the Osprey poles were put up on 9th July. Here's a short report from our chairman Peter Edwards who must be thanked for all his efforts to make this happen!
It was an early start for the 4 crew from BT Openreach to get to Haye Farm with all their equipment and the telegraph poles where Farmers Alix and Nigel were waiting to show them the positions of the artificial nest and perch poles.  The operation started by digging the holes with the machine auger whilst Ben from the SE Ranger team of the National Trust  fixed the nesting basket to one pole and the perching timbers to the another.  Then the BT team hoisted the poles into the holes with their lorry mounted crane and backfilled the hole.  On one pair of poles the digging was much more difficult as the main lorry wouldn’t work on the sloping ground, but BT had a smaller rough terrain machine that could, but the poles had to be man-handled into place.
A very hard working crew were then shown the cider making equipment that Haye Farm is famous for and of course were allowed a little sample of cider.
A huge thank you to the team at BT and Ben from NT for making a very difficult job go extremely smoothly and of course to Alix and Nigel for allowing it all to happen.
Next job is to get the nesting material into the baskets with the help of CWT and then we will have comfy nests to attract the Ospreys
We will be organising a guided visit in the near future so will keep you posted.
(Friends of Fowey Estuary)


Summer Solstice Event

June 18th 2015

Memorial Service for Gwen Shillaber

June 17th 2015

Gwen's children have informed us that they will be holding a Memorial Service on Wednesday 24th June at 1.30pm in St Winnow Church.  The minibus committee would have loved to put on a minibus shuttle to the church but unfortunately, the minibus is in the garage that week for bodyworks repairs.  Bearing in mind how little car parking there is in St Winnow, we would urge you all to organise car sharing and give lifts to the residents who do not drive.  Thank you in advance.

The family would like Gwen's friends to join them in the Lerryn Memorial Hall after the service for refreshments and to share memories.


Defibrillator Training

June 12th 2015



Lerryn Defibrillator

June 1st 2015


Lerryn WI in conjunction with FLEET – Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust – installed the Village’s defibrillator outside the Ship Inn at Lerryn. The WI felt that a defibrillator would be an ideal project to sponsor and Ronni Collins, the Landlady of the Ship Inn, was more than happy to offer the wall of the pub which bears the slogan “ the Pub is the Hub” increasing the number of community projects the Ship is involved in.   Local electrician Phil James worked with FLEET’s Norman Trebilcock to get the machine installed and working before the May half term holiday. Nina Bacon and Sheila Tyacke coordinated the project and were thrilled when it was completed in time for the busy week. “I hope we never have to use it” said Nina “but if it helps just one person then it has to be worth its weight in gold”.    

Norman will be holding a demonstration / CPR night and a question and answer session in the Ship Inn on Thursday 11th June at 7.30pm.

All are welcome - come and find out about the defibrillator and its champions (those who have agreed to support anyone needing to use the machine).


Wildlife Walk

May 31st 2015

The garden is a great area for butterflies, dragonflies and wild flowers, with plenty to interest the keenest naturalist.

As well as the wildlife gardens, there are meadows, woodland and lakes.

Cream teas will be available and we ask you to also bring a donation for the Garden's chosen charity.

Booking Essential - please contact Peter 01726 833141 or email peterj.e@virgin.net

Directions: ‘Lethytep’ Penadlake, Lanreath, PL13 2PG.

Turn off the A390 Liskeard to Lostwithiel road at East Taphouse and follow the B3359 towards Pelynt, Looe and Polperro.

After 3.3 miles take right turn marked Panadlake. Grid Reference SX 175 588


Plant Sale and Coffee Morning

May 12th 2015

Plant Sale and Coffee morning

Get ready for the best plant sale this side of Cornwall!

Please come along to the Memorial Hall this Saturday morning, 16th May, and bag a few bargains for the garden – and enjoy delicious coffee and cakes – what more can you ask for?

And please don’t forget, the funds we raise go to putting on the Annual Produce Show – now in its 65th year, so any plant donations that we can sell on Saturday will be gratefully received. There will also be a chance to renew your memberships and collect this years’ show schedule.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

LAMA Coffee Morning

May 7th 2015

Seal Sighting

May 5th 2015

A message from Sue Sayer of the Cornish Seal Group:


Yes indeed you are right – it most certainly is a common seal!

Excellent news and sighting.

We have had sightings of a common seal in the Fowey up as far as above Golant and Penpol but not this far up as you say.

The last report I had was 25/01/15 so it is good to see the seal is still about.

Many thanks for your hugely important sighting!

If you see it again – keep a look out when it dives to see if it has rear flipper tag….there is a common on the south coast that has come from mainland Europe!

Common seals are much rarer in our part of Cornwall than Grey seals

Bank Holiday Visitor to Lerryn

May 3rd 2015

Sunday evening on the falling tide by the Red Store


April 29th 2015



The end of the large conifer at Bridge Cottage

Padstow Lobster Hatchery Visit

April 26th 2015

Next Sunday 3rd May, we have planned a visit to Padstow Lobster Hatchery where we will be treated to a 'behind the scenes' tour of this charity which helps to conserve vulnerable lobster populations by rearing and releasing lobsters to our local coastal waters. You can even adopt your own lobster!
The visit is at 11am until 12.30pm, meeting at the Lobster Hatchery, we have a special price of £3 for adults and £1.50 for under 16s.
So we can have an idea of numbers, we ask that you book with Peter on 01726 833141 or email peterj.e@virgin.net

Quiz night in aid of Lerryn Mini Bus

April 25th 2015

This months Quiz is in aid of  of Lerryn Minibus. 

At The Ship this Saturday.

Wild Looe

April 14th 2015

   Local wildlife enthusiast and author, Dr. Derek Spooner, will be giving a talk, sharing the inspiration behind his book “Wild Looe“. Focusing on the wonderful diversity of habitats and wildlife found in and around the Looe Voluntary Marine Conservation Area, from rocky shore to fields and woodlands.
   This fascinating talk will focus on the diversity of Looe, west to Polperro, east to Seaton, and inland to Shallowpool and Sandplace, including the nature reserve of Looe Island. Discovering the rocky shore; the tidal estuary of the West and East Looe rivers; the ancient, semi-natural woodlands of the river valleys – especially Kilminorth Woods, Trenant Woods and Seaton Valley – and the fields and hedgerows of the coast path. It highlights the natural history of these environments, their protection and conservation.
   This is a joint event organised by the Friends of Fowey Estuary and Looe Marine Conservation Group. We hope that it will be a chance to meet some new faces from a like-minded group just along the coast.

Lerryn and District Produce Association

April 11th 2015




Saturday 16th May, Lerryn Memorial Hall. 10.30am

May we ask all our friends who enjoy the August show to sow some extra seeds and plant more than you need this month, so that we can benefit from your efforts and sell your excess plants to raise funds to put on the 65th Annual show.

The plant sale and coffee morning is a famously popular event where we like to catch up with friends and neighbours over a coffee – and bag a few plant bargains for the garden.



Saturday 1st August, Lerryn Memorial Hall.

We’ve thought up some wonderful categories this year for the children’s classes, including “A scarecrow” – just as long as it isn’t bigger than 1metre! “A Clockface” (using fruit and vegetables), and a decorated plant pot. We’ll keep you posted over the coming months on other classes and news, so watch this space!



Please don’t forget to return your prizewinner’s cups to Sue Hancock .



Don’t be fooled by the lovely spring weather we’ve been enjoying lately! April and May is an excellent time to sow all sorts of vegetables including runner beans, carrots, beetroot, lettuce and broad beans, but beware, the night-time cold and frosts can still be harmful to early plantings. And now is the time to weed, weed, weed, so don’t forget to sharpen your hoes!

Lerryn History Society Talk

March 30th 2015

Rockpool Ramble

March 29th 2015

28th March Easter Coffee Morning

March 28th 2015

Guaranteed warm and dry in the Church Rooms 10-30-12.00 on Saturday morning!! Come and support the bus and enjoy Easter ducks, cakes, books, fresh coffee and other delights.


Quiz night in aid of Lerryn.net

March 28th 2015

This month's Quiz in the Ship Inn will be in aid of Lerryn.net to help raise funds to keep the website running for another year.

Par Sands Dunes Talk

March 14th 2015

Friends of Fowey Estuary AGM & Talk

March 14th 2015

Lostwithiel Environment Group Talk

March 7th 2015

Fowey Estuary Clean Up

March 3rd 2015

Children’s Poetry and Art Competitions - Fowey Festival

March 2nd 2015

Please  CLICK HERE  to see full information on The Fowey Festival's

Childrens Poetry and Art Competition -

Closing date is 20th March 2015 Entry is free
Prizes totalling £500 will be presented at theFamily Fun Weekend at Trenython Manor, Nr Fowey on the 9th & 10th May 2015.

Enter online or download an entry form & check the rules at    www.foweyfestival.com

Want to join your local Cricket Club

February 25th 2015

Want to join your local Cricket Club ?

We at Boconnoc Cricket Club invite you to come and join our club, based just a couple of miles outside of Lostwithiel/Lerryn. We have two sides in the Cornwall Cricket League, the 1st XI have just gone up to Division 2 East and the 2nd XI ply their trade in Division 6 East.

Alongside these league teams we stage regular friendlies during the season in the week, most of these are 20 over matches on a Tuesday evening against local sides.

We at Boconnoc Cricket Club have recently made an investment in our training and practice facilities, which includes a bowling machine and fielding aids, during the 2015 season our practice night will be a Friday evening starting on the 10th April at 6pm, before then we are holding some indoor net sessions at Bodmin School, starting on Tuesday 10th March and running to 7th April, these sessions will run from 7:15-9:15pm.


If you would like to know more, then please visit our website www.boconnoccricket.com or follow us on Twitter, @BoconnocCC.

Rob Foot, Boconnoc C.C Official

Wine with Puddings Update !

February 25th 2015

This has moved to the Red Store. Same time; same lovely food; same interesting wines.

See you on Saturday - 7.30 for 8.00.


Ospreys on the Fowey Estuary

February 17th 2015

Wine & Pudding Extravaganza on Saturday 28th

February 17th 2015


This is the last week to get tickets for the Wine & Pudding Extravaganza on Saturday 28th in the Memorial Hall. (We can't sell tickets on the door because the very special wines have to be ordered in advance in accordance with the number of tickets sold.) Tickets are in the shop and in Lostwithiel Community Centre till close of trading on Monday 23rd.

Please come - have a lovely evening and support the bus.




White River Cinema Trip

February 16th 2015

Last week Lerryn and St Winnow schools visited White River Cinema to watch the new Disney movie Big Hero 6.
They were privileged to visit the fantastic facilities run by William and his team and were treated to a private screening with ice lollies as treats. Their teacher, Mr Mathew Blunt, said that it's not just all play for the children of Lerryn school, after their recent "good" rating from Ofsted. He said "We have been looking at super heroes, super materials and heroes from the Bible. They will be now using this film and trip as inspiration for their writing, painting, modelling and Maths. Over the next 2 weeks we will use the trip and the experience of visiting our local cinema to deliver real life experiences in the children's teaching and learning".
The children all gave the film a huge thumbs up. "We recommend families get down to White River and treat themselves to another fantastic Disney film".
(Photo and report sent to Lerryn.net by Mr Mathew Blunt, KS1 Teacher, Lerryn C of E Primary School)

Talk on Owls

January 28th 2015


Lerryn History Society Talk "Dating Old Photographs"

January 22nd 2015

Lerryn History Society Talk "Cornish Milestones"

January 22nd 2015

Seagull Race

January 21st 2015

Thanks to Anita Heward, we now have some pictures of the Winter Solstice Seagull Race on the Photo Gallery.  To see these photos, which extend over two pages, click on the image below:

Marine Litter Talk

January 20th 2015

Lerryn History Society Talk

January 9th 2015

Seagull Race

January 2nd 2015

Shop Opening Times

December 25th 2014

Happy Christmas

December 25th 2014

Greetings from everyone at Lerryn.net and from this Lerryn Snowman

We wish all of our Lerryn.net visitors a very Happy Christmas


Best Wishes for 2015

Christmas Lights

December 24th 2014


Christmas Eve Rainbow

December 24th 2014

Christmas Pony Express

December 20th 2014

Once again, thanks to the Pony Express for delivering our Christmas Cards

Carol Singing in the Hall -

December 9th 2014

Food and Drink Fair

December 9th 2014

Christmas Carols at the Ship - Sat 27th Dec

December 9th 2014

Come in and soak up the atmosphere of traditional Cornish Carols and partake in a mince pie or two with delicious mulled wine. From 8.30ish. Why not book in for supper beforehand? We look forward to seeing you then. Ronni & all at The Ship Inn Lerryn


Ship Inn Christmas menu

December 3rd 2014

The Ship Inn Lerryn, Christmas Menu, December 2014

£19.95 for three courses & £16.95 for two courses per person (including Christmas crackers)


Restaurant opening hours:

12.00 to 15.00 and 18.00 to 21.00 daily



Served with fresh crusty granary bread


Served with melba toast & a red onion marmalade


Served with a traditional marie rose sauce on a bed of mixed salad leaf, tomato & cucumber


Served with fresh cranberry sauce and a crunchy salad

Main courses


With sausagemeat stuffing and all
the trimmings


Stuffed with apricots, dates & couscous


Served with sauté potatoes & mixed salad

MIXED BEAN, BEETROOT & PESTO BURGER (vegan & gluten free)

Served with crushed new potatoes & mixed salad


All served with roasted potatoes &
seasonal vegetables








Happy Christmas from
The Ship Inn Lerryn

Lerryn School Christmas Fair Saturday !

December 2nd 2014

Lerryn School Christmas Fair

Saturday 6th December

10.30 – 12.00

Lerryn Memorial Hall

Refreshments, cake stall, festive crafts, bric-a-brac, face painting, raffle and a chance to meet the man himself in the Santa’s grotto plus much more

A way to get you in the real festive spirit


Everybody welcome






Message to Everyone from Gill - Ros's Sister

November 30th 2014

Hello All

I know how wonderful my sister was to me and our family. I was so proud and overwhelmed by the number of people who attended the service in order to celebrate her life and on behalf of the family, I would like to send you all our thanks and appreciation. 


The eulogy by Cannon Walkes was exceptional and had Ros down to a tee. Since then, I have realised in many ways she was so much like our Mum who we lost when we were both very young. A poem that was put in the papers at that time and which I have never forgotten, came to mind and I would like to share it with you all.


                                    A smile for all a heart of gold

                                   The very best this world could hold

                                    Never selfish always kind

                                   These are the memories left behind


She will be greatly missed and never forgotten!


Gill Hutchings

The Village Pantomime

November 22nd 2014



For further photos of the cast of the Village Pantomime at their dress rehearsal on Sunday 16th November, click on the image below:

Minibus to St Veep

November 21st 2014

On Tuesday 25th November, after the private committal at the Crematorium, there will be a service for Ros in St Veep Church at 11.00am.

Roadside parking in St Veep is going to be very difficult and the minibus will run a shuttle service from Lerryn car park to the church and back. The first journey will be at 10.00am, followed by as many further trips as necessary, so there is no need to book.

There will be no charge for this journey. LAMA is doing it in memory of Ros.

Tribute to Ros Hawken

November 20th 2014

The whole village and community is saddened by the loss of our dear friend Ros. She played such an important part in the village and the contribution she made to village life must be almost immeasurable.

Her role as a child-minder brought great enrichment to many children's early years. During my time as head teacher, I greatly appreciated the foundations she helped to lay in preparation for school and life. The moral guidance she gave them and the appreciation of the world around them, her activities at home, and expeditions into the local environment, had  a very beneficial effect in their early development. Many children and parents have reason to be thankful to Ros. Thank you Ros.

For twenty-five years, Ros masterminded and organised Village Night. This not only gave the village a wonderful chance to celebrate, but helped local organisation to raise thousands of pounds. Thank you Ros.

One of Ros’ great interests was the village hall. For many years she supported the old village hall and played a significant part in obtaining our new village one. Without Ros, we wouldn’t have such a wonderful, well run hall. She has been in charge of fund raising from its inception, and through organising concerts, jumble sales, table top sales, carol evenings and numerous other fund raising events, she has raised thousands of pounds which has helped to make the cost of hiring the hall affordable to all. Thank you Ros.

David Vipond (Retired Head Teacher of Lerryn School and Chairman of Lerryn Village Hall.)

Christmas starts here

November 19th 2014

Join in LAMA's Christmas Coffee morning, 10.30-12.00 on Saturday 22nd Nov

Enjoy fresh coffee and home-made cakes; buy cakes, decorations, bulbs and bric-a-brac; risk £1 and perhaps win the luxury festive hamper (currently on display in the shop); meet your friends; have a good time!

Lerryn History Society

November 15th 2014

Members meeting Wednesday 19th of November: 7.00pm at the Red Store.

The website www.lerrynhistory.co.uk is up and running, additions to the on line catalogue are being made, speaker and outings are being are being arranged and liaison with Lerryn School continues. Please come along on the 19th November and share youe views and ideas and help us extend our research.

Christmas Events in Lerryn

November 13th 2014

LAMA (Lerryn Minibus) - Sat 22nd November

Once again, friends of LAMA have put together a very generous hamper guaranteed to enrich anyone's Christmas. Come and get your ticket at the LAMA Christmas coffee morning in the Memorial Hall on Saturday 22nd November at 10.30am. The raffle will be drawn at about 11.45am.

The coffee morning will also feature excellent coffee, home-made cakes,  festive decorations, bulbs for Christmas and bric-a-brac.

It's a good cause and it will be a good morning!


Lerryn School Christmas Fair  -  Sat 6th December

This will be on Saturday 6th December 2014 in Lerryn Memorial Hall 10.30 - 12.00. Christmas crafts, bakery, bric-a-brac, face painting, raffle and a chance to meet the main man himself in our santa's grotto plus much more

Further details to follow but please make a note in your diaries !


A tribute to Keith Rooker

October 27th 2014

Keith was totally identified in many people’s minds with the inventive and beautifully presented quizzes held monthly in The Ship. The most recent quiz, held last Saturday night, was a fundraiser for the minibus and it seems very appropriate that Jonny should have dedicated the event to Keith’s memory. Keith’s sense of fun and his generosity of spirit enlivened the quizzes but also ran though his years of support for the minibus. We made £165 on Saturday night, and were very glad of it, but it is nothing to what we have lost. We shall all, always, miss him.

Ann Henderson, LAMA


I'd like to second Ann's comments and add Keith's contribution to the website with the many quality photos of village events he submitted. A sad loss.

Richard Morris

Lerryn History Society Talk

October 24th 2014

Can we get a Community Defibrillator for Lerryn ?

October 15th 2014

Hello, I have wondered for some time now whether anyone in Lerryn had considered the need for a community defibrillator.

I wouldn't know who in the village to contact about this and wondered if anyone here could advise? There are two useful organisations which can help with getting one - links below:


Alice - Lerryn View -


Lerryn.net Comment -

Surely this would be a great thing for the village to have in place - people may have seen the one in Lostwithiel by the Co-op - can we please have someone from the village hall committee and Parish Council comment and take it forward  .....or even the WI ? For more info you can contact Alice on  alice.mitchell17@gmail.com.  Alice thinks there may be grants available as she pointed out in her email to us  recent sad events in the village surely mean we should try to take up this idea for the future.

Hope to hear a response from those three organisations - contact Alice direct - or let us all know by emailing Lerryn.net and we will post your ideas to make this happen here.


October 15th 2014

Come along to ‘An evening with Jenny Agutter’ which includes a screening of her film, The Riddle of the Sands, and a question and answer session with Jenny and the film’s producer, Drummond Challis.

The event will be held at Tavistock College, Main Hall on Saturday 25th October. Doors open at 7pm with the film starting promptly at 7:30pm. Tickets are £10.50pp with proceeds going to CHICKS children’s charity.

To buy a ticket call 01822 811020 or email info@chicks.org.uk


An Evening With David Chapman

October 13th 2014

Rockpool Ramble

October 13th 2014

Talk on Fowey Consols Copper Mine

September 28th 2014

Don't forget - Classics on the Green!

September 27th 2014

LAMA Lunch on Friday 19th September

September 14th 2014

Only ONE day left for you to buy your ticket for a scrumptious lunch.

Here is the menu:


Phone Mast Meeting

September 14th 2014

The St Veep Parish Council will be holding a special meeting on Thursday 18th September at 7.00 pm in the Red Store.  On the Agenda will be:

Planning. The Harlequin Group have submitted a consultation request for the construction of a 25m High Lattice Tower and Mobile Phone Base at “Highgate Farm”, St Veep. At the request of the Parish Council the Harlequin Group have agreed to send a representative to this meeting to give a presentation on the proposed scheme.

The presentation will be given by Mr William Osborne, this will be followed by a Question and Answer session (which will be open to the public).

Coffe Morning this Saturday (13th Sept)

September 10th 2014

10.30-12.00 in Lerryn Memorial Hall: tea and coffee, cakes, books and a raffle. Come and support the Hall!

Red Arrows

August 22nd 2014


Glimpses of the Red Arrows from Lerryn on Thursday


BUT, thanks to Julie, here is the real thing!



Click on the Red Arrow Hawk below to see more photos:

Cream Teas

August 17th 2014

Marine Day

August 17th 2014

Lerryn & District Produce Association

August 14th 2014

Lerryn and District Produce Association  64th Annual Produce Show

It's never a certainty that the opening of the Memorial Hall doors in Lerryn will bring a surge of activity, but once again the keen vegetable and flower growers of the district were impatient to show off their prowess - along with those entering the food and decorative classes. The hustle and bustle and coming and goings of the entrants kept up right until the 10.30 deadline, when the atmosphere gave way to the serious considerations of the judges. After much prodding, smelling and tasting, the deliberations were finalised and the winners recorded. The judges remarked that it had been another successful year with a very high standard of entries.


A big thank you to Councillor Benedicte Bay who opened the show to a packed hall accompanied by the melodic music of our house band Anything Goes, who made the proceedings go with a swing. Cream teas went like hot cakes and raffle tickets were dug out of pockets, while silver cups were bestowed on worthy winners.


The prizewinners included:

Marie Farey (Most Points In Show)

Alan Worswick (Cornish Garden Society Award – Gold)

Pat Bucknell (Cornish Garden Society Award – Silver)

John Hancock (Best Bloom In Show)

Thanks to all of you who entered your produce into this year’s show – it makes such a difference to see the hall packed with good things. So, now with the show over it's time to pour yourself a drink, get the deckchairs out, put your feet up and bask in the glory of your garden for another year.

Until the next time…

100 Pages of Lerryn News

August 9th 2014

Lerryn.net has been running for just over 6 years now.  In that time, there have been 100 pages of news carrying a total of 1,000 items!  The most recent page carried a photo of a reunion of 5 boys who were in Year 6 of Lerryn School in 2008.

On the very first page of Lerryn.net News dated 15th May 2008 a photo was shown of 4 boys who were involved in the Lostwithiel football team.  Three of the boys in this photo (Aaron Vincent, Jakey Law and Sam Nicholls) are also shown in the 2014 photo above.  Can you spot them?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the news page you can select any of the 100 pages of Lerryn news over the last 6 years.

Clicking on the buttons below will take you to the very first 2 pages of news.  Sadly, some of the people shown in the photos on these early pages are no longer with us.


More Photos of Bernice's and Robin's Wedding 19.07.2014

August 8th 2014

We are delighted to say that the official photographer at Bernice's and Robin's wedding, Chris Bowden, has kindly allowed lerryn.net to display the photos on the News Page and on the Photo Gallery.


To see more photos please click on the image below:

Enjoying the River

July 30th 2014

Enjoying the River in Lerryn in the Summer Sunshine 





Morris Dancing in Lerryn

July 22nd 2014


Maddie and the Tywardreath Morris Dancers and Wreckers Morris Dancers

at the Ship Inn, Lerryn on Friday


For more photos, see the Photo Gallery

Estuary Clean Up

July 20th 2014

David and Karen at Encounter Cornwall are again running a Kayak clean up event, it is planned for Saturday 20th September at 2pm.
This date was chosen to coincide with the Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch weekend which will see volunteers cleaning beaches in a national campaign. We are taking this event further than the beaches and trying to clean up the wider estuary, especially the parts which are only accessible by water.
Kayaks will be provided or you can bring your own, some kayak experience is necessary. The event is free and there will even be a free pasty in the Fisherman's Arms afterwards to reward your efforts.
Booking is essential with David at info@encountercornwall.com or call on 01726 832104 / 07976 466123


July 19th 2014

Congratulations to Bernice and Robin who got married today at St Winnow Church.  For photos of the wedding, click on the button:

Lerryn History Society

July 14th 2014






The launch of the Lerryn History Society Website on Sunday the 13th of July, attended by Sheryll Murray MP and Tamsin Daniel Committee Member of the South West Heritage Lottery Fund

For more pictures click on the button below:


You can find the website at http://www.lerrynhistory.co.uk/





Greg's Radio Show

July 13th 2014

Greg Hill-Turner, Viv Halkes Grandson,has got himself a radio show!

It is with a new community station (not for profit) called The Hub, which launches on 26th July. If you happened to be between Truro and St Austell they will be on 106.1fm. Alternatively, you can listen to them on-line at http://www.thehubradio.co.uk/. Greg will broadcast live every Saturday morning between 10am and 11am and will focus on film reviews/music from films.
As with all small community projects they need help with funds. An easy way to do this is to join their lottery - £1 a week to play of which 50p goes to The Hub - prizes are £5 for 3 digits, £25 for 4 digits, £1000 for 5 digits, £25,000 for 6 digits. If you feel you would like to/can join up it would be greatly appreciated - just follow the link on their website.
Or if anybody knows someone involved in a film who would like to be interviewed for the show give Greg a shout on djgreg.ht@googlemail.com

School Reunion

July 13th 2014

Most of the Lerryn School year 6 pupils of 2008 staged an impromptu reunion this weekend as Josh Richards came back from New Zealand for a holiday.

Josh Richards, Sam Nicholls, Callum Stephens, Jakey Law, Aaron Vincent

Summer Solstice

July 10th 2014

Fresh from their success at the Summer Solstice Event

Marguerite, Vicki and Jean

Possible Headline Act Glastonbury 2015?



Ocean Plastic

July 4th 2014

For details of a conference about plastic waste in the marine environment organised by Rame Peninsula Beach Care, click on the button below:

School Sports Day

June 24th 2014





For more pictures of the School Sports Day click on the button below:

They extend over 3 pages of the Photo Gallery






June 18th 2014

Three separate burglaries happened in Lerryn on Sunday night. Suggest everyone keeps a special watch and lock their doors.

Lerryn and District Produce Association

June 17th 2014


64th Annual Produce Show

Saturday, August 2nd


The excitement mounts, as the days quickly count down to the opening of the 64th Lerryn Annual Produce Show. This is the time of year when experienced entrants will be carefully looking at their flower gardens and vegetable plots, eyeing up plants as possible contenders for prizes and commendations from the judges.

It's a busy time for nurturing and tending things that need pushing along to make the grade, and for those less green-fingered of us, it's time to decide on your subject and get snapping away to enter something for the photography classes.

We want to make this years’ show bigger and better than ever. Most importantly, we want to encourage and invite those of you who have not entered before to make this the year to enter something - and to help make the 2014 Show a success, keeping tradition alive, and an afternoon for everyone to enjoy.

Entries will be free this year for the first time, so let's fill our Village Hall with lovely things to look at, admire and eat. Our fabulous band, "Anything Goes", will be providing the music, and delicious refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.

Schedules, listing all the different competition classes, are available from Lerryn River Stores or from Penny and Brian Philp.

Call for Cups:

Please remember to return your prize-winner cups to Sue Hancock (01208 873478).


Summer Solstice

June 16th 2014

Art and Jewellery

June 15th 2014

Farewell to Lerryn

June 14th 2014

Farewell to Lerryn

David and Elizabeth St John have now left for Hampshire and want to say how they have enjoyed living in Lerryn and the company of all the local people in this beautiful area.

Thank you to everyone for your welcome all those years ago, for your continuing friendship and for your good wishes for the next stage in our lives.  The farewell party was overwhelming and has made it even harder for us to leave. Special thanks to all who contributed.

Be sure, we will be back for regular visits.

Love and best wishes to you all.

David & Elizabeth's Farewell Party

June 2nd 2014

David and Elizabeth St John will be leaving the Village shortly and will be moving to Hampshire.  We wish them well for the move and the future in their new home.  Some pictures of the farewell gathering on Saturday can be seen on the Photo Gallery by clicking on the button below:

Important Changes at the Shop

May 28th 2014

The tenancy of Lerryn River Stores changes hands at the end of May.  We are grateful that our shop has been saved for the foreseeable future and hope that its huge importance on our community will be reflected in our shopping and support (A reminder that in 2012 our parish survey indicated that 90% of us wanted the village shop to continue).

Our thanks go to Kate, who finishes on the 31st May, for a job well done through a time of family sadness and adversity.  A warm welcome to Howard and Hilary who take over at the beginning of June.

The shop will be closed on the 1st  June for stocktaking – then opens  for business on Monday 2nd June. Sunday opening begins on the 8th – so do order Sunday papers.

Marine Conservation Zone

May 28th 2014

Find out more about Marine Conservation Zones
Our seas are home to some of the best marine wildlife in Europe, with a wide range of underwater habitats and species. To provide protection to the best areas of seabed or the rarest species, the government has been working towards setting up a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) across England and Wales.
One type of marine protected area is called a Marine Conservation Zone or MCZ. These are sites of national importance which have been selected to include the range of marine wildlife that is found in our waters, both close inshore and offshore. One of the first MCZ sites to be designated is the Upper Fowey and Pont Pill MCZ, which at 2km2 is one of the smallest sites.
Unusually, this MCZ is made up of two separate parts of the estuary. The larger part covers the upper reaches of the Fowey and Lerryn rivers, whilst the smaller area includes the upper part of Pont Pill. These areas are important for their mudflats and saltmarshes, as well as rocky outcrops where the sheltered waters of the estuary allow unusual marine plants and animals to flourish.
Marine Conservation Zones are designed to be places where human activities can continue, providing they do not damage the wildlife within them. Responsibility for looking after this site lies with several organisations including Cornwall Inshore Fisheries & Management Authority (Cornwall IFCA), a local organisation which manages fisheries activities around the Cornish coast.
On Monday 16th June, Fowey Harbour Commissioners, Fowey Estuary Partnership, Cornwall IFCA and Natural England are holding an open evening at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club at 7pm for anyone who is interested to have an opportunity to hear more about this MCZ, why it is such an important area and how they can get involved in looking after it in the future.
Any queries contact Claire Hoddinott on 01726 832471.
To see the poster of the event, click on the button below:

Message from Sally

May 28th 2014


THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for everyone who helped raise money for Sally last Wednesday.I am sending the cheque off today for £56.25.Which will help buy wigs for children and young people who have got cancer.Thank you again ,looking forward in doing it again next year.

Elizabeth and David St John Farewell Lunch

May 24th 2014

Farewell Lunch

Elizabeth and David St John

Saturday 31st May


David and Elizabeth are leaving Lerryn

in early June to live in Hampshire.

There will be an opportunity to say good-bye

and thank them for all that they have done

for our community


on Saturday 31st May

from 12-2pm at Lerryn Memorial Hall.

It will be a shared lunch – so please bring a bottle

and something to eat.

Everyone most welcome.


Contact John Halkes on 873393 or email skypilot@withiel.com

Message from Anne (Vipond)

May 23rd 2014

I would like to thank all the staff, children, parents and friends, who attended the lovely service at Lerryn School, for all the kind words, cards and gifts.  It was a very moving occasion which I will always remember.

Anne Vipond

Rockpool Ramble

May 21st 2014

Just a reminder about our next event which is a Rockpool Ramble at Readymoney Beach on Wednesday 28th May 10.30am - 12.30pm
We will meet on the beach. All welcome, under 18's must be accompanied by an adult
Please wear sensible shoes

Lerryn and District Produce Association

May 20th 2014


Firstly, the Produce Association would like to say a big thank you to all of you who planted seeds, grew and donated plants for our annual Plant Sale and Coffee Morning. The abundant produce and keen prices made the day a great success, and as always we are grateful for your support. The hard work and profit from the morning goes toward producing our Annual Show - this year on 2nd August. And we must also thank the WI for providing such delicious refreshments.


Saturday 2nd August, Lerryn Memorial Hall, 2.00pm

Schedules for the show are now available from Lerryn River Stores or from Brian and Penny Philp.

Lerryn School will this year be commemorating the First World War with ‘A Flanders Field’ grown in a pot.  This moving tribute will be produced using poppies, and corn donated by some of the local farmers.

This years’ titles for the Photography competition are ‘My Pet’ for the Under  16’s, and ‘Just Relaxing…’ in the Adult class. We hope to see lots of entries this year!

Don’t forget to browse all the categories in the schedule, now available!  The good news is that this year there will be no entry fees for exhibitors!

Come and join us for a great traditional afternoon, including cream teas, a raffle and live music. Doors open at 2.00pm, admission is 50p for adults and free for children.

Benedicte Bay will be opening the show for us at 2.30pm.



Please don’t forget to return your prizewinners’ cups to Sue Hancock .



This is a busy month now the soil has warmed-up, and if it’s not too wet, seeds should be doing well.

As the year progresses and temperatures rise, things should be growing well now that the soil has warmed up. First early potatoes should be ready for harvesting this month, so gently dig down and check the size of any tubers.

This is a peak month for planting, so don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to get started, as most things will grow away well – such as courgettes, French beans, peas and runner beans. Don’t forget that second sowings of peas and carrots will produce late summer crops.

Can you help Alison?

May 10th 2014

Alison has written to us in an attempt to find out more about Eva Williams.

Eva Williams was my Mum's sister who sadly died at the tender age of approximately 9 years of age. Her parents were Dora Williams and John Davey Williams.  I believe Eva was buried in the Lerryn area as the family lived nearby and she may or may not have a headstone.  I am not absolutely sure of the exact year of Eva's death because my mother (Eva's sister) now has dementia.  My mother was born in 1935 and is aware of Eva so I assume that Eva was most likely to have died after that date.  My mother was one of seven children and it is even possible that Eva died before my mother was born.

If anyone knows of any parish records or has any other information about Eva then I would be most grateful to hear.  Costs will be met if needed.  I would love to come and see the grave or look at any records.

I do hope someone can help.

My email address is alisonq610@googlemail.com 

Alison Quick

A Visitor from Canada

May 9th 2014

We received the following correspondence from Connie who lives in Northwestern Ontario in Canada.  She is able to travel to Lerryn without leaving home by visiting lerryn.net.  Here is what she says:


"As is my habit while eating supper, I like to go online and do a bit of travelling.  I came across your lovely photo album and enjoyed a trip back in time of your villages.... Thank you so much.  Truly relaxing.

Oh yes, I live in northwestern Ontario Canada out in the bush.  We are just coming out of a very brutal winter (lowest temp.  -60F).  Long and hard...  Your pictures are part of my recuperation ...lol................connie"
Thank you, Connie

Ethy Gardens

May 9th 2014

Glorious Ethy Gardens special open afternoon
Saturday May 10th      2 to 5pm
The beautiful gardens of Ethy House near Lerryn will again be open to the public but this year on Saturday afternoon of the 11th May instead of the usual Sunday.   Mr and Mrs Leslie who live at Ethy have extensively restored the gardens and woodlands in recent years. The gardens are not usually opened to the public and this is a rare opportunity to see them at the peak of the Spring flower season.  Proceeds are in aid of the local charity – the Friends of St Winnow Church
 Ethy gardens are managed with a sensitive regard to nature and in early May the wildflower meadows and the woodland bluebell walks are spectacularly interspersed with azaleas, magnolias and rhododendrons. Andrew Leslie, currently Chairman of The Cornwall Gardens Society , will be present during the afternoon and would be pleased to share with visitors information on the gardens and woodland.
The whole surrounding countryside with its parkland, woodland and river is an area of outstanding natural beauty and well worth exploring.
Delicious traditional afternoon teas will be available in the courtyard and a local plant nursery will be selling high quality plants and shrubs.
Visitors will find Ethy just three miles south of the ancient stannary town  of Lostwithiel   -  half a mile north of the popular riverside village of Lerryn .  There is ample car parking and the access to the gardens is suitable for the less able bodied visitors.  Admission is only £3.  Dogs on leads may be walked in the grounds.
Further information – contact John Halkes
 01208  873393
Email:  skypilot@withiel.com

Fowey Festival of Words and Music

May 8th 2014

This is the last chance to book tickets for the Festival.  Click on the button below to see some of the events:


May 3rd 2014

Congratulations to Viv Turner and John Halkes on the day of their wedding!

To see more photos of the wedding click on the button below:

Carol's Birthday Climb

May 1st 2014

Carol Baker had a special birthday and to celebrate she, together with her brother, son and Ann and Bernie Gibbons climbed Scafell Pike in the Lake District last Sunday.  The photo shows Carol at the summit of England's highest mountain at an altitude of 978 metres (3,209 ft) above sea level.  Many happy returns, Carol.

Rachel's Marathon

April 30th 2014


I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who sponsored me for the London Marathon. Among 37 000 runners and in near perfect conditions, I managed to finish in a time of 4 hours, 13 minutes, 13 seconds, so I didn’t quite catch Mo Farah, but I was pleased to come in under 4 and a half hours. Money is still coming in as my donation page, www.virginmoneygiving.com/RachelWaters  is open for another 2 weeks but I have raised over £500 so far for Macmillan Cancer Support. So thank you all, once again, for your contributions and messages of encouragement.





Facebook page

April 23rd 2014

Just to let people know we've now created a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Lerryn.net this will hopefully draw more people to the website and expand our reach.

Easter Reflections

April 22nd 2014







Photos by Alan, Annie Singer's brother in law,  taken at Easter

Click on the button to see more photographs












Website Meeting

April 22nd 2014

Are you interested in taking photos? Writing news items?

Airing your views?

Publicising local charity events?

Lerryn.net is a community website run by volunteers for people who live in Lerryn and the surrounding area. We are always on the lookout for news, views and photos, as well as local events for the calendar, local services and any information that will assist, inform, interest, entertain or amuse the viewers.

More volunteers are needed to help keep the website up-to-date and lively.

A meeting will be held at The Ship Inn, Lerryn, on Wednesday 23rd April at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome to come along to see what we are all about.

Look forward to seeing you there!

You can also get in touch by using the “contact us” button on the home page of www.lerryn.net

or by ringing Ann on 01208 873434

Lerryn and District Produce Association

April 21st 2014

                 ALL CHANGE!

It is with sadness and immense gratitude that we say goodbye to Mr Eric Baker M.V.O. in his role as President of the Lerryn and District Produce Association.

He has been our President for many years, and with such a respected plantsman as Eric at the helm we have gone from strength to strength. We thank Eric for his contribution to the success of the Association in its 64th year.

Peter Bucknell has announced his decision to retire from his post as Chairman. He will be sorely missed, but the committee are delighted that his good sense and consummate skills will not be lost to us altogether as he has generously agreed to take over as joint President alongside his wife, Pat. We take this opportunity of thanking Peter for his 10 years in the post, for guiding us through annual Produce Shows and Plant Sales, committee meetings and cake tastings. Thanks, Peter!

Pat Bucknell has also retired from the committee – but as well as her co-presidency with Peter, she will continue to contribute her valued knowledge and experience by remaining as Steward of the Flower classes.

The committee are delighted to announce that John Hancock has bravely agreed to become the new Chairman of the Produce Association. Well done John, we’re all looking forward to working with you!             

April/May is a good time to sow runner beans, carrots, beetroot, lettuce and broad beans. However, the weather around now can show signs of summer coming, but beware, night-time cold can still be harmful to early plantings – and don’t forget to sharpen your hoes, before getting to grips with those weeds.



Saturday 17th May, Lerryn Memorial Hall. 10.30am

An extra hour of daylight makes all the difference if you’re gallantly trying to bring on plants to donate to our annual sale. Your efforts will be much appreciated as always, and of course, will raise much-needed funds for our annual Produce Show – now in its 64th year.


Saturday 2nd August, Lerryn Memorial Hall



Please don’t forget to return your prizewinner’s cups to Sue Hancock .


Dementia and the Memory Cafe

April 18th 2014

The talk by Memory Nurse Beth Purchase, which had to be postponed earlier in the year because of the weather, will now take place at 8.00pm on Wednesday 7th May, after the WI meeting, in the Memorial Hall. Everyone is welcome: men and women; local people and visitors. There is no admission charge, though donations are always appreciated.

Village Shop

April 17th 2014

There have been quite a few contributions on The Discussion Forum about the Village shop.  The latest comment suggests that one of the holiday flats above the shop has been sold but, as yet, there is no-one interested in purchasing or taking on the lease of the shop and that the price has been reduced.  There is to be an auction of the boat store and part of the Village Green on 9th May (guide price £80,000 - £100,000).  Click on the button to read more:


LAMA Coffee Morning

April 17th 2014

Rockpool Ramble

April 6th 2014

Just a reminder about our next event which is a Rockpool Ramble and Shark Egg Case Hunt on Monday 14th April.
We are meeting at Spit Beach, Par (in the car park) at 10.30am.
Everyone welcome, children must be accompanied by an adult, wear sensible footwear that can get wet.
No booking needed, just turn up.

Fowey Festival of Words and Music

April 5th 2014

The programme of events for the 2014 Festival has now been published and can be seen by clicking on the button below:

The event runs from the 10th - 17th May

The exciting programme includes talks, interviews, creative and practical workshops, exhibitions, presentations, theatre, musical concerts, an Art trail, guided walks and river cruises.

To launch the proceedings the 2014 du Maurier lecture and luncheon will be hosted and delivered by Justine Picardie, author and Harper's Bazaar Editor.  There will be interviews with Lynda La Plante and Ruth Rendell.  Richard Madely and Judy Finnigan will also be appearing Internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist, Tina May, will be performing.  This year there will be a Family Fun Weekend at Trenython Manor dedicated to giving families and children access to the wonderful world of literature, arts and the natural environment.

The Festival has a website which can be accessed at www.foweyfestival.com where full details of the Festival can be found.

New video for Lerryn

April 4th 2014

Here is a beautiful new film produced by Ronnie's brother...

CLICK HERE to view the Lerryn Video

Marathon Task !

March 24th 2014




Rachel with Colin Jackson at the Cardiff Half Marathon last October





Rachel (Waters) will be running the London Marathon on 13th April so please support her efforts !  She writes:

"Hello everyone,

This year I have progressed from my usual half marathon fund-raising event and I’m going for the full monty – or marathon in this case!

I have been lucky enough to get a club place with St Austell Running Club for the London Marathon 2014 but I also want to make my efforts work for a good cause.

This year I am supporting Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of Lou Beard, who was a teaching assistant at Fowey Community College and an amazing, fantastic lady.

I would very much welcome any sponsorship you are able to give and the easiest way is to donate online at:                                       http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RachelWaters

Most of my training is now done and with only 3 weeks to go, I’m getting really excited about running in the same race as Mo Farah and Haile Gabreselassie! My two aims are to enjoy the day and get to the finish!

Wish me luck!


Good luck Rachel and hope you get a tail wind!

Coffee Morning

March 23rd 2014

Calling all friends

of the

Lerryn Memorial Hall


We will be hosting a coffee morning on Saturday 12th April in our Hall to raise funds for the Hall.

Join us for coffee, tea, cakes and a book stall.

The event starts at 10.30am and finishes at 12.00pm

We thank you in advance for your wonderful support.


The Hall Committee


Tuesday Club urgent notice

March 23rd 2014

Our next meeting  is taking place on Tuesday 25th March, starting at 7.30pm in the Lerryn Memorial hall.  There will be a few games and a quiz.  Please bring a plate to share.


Red Store AGM

March 17th 2014

Pre-loved Clothes Swish

March 12th 2014

Fish at The Ship

March 11th 2014

A wide range of super fresh fish is arriving at the Ship Inn for sale at 11am (Tuesday 11 March).


Flat fish (lemon sole, plaice, turbot, brill etc); haddock, whiting, skate etc.


We can take orders if you can't make it in the morning. Ring anytime from 10am.


01208 872374

Village Shop Update

March 6th 2014

"Bolt", in the Discussion Forum, has reported the following:

John Hancock, our Parish Councillor, has spoken to both Kate the tenant and Nigel the owner and the situation is as follows:

Kate's lease runs out at the end of June and she has no intention of renewing it.

Nigel has said he and Deanna have no intention of running the shop after Kate's lease runs out. If the shop is not sold or someone comes forward to take on a new lease, he will close the shop.

John seems to think that the shop only (not apartments) is on the market for £275,000, but does not show on Millers site at the moment? For the record Nigel is asking £900 per month lease for the Shop/Store on the green.

Village Shop

March 5th 2014

  Many of you will realise that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the Village Shop.  "Bolt" in The Discussion Forum has expressed his concerns and has asked for comments from other people.  The shop is, at present, on the market.  As "Bolt" says, the Shop, two apartments, Boat Store and Village Green are currently for sale with Miller Commercial.  LOT (1): the Village Shop and the two apartments, known as "Creekside" and "Hayloft" are for sale at £675,000 and LOT (2): Boat Store and Village Green are for sale with offers in excess of £150,000.  Miller Commercial advert can be seen by clicking on the image below:

Alternatively, the properties can be seen on Rightmove by clicking on the image below: 

Visit the Discussion Forum by clicking on the button below and see what "Bolt" and others are saying.

Why not add your views?  The Village without a shop would be a poorer place.

Perhaps a Parish Councillor would like to give us an update on the situation with regard to the Village Shop as JJ suggests in the Discussion Forum?


Mothers Day at The Ship Inn

March 3rd 2014

Book now to avoid disappointment !

Mothers Day - Sunday 30th March


Adult: 3 courses £15; 2 courses £12

Child: 3 courses £10; £2 courses £7.50

From 12pm to 3.30pm



Traditional prawn cocktail

Cornish smoked mackerel pate

Homemade soup of the day (v)

Mushroom, roasted red pepper & wild garlic tart (v)



A choice of roasts: slow roasted shoulder of pork • rolled rib of beef • leg of lamb • free range turkey (white & dark meat)

All served with seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire puddings & roast potatoes


Cornish fish stew served with chunky fresh bread


Roasted butternut squash risotto served with a mixed leaf & blood orange salad (v)



Rhubarb fool

Banoffee pie with toasted almonds

Chocolate & raspberry layercake

Apple crumble with oat & nut topping



Telephone: 01208 872374

Email: enquiries@theshipinnlerryn.co.uk


Funeral of Joyce Searle

February 24th 2014

The funeral of Joyce Searle ( formerly of "Homeleigh", Lerryn and wife of Ken Searle, the butcher) will be taking place at St Veep church on Tuesday 25th Feb at 11:30am.  Lerryn minibus will be operating from Lerryn because of the wet conditions parking in the field at St Veep making parking in the field impossible.

Many thanks,

Clive (son-in-law of Joyce)

LAMA Coffee Morning

February 24th 2014

Rainbow's End

February 21st 2014

Double rainbow over Lerryn View on Thursday afternoon

Short Story Competition

February 19th 2014

Children's Poetry Competition

February 16th 2014

Ethy Tree Damage

February 16th 2014


Trees in Ethy Fields that have suffered in the recent gales

Fowey Festival of Words and Music

February 15th 2014

Charles Darwin Talk

February 15th 2014

Peter Pan

February 12th 2014

Here are some images of the School Play, "Peter Pan"


For more photos go to the Photo Gallery or click on the image below:

Friends of Par Beach Bird Walk

February 12th 2014

Please Support the Boot Sale !

February 8th 2014

At the Car Boot Sale in the Memorial Hall on Saturday 8 February, Rosie Brown is kindly running a table in aid of the minibus. Please come along from 1.00 to 4.00pm and support her.


February 8th 2014


Another consequence of the extreme weather

Lerryn and District Produce Association

February 7th 2014

AGM Monday 10th March 

This is just a reminder to let everyone know that they are welcome to attend our AGM, to be held at Lerryn Memorial Hall on 10th March at 7.30pm. 

Despite our universal complaints about the dreadful weather, it has provided ideal conditions for studying tempting seed catalogues, with thoughts of early planting and the preparation of seed beds. 

Good gardening!

Missing Seat

February 5th 2014

Thanks to Ajna for this photo

Read what he says in the Discussion Forum by clicking on the button

School Photos

January 23rd 2014

We live in a time when great care has to be taken when displaying photographs of children on the World Wide Web.  It is important that parental consent is given before such photos are displayed.  Happily, the parents of the children of our Village School have all given their consent to the photographs being displayed on our community website, lerryn.net.  The head of the School, Brigid Howells, has now informed us that "We have now had all the consent forms back and fortunately everyone is happy for the photographs to be used by Lerryn.net now and at all future performances."

We have now reinstated the photographs of the School Nativity play and the School production, "Glint of Gold."

These photos may be seen on the Photo Gallery by clicking on the button below:

We would like to thank all the parents for their support of the Village Website and for giving their consent for the photographs to be displayed.


January 21st 2014

Sunny Sunday

January 20th 2014

Riders enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine in Lerryn

Misty Tuesday

January 19th 2014

Mist hanging in the Fowey Valley on Tuesday 14th January

Travel arrangements for David McCarraher's funeral

January 12th 2014

David's funeral will take place on Friday 17th January at St Veep Church at 2.00pm.  The field at St Veep is too wet to be used for parking by people attending the funeral and the family are concerned about possible parking problems.

The Lerryn Minibus will therefore run a free shuttle service from Lerryn car park to St Veep church, beginning at 1.10pm.

We will not take advance bookings, so please be at the car park as early as you can - we don't want to make anybody late. The minibus will return people to the village afterwards.

The LAMA committee

Seagull Race

December 31st 2013


For more photos of the Seagull Race click on the image below:

Pub Library in the news

December 30th 2013

The Ship featured in todays Daily Express in a feature about how pubs are diversifying. Mine's a pint and a paperback. The paper article had a large picture of Jonny and Ronni drinking wine in front of the shelves.

Fallen Tree at Ethy

December 27th 2013

Message from Ben at the National Trust       


We just wanted to say that the National Trust Ranger team is aware of the large oak and several other trees that have fallen over in the strong winds around Ethy. 

We are not able to deal with them immediately but will endeavour to have the trees cleared as soon as possible. 

We would also like to remind people to take care when walking through the wooded areas over the next few days as more high winds are forecasted. 

In such conditions woodlands are inherently dangerous places to be. Please take advantage of other walking routes in the more open areas of the parkland over the Christmas and New Year period. 

Thank you in advance for your anticipated patience and have a good end of year.

Happy Christmas

December 25th 2013

Glint of Gold

December 19th 2013


Lerryn School Play "Glint of Gold"


To see more photos go to the Photo Gallery or click on the image below:

A Book at Beer Time - Your New Community Library

December 18th 2013

Jonny & Ronni at The Ship Inn  have teamed up with Cornwall Council’s library services in a unique scheme to provide a community library for local residents with funds provided by the rural services organisation, Pub is The Hub, and their Community Services Fund.


Pub is The Hub works across the UK helping rural pubs to diversify their goods and services for the benefit of their communities. Whilst many pubs offer book exchanges and informal book lending, this library scheme is thought to be the first time that a local authority has worked in partnership to provide library services in a pub that incorporates their books, full library membership based at the pub and access to all the online library services.


A modest grant of £999 for The Ship Inn from Pub is The Hub’s Community Services Fund has paid for shelving for the books, signage outside and a computer terminal which links them to the library membership and reservation service.  People wishing to join the library can borrow from the books on shelf in the pubs or reserve books from other libraries in Cornwall using the computer provided. Cornwall Council’s library service will ensure that the books on shelves are regularly updated and books requested online by the pub’s library members will be delivered to The Ship Inn by the library service. In addition, library membership allows online access to whole host of other services such as reference library, online learning, newspapers and newspaper archives, careers information and even ancestry searches.


Pat Terry, Communities Team Leader from Cornwall Council’s library services says: “We are delighted to begin the start of a unique partnership. This pilot scheme is an opportunity for people in rural areas to have access to library and internet services seven days a week in a warm and welcoming environment. The bonus of this scheme is that it has the benefits of high quality library books from the whole of Cornwall’s library stock rather than unmanaged local donations.”


Cornwall Council cabinet member Adam Paynter says: “This is a fantastic idea. Any initiative that encourages people to get involved with books and reading is great and this is an innovative way of combining two great community assets – the library and the pub.”


John Longden, Chief Executive for Pub is The Hub commented: “It is amazing what a small amount of funding and a great partnership of the kind we have with Cornwall Council’s library services can put together. This pilot project is the first of its kind and evolved from some community workshops we ran in 2012 with the support of the Big Lottery through our Community Champions initiative.


“We are hoping that the community enjoys and appreciates what Ronni and Johnny are doing and the end result is long term sustainability for a great rural asset – the pub. If all goes well, it could be a scheme that other library service providers in other areas of the country might consider.”


The Ship has moved, as have many other rural pubs, to provide food, drink and entertainment alongside ancillary services. They have five letting bedrooms and a cottage for seasonal visitors but for locals they operate the usual quiz and foodie nights plus a pop-up Sunday shop on the one day that the village shop is closed, selling papers and breakfast essentials.


Photo 1: Pat Terry from Cornwall Council with Jonny Pusey and Ronni Collins from The Ship Inn, Lerryn


Photo 2: Local resident, Rachel Brown, who is an artist and runs the community-owned art shop across the road is pleased to have this facility available locally without the need to drive.

Photo 3:  Our New Library - open 7 days a week and open to everyone - get down and see it !

Read the comments in the Discussion Forum on the Library and add your own - CLICK HERE


Lerryn School Nativity Play at St Veep Church

December 18th 2013


Lerryn Church of England School Nativity at St Veep Church on the 15.12.2013

For more pictures see the Photo Gallery or click on the image below:

Carol Service at Boconnoc Church

December 16th 2013

Photo Archive

December 16th 2013


           Pengillan as it was in 1920s                                              Pengillan as it is in 2013


Did you know there is a remarkable collection of photographs of Lerryn going back over the last 120 years on the Photo Archive?  To see these photos click on the red button below:

Pub Quiz

December 15th 2013

Pub Quiz

Thanks to Annie Singer, Keith and Jenny Rooker and Jonny, the pub quiz at The Ship on 14th December was held in aid of  Lerryn Website.

Fewer than usual attended the quiz (perhaps due to Film Club and various pre Christmas activities on the same evening). However, those present were generous. Two bottles of wine and two boxes of chocolates were donated for raffle prizes, so after deducting a small amount of £5 for expenses, £92 went to help funds for the website.

The website was represented by a good team - but the star teams of the night were Over the Bridge and Mums Alound.

The pub looked very festive and welcoming and a good evening was enjoyed by all.


Festive Cheer in Lerryn Memorial Hall - DON'T MISS IT!

December 14th 2013

Just to remind you that we will be singing Christmas Carols in our Hall on Friday 20th December starting at 7.30pm

We will be serving mulled wine and mince pies. There will also be a raffle for a beautiful hamper.  We are still welcoming goodies with a Chrisdtmas theme for our raffle.  Contact Ros on 872999 for details.

We look forward to our festive evening and hope that many of you will join us.

The Hall Committee.

Lerryn Produce Association Christmas Card

December 10th 2013

Lerryn Memorial Hall - Books box scheme

November 30th 2013

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed either financially or by donating books to the "box on the wall scheme" this year.  We raised just over £650 which is a fantastic amount from a relatively small but diverse selection of reading matter! 
Sadly,  next year,  Rick and I are unable to continue to host the box - we feel it would be a shame to lose this resource for the Village Hall, but we seem to have created a monster and  no longer have the space to store all the bags of books people leave in the porch.  I'm really hoping the Hall Committee are able to find another site for it where books can be left - unfortunately we can't receive them any longer at The Cottage.
We are grateful for your support over the last five years - the Box has raised between £2,500 - £3,000 in total.

Can anyone help ?

November 28th 2013

Accommodation Required in the Lerryn Area-


My family and I recently moved to Lerryn a few months ago but unfortunately the beautiful property we have moved into is not suitable for our needs, therefore we are now seeking to find another home preferably within the village.


Four person family looking for a 2/3 bed house or bungalow with a garden or small courtyard, preferably in Lerryn. We do require a long term rental, and have a budget of £800pcm. Obviously we are aware finding such a property in Lerryn will not be easy so will therefore consider anything in Lostwithiel or within a 3 mile radius of the village to ensure the children can remain at Lerryn School.

My husband and I are both employed on full-time/permanent contracts and can supply deposit/references etc.

Tel: 07873 143459

Many thanks and kind regards


Lerryn Memorial Hall event - Christmas Craft and Charity event

November 23rd 2013

Do not miss the Christmas Craft and Charity event scheduled for Saturday 30th November!

The event held in the Lerryn Memorial Hall will start at 1.00pm and finish at 4.00pm. Plenty of lovely stalls, including:

  • Food (both savoury and sweet) provided by Cancer Research UK
  • Glorious food and toiletries hampers raffled by the Lerryn Area Minibus Association

See you there!

RNLI Coffee Morning

November 10th 2013

Christmas Cabaret Bookings

November 6th 2013

Update on the Fowey Festival of Words and Music

November 1st 2013

Fowey Festival of Words -   Saturday 10th May – Saturday 17th May 2014


The du Maurier Festival Society is delighted to announce that the 2014 Fowey Festival of Words and Music will be held between Saturday 10th May and Saturday 17th May. The festival will continue to provide an interesting range of good quality entertainment; literary based interviews, presentations, theatre, music, comedy, academic talks, as well as workshops, exhibitions and local walks; an eclectic mix to inform and inspire the imagination! Workshops and participatory events will be a key feature this year so that you can join in and learn new skills or even improve old ones!


Exciting News! In 2014 there will be a programme of events for children and families to enjoy. Set in the beautiful grounds of Trenython Manor, budding young writers, actors and poets will have the opportunity to participate in various activities themed on the ‘Natural Environment’.  A great chance to ‘Inspire a Generation’ - here in Cornwall.


Events will take place in existing venues in and around Fowey and whilst the Festival Village was a fantastic venue for the last 17 years, financial constraints mean developing a more sustainable model. Changing from a purpose built marquee to existing venues has real benefits including reduced ticket prices, a wider choice of food and drink and non-reliance on the weather!


The Fowey Festival Friends and Patrons scheme for 2014 is now available, it is easier to sign up and there are more rewards. By becoming a Friend or Patron you can benefit from a discount of 10% or 5% off all tickets for events organized by the du Maurier Festival Society Trustees, receive your programme in advance of those on the mailing list and enjoy advance booking for a maximum of 6 seats for an unlimited number of events. You could become a winner of a £25 voucher towards festival tickets as all Friends and Patrons will be included into a quarterly prize draw. Other benefits include regular newsletters keeping you up-to-date with all that is going on and priority invitations to Society events throughout the year. Patrons can join for just £50 and receive 10% discount and Friends will receive a 5% discount for a membership of £20. It is easy to join just go to:  www.justgiving.com/thedumaurierfestivalsociety press  DONATE and sign up as a Patron for just £50 or become a Friend for £20.


Over the next few months there will be more information available and we will keep you up to date with all that is happening. We are planning some interesting fundraising events as well, to help support the festival. Your opportunity to join in the fun at an early stage! Do watch out for posters and information on our web site www.foweyfestival.com


The du Maurier Festival Trustees are a small group of volunteers dedicated to delivering a memorable festival for 2014. If you’d like to get involved by offering support or expertise, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact any trustee for an informal chat. Please see our website www.fowey festival.com for details


The dates to keep free in your diary are 10th – 17th May 2014 for an exciting week of inspiration, fun and laughter. Come and be part of the Fowey Festival of Words and Music 2014.

Lerryn School Gardening Club

October 25th 2013

Thanks to the hard work of Rosemary Weatherhogg, Rita Dunn and Matt Blunt of Lerryn School, the Produce Association is delighted to announce the exciting news that pupils of Lerryn school have set up their own Gardening Club.
However, it has to be said that some of the committee members of the LDPA have rushed off to their potting sheds to prepare for the added competition that this will undoubtedly lead to at next years Produce Show. That said, the strong sense of community has prevailed, and the committee of the LDPA have donated a generous supply of herbs to flavour the wonderful meals that the school veg plot will produce, and also lots of pansy plants to add colour and attract the bees.
Lerryn schoolteacher Matt Blunt, will coordinate the planting and gardening activities, with the support of parents who will help to weed and prepare the ground ready for planting out in the growing season. The LDPA committee will be ready to lend a helping hand and offer guidance.
Indeed, we can all help by collecting and donating Morrisons ‘Let’s Grow - School Gardening’ vouchers (www.morrisons.co.uk/letsgrow). The village shop has kindly agreed to have a collection box available for your vouchers.
The children are enthusiastic about growing things to eat and keen to get started, so your help and support will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Fun with Wine

October 22nd 2013

A capacity crowd in the Red Store on the evening of 11th October had a very happy time sampling wines provided by Experience Wines (now conveniently located in Lostwithiel) and struggling in small teams to answer quiz questions about what they had drunk.

It was interesting to discover what a lot of noise could be generated by a quiz! Nibbles and a raffle were organised by LAMA and the whole evening raised £389 for the bus.

We are very grateful to everybody who supported the event, and especially to the trustees of the Red Store, who expressed their support for LAMA by allowing us to use the facilities free of charge. Many thanks to all!

Special Parish Council meeting

October 20th 2013


ON SATURDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2013 AT 11.30 am.


Members of the press and public are invited to attend this meeting of the Council.


Visit the Parish Council website to find out about the one agenda item by clicking on the button below:

Rockpool Ramble

October 19th 2013

Fungus Foray

October 19th 2013


Kayak Clean Up

October 16th 2013

Village Shop

October 16th 2013

Notice in the Village Shop

From Sunday 20th October, the Village Shop will be closed on Sundays



October 15th 2013

Some of you may remember the rather odd Bore wave that hit the village a couple of years ago in June

Well if you did'nt see it follow the following link .....and many thanks to Keith Wiffen who caught it on video -  Click below to view !


Strange days continue with the Seal that is currently moving between Lerryn and St Winnow - keep your eyes out !

Anyone Seen the Table !

October 15th 2013

Over the course of the summer, one of the small tables has disappeared from the Memorial Hall. We need it back, and replacements are expensive. Please, if you know of anyone who has used the Hall for an event and might have accidentally moved the table, or left it somewhere else, get in touch with Hall Chair David Vipond or leave a message in the shop for the Hall Committee. Your help would be much appreciated.

Boconnoc Church Harvest Festival

October 10th 2013

harvest festival
You are invited to the Harvest Festival at Boconnoc
A Family Service
9.45 a.m.
Sunday 13 October
Followed by refreshments
Sermon by The Venerable Audrey Elkington.
Join us in our traditional celebration with familiar hymns in our church, which will be decorated with the fruits of the harvest.

Fun with wine

October 2nd 2013

Fancy a bit of retail therapy?

September 25th 2013

Lama Coffee Morning

September 14th 2013

Thieves about in Lerryn

September 5th 2013

Please be vigilant! Malcolm and Jennifer Bell have reported 2 recent crimes to the police. On one occasion, their shed was broken into and a garden strimmer stolen. This happens rarely in Lerryn but unfortunately, we are not immune from the attention of burglars and opportunistic thieves. So look after your property, make sure that doors and windows including those of outbuildings are locked securely and of course look after each other's property, challenging and/or reporting any suspicious behaviour.

Horses move into Ethy

September 5th 2013

The National Trust wanted to let people know that we will be putting four of our Dartmoor ponies into the wood pasture at Ethy for a short spell. 

They're quite docile, but we would like to ask people NOT feed or try to pet them, however tempting it might be as it encourages unwanted behaviour in the ponies. We also ask that people are vigilant about keeping gates closed. 

Dog walkers are asked to keep control of their animals when walking through the area and to heed information on the signs at the entrance to the pasture. 

Introducing the ponies is a big step forward for the restoration of the pasture and follows the summers work of reducing the old Douglas Fir  stumps. 

For any questions or concerns please get in contact with the Southeast Cornwall Ranger team 

Tel: 01726 870146

e-mail: southeastcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk


Many Thanks  Ben Norwood

Return of Quiz Night at the Ship

September 2nd 2013






Quiz nights are back! Put a date in your diary for the new season of quizzes in aid of local charities which are yet to be confirmed.

Dates so far are: 21 September, 19 October, 23 November, 14 December & 25 January 2014.

Look forward to seeing you all then. Ronni & Jonny 01208 872374

The Ship Inn

Bat Walk

August 30th 2013

Flower Festival

August 30th 2013

We have been asked to advertise this flower festival in aid of Cancer Research UK

Cream Teas for LAMA

August 27th 2013

Cream Teas for LAMA

In brilliant late-summer sunshine, in a garden with breathtaking views over Penpol Creek to the rolling hillsides beyond, LAMA minibus supporters came together from Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Penpol, St Veep and St Winnow to share lovely food and lively company at a LAMA fundraising event very kindly hosted by Annie Singer. 

What made this a much more up-market occasion than our usual fundraising activities was the assistance of our charming and efficient waitress, Megan Langmaid, complete with menu pad for taking orders.  It was a hard-working afternoon for everybody involved, but by the time it was over, Megan had really earned a medal.

Local people have always been generous in their support for LAMA and Sunday was no exception.  By the time we had included income from the produce stall, the sale of teas, the bus trip itself and the numerous donations, we had cleared £300.

Many thanks from LAMA to all those concerned!

Ann Henderson

For further photos, click on the button below:

Adult Education

August 25th 2013

Adult Education comes to Lerryn !


Cornwall CC will be running the following Adult Education classes in Lerryn, using The Red Store and Lerryn Memorail Hall. These will take place this coming autumn and winter.


Exploring Watercolour

N309023 - 01/10/13 - Tues - 18.00 to 21.00  - 10 sessions


Jewellery Making with Silver Clay - Workshop

N309034  - 16/02/14 - Sun - 10.00 to 16.30 - 1 session


Digital Photography

N309047 - 17/10/13 - Thurs - 18.00 to 21.00 - 8 sessions


Egyptian Mysteries - Part 1

N312005 - 03/05/14 - Sat - 13.00. to 15.00 - 4 sessions


For more details, see the Adult Eduction booklet recently delivered to your home, telephone 0300 1231 117

or apply online at www.cornwall.gov.uk/adultlearning 

Cream Teas in Penpol

August 25th 2013

Sam Nicholls

August 25th 2013

Viv Turner's grandson, Sam Nicholls, returned last week from his month in Uganda and Kenya. He would like to thank everyone who supported his fundraising efforts and to let us know that he had an amazing time.

Red Arrows

August 24th 2013

With tide and weather perfect, many ventured on the water down to Fowey to watch a brilliant display by the Red Arrows

Flying over the "Earl of Pembroke"




To see further pictures, click on the image below:

Annual Produce Show

August 12th 2013


The 63nd Annual Produce Show

Saturday, August 3rd

The doors of Lerryn Memorial Hall opened early to get this years’ show under way – and soon a steady stream of entrants with their exhibits were filling the hall with the wonderful smell of freshly cut vegetables and home baking. 


Despite the variable weather conditions this year, with early flowering in some cases, and late harvesting still to come, the display tables filled up with a variety of produce from the garden and kitchen.  The village hall had come to life with the vibrant colours of the blooms and the imagination of the children’s scary vegetable monsters. 

So, the stage was set for the 63rd Lerryn Produce Show and the arrival of the judges started the challenging task of choosing the best in class and the most eyecatching craft skills in the creative and decorative classes. 

The show was opened by Canon John Halkes and the afternoon was enjoyed by a packed hall – all to the sounds of our resident musicians, Anything Goes, who provided the atmosphere to accompany cream teas and complete this relaxed and enjoyable afternoon. 

The day ended with Canon John Halkes presenting cups and awards.


The Prizewinners included:

Marie Farey (Most points in Show)

Brian Philp (Cornish Garden Society Award - Gold)

Pat Bucknell (Cornish Garden Society Award – Silver)

John Philp (Best Bloom in Show) 

Canon John Halkes congratulates this years' prizewinners.

From left: Brian Philp, John Philp, Pat Bucknell, John Halkes, Marie Farey



In the class of Best Young Gardener, the George Keast Memorial Shield was awarded to Perran Lutey, for the growing of strawberry plants that were given to Lerryn School by the Produce Association earlier in the year.




Once again, thank you to everyone who made this years’ show a success; to the entrants, who grow and bake and shape, and the dedicated hard work of the committee and to everyone who came along to support the day and celebrate another successful show.


Marine Day

August 12th 2013

Dangerous Tree

August 4th 2013


A fallen tree hangs precariously across the footpath to Ethy Rocks


August 4th 2013

Casper has posted a message in The Discussion Forum about wasps in Lerryn.  He is there to help if you have a wasp's nest so click on the wasp below to see his message.

Solar-Powered Barbecue

August 3rd 2013




Cliff Allen with his invention of a solar-powered barbecue.  The lens is a Fresnel lens which at the focus can create temperatures of 1500 deg.C from the sun's rays.







Ronald Elliott and Cliff Allen hosted a barbecue and demonstrated that charcoal is not needed to burn the sausages.  This prototype is a little bit big to carry down to the beach!






This is what the lens did to a piece of slate!






To see further pictures, click on the image below:

Sea Trout

July 21st 2013

There was a movement of sea trout up the River Lerryn at low tide this morning at 9.30 am (Sunday 21st July).  To see a video clip, click on the image below:





 The sea trout even managed to avoid Derek!






July 17th 2013

The new road surface alongside the foreshore in Lerryn


Penpol Bridge

July 16th 2013


At last, the central support to Penpol Bridge has been rebuilt and the road is now open.


From Devon and Cornwall Police

July 15th 2013

We have received a report of a male cold calling in the Camborne area on Tuesday 02 July 2013 offering garden services and carrying out sub-standard work. Please do not accept offers of work from cold callers. The risks of employing cold callers are high. If you need work doing please use recommendations from family and friends.

If you believe a vulnerable resident has accepted work from a cold caller, or you feel pressurised or are suspicious of any cold caller, please don't confront them and contact us on 101 quoting AC/13/2576.

If possible please take descriptions and vehicle registration numbers. Please pass this information on to your neighbours, and be aware for any vulnerable or elderly neighbours.

Thank you

Village Night

July 14th 2013

For more photos of Village Night, click on the image above.

Lerryn and District Produce Association

July 13th 2013

63rd Annual Produce Show
Saturday, August 3 rd
There’s just one more month to go before the Annual Produce Show takes place - and hats off to everyone who intends to enter their produce. It hasn’t been easy for gardeners so far this year, with some topsy-turvy weather to contend with. However, in the true Lerryn tradition we’re looking forward to stunning displays of fruit, flowers and vegetables, some fabulous children’s classes with the results of the school strawberry competition; monster vegetables and miniature gardens. Look forward to seeing top-class vegetables and fruit, including the prize-winning Tastiest Tomato, the best chocolate roulade, exciting photographic exhibits and glorious displays of flowers and foliage.
Add to this a cream tea and a raffle, music from ‘Anything Goes’ and we’ll have the makings of a great afternoon – and all for just a 50p entry fee! Don’t miss out.
You can declare your entry right up to 10pm on Wednesday 31st August. Entry Forms with fees should be handed to: Mrs. Rosemary Weatherhogg, Trelinhay, Lerryn. Your entries will continue to keep this important village event going in years to come. Thank you.
Please don’t forget to return your prizewinners’ cups to Sue and John Hancock .
This month is all about beans….make sure you continue to pick them regularly to encourage more to grow – and there’s still time to sow a late crop of French beans for harvesting in late August.

Summer Solstice

July 11th 2013


would like to announce


Summer Solstice

"Carry on up the Lerryn"

will be held on 

Sunday 21st July

(weather permitting)

registration from 15.30 hrs

Sign Up for Superfast

July 10th 2013

Superfast Broadband is finally here in Lerryn

Thanks Ann H for this tip off - BT and all other providers are now booking engineers for those who want to finally stop having to lose their evenings looking at egg timers on their computers and would rather get out on the river (!)


Just looking at the material posted last month about this. The Fibre Optics box is now up and running for Lerryn (a little green thing in Lerryn View), but it has to be signed up for and it does cost more than the rubbish we have at present.There is no need to get it from BT unless they have a package that suits you - my Plusnet engineer is coming to fit it in a fortnight, and my new router has already arrived. Jeremy at the Chapel was off the mark faster than I was and his engineer is coming next week.

Hope this helps.

Ann H



Redlake Cottage Meadows Nature Reserve

July 9th 2013


 I've just see a message from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust about Redlake Cottage Meadows Nature Reserve on the Lostwithiel road.

Volunteers are required to help us to graze our Redlake Cottage Meadows Nature Reserve - all you need is a good set of teeth and a healthy appetite... 

In fact a willingness to visit this wild corner of Cornwall and a pair of eyes is all you need - we are looking for people to help us to check the 10 native breed ponies we have grazing this valuable site. 

Being between Lerryn and Lostwithiel it is a long way for us to travel from our HQ at Allet every day but these animals are helping to conserve the rare heath lobelia plant, the only place it is found in Cornwall, so their work is vital.

If you live in that area and can spare an hour or two a week we'd love to hear from you, please contact Peter Gardener, the Reserves Officer for Mid Cornwall on peter.gardener@cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk



Photo Quiz Winner

July 8th 2013

Lerryn.net Photo Quiz Winner !

Well done all those who entered the competition this year

No-one achieved 100% but the prize goes to

Sue and John Hancock

With a total of 21 correct answers out of the 22 photographs

Congratulations !

Photo Quiz

July 7th 2013

Still time to enter the Photo Competition !

If you would like to have a walk around Lerryn on this lovely summer Sunday

(Andy Murray permitting, of course)

there is still time to submit your entry for the photo quiz- just write your answers on a piece of paper, with your name and telephone number and drop it into Pengillan

(Deadline 5pm Monday 8th July please)

The Sun Brings the Villagers Out

July 6th 2013

Heath and Maddi 


    Maddi (Princesses and Ballerinas!)                                                           Boys will be Boys!


                                         Trevor and Jill                                             Rich and Lucy Looe                          

Photo Competition

July 5th 2013

Photo Identification Competition

Opportunity to test your observation skills!

On the Photo Gallery of this website, there are 22 photographs for identification

These objects are all in or around Lerryn village

Can you identify them?

Put your answers on a sheet of paper, with the numbers corresponding to those on the pictures and bring them along to the Website stand on 6th July on the village green. (25th Celebrations Day). Or hand them in to Ann or Bernie Gibbons, Jo or Damon Willcox, Annie Singer or Richard Morris.

Entry fee of £2 to be paid when your paper is handed in please. Proceeds will be used to pay a contribution to Lerryn Memorial Hall for our stand on 6th July and to help towards the maintenance and development of this website. Results will be judged on 6th July and the winner will receive a special bottle of wine (kindly donated by Annie Singer).

For those without access to the website, all the photographs will be printed and displayed at the website stand on 6th July and paper will be provided for the answers.

Come on - have a go!

Here are three of the photographs in the competition.


To see the rest have a look on the Photo Gallery by clicking on the button below:

Boconnoc Music Award Recitals & Concert

July 2nd 2013

This Music Award has been inaugurated by the Royal College of Music and
Mr and Mrs Fortescue
The award will be presented to promising young musicians, selected by the
Royal College of Music and will provide a weeks residency with opportunities
for the students to work and enjoy music in the peace and tranquillity of Boconnoc Estate
This year the ensemble chosen is The Cataleya Quintet. The programme will
include music by Mozart, Nielsen, Poulenc and Dvorak.
There will be a Recital and Dinner at Boconnoc House on Tuesday 23rd July
and Thursday 25th July at 6.30pm for 7pm
Tickets for Recital and dinner to include drinks £35
The Concert in Boconnoc Church is on Friday 26th July at 7pm
followed by drinks in the stable yard
Tickets £12 from Jenifer Bell 01208 872119 lerrynbells@gmail.com

Superfast Broadband

June 29th 2013

See what Ajna has to say on the Discussion Forum about the arrival of Superfast Broadband in Lerryn by clicking on the button and scrolling to his June 28th entry.

Calling all friends of the Village Hall

June 28th 2013

We will be running a Tombola on our Celebration Evening and we would be grateful if you could donate some prizes. Donations to Roz please by 6th July. Many thanks. The Village Hall Committee

Lerryn Ladies Race for Life

June 27th 2013

A huge THANK YOU from the "Lerryn Ladies"
We thoroughly enjoyed doing our bit for Race for Life at the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge on Sunday 23rd June. Although there was a strong and cold wind, the weather remained dry for our 5km walk. Thanks to the generous support of our family, friends and work colleagues, so far we have raised an amazing £1631,25 (including gift aid) for the fight against cancer. We hope that you will like our pink fluffy boas!
Once again, a big thank you for your support for this great cause.
For more photos see the Photo Gallery or click on the button below:
Sue, Rosemary, Lin and Annie
(Well done, Ladies)

School Sports Day

June 26th 2013


To see further pictures of the School Sports Day, click on the image below:

The photos extend over two pages of the Photo Gallery

Lerryn & District Produce Association

June 11th 2013


63rd Annual Show, Saturday 3rd August at 2pm


The weather over the last week or so has been sublime, with just enough rain to turn the hedgerows into Cornwall’s own flower displays. It’s a choice between sitting still and absorbing the beauty of it all…. or mowing, strimming, weeding, pruning and planting. We suggest getting your deckchairs out and planning your entries for the annual produce show!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Plant Sale and Coffee Morning last month.  Your marvellous support helped us raise more money than ever before and this will secure the staging of the Annual Produce Show on Saturday 3rd August.

Apart from the best and most beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables, flowers and food, we can promise you a great afternoon of entertainment including cream teas and a raffle, accompanied by music from our house band, ‘Anything Goes’ – so it’s just up to you to come and join in. Canon John Halkes will be officially opening the show at 2.30pm. Entry is 50p for adults - children are free.

If you would like to exhibit something, you will need to fill out an entry form. These are available at the shop or the pub. Your completed entry forms should be delivered to Rosemary Weatherhogg, Trelinhay, Lerryn by 10pm on Wednesday 31st July. 

…and don’t forget that in the Novelty Class, we’re looking for The Tastiest Tomato. Please don’t let us down – we’re looking forward to this one!

Here are some produce pictures to inspire you in your growing efforts for the show.




Our in-house expert says:

This month is a good time to put your tender plants into their final growing positions as frosts are over. This is also the time to plant aubergines, brussels, calabrese, cauliflowers, celery, celeriac, cucumbers, kale, leeks, basil, sweetcorn. 

See you on 3rd August!


June 4th 2013

We are inviting YOU to raise as much money as we can by WALKING 5Km in the Race for Life on Sunday 23rd June at the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge. Visit www.raceforlife.org and follow the instructions:

1. Click on the Tab "Find your event"

2. On the map, click on the South West and find Wadebridge from the list

3. Click on "Enter now"

4. Click on "Enter and Fundraise as a group" "Enter now"

5. Click on "Join a group" - our ID is SW52274 and our team name is Lerryn Ladies.

6. Sue Watts is the group leader and she will be notified that you have joined the group. Any problems, contact Annie on 01208 871272. We hope that you will join us at the start line!

Rosemary Weatherhogg, Lin Briggs, June Harrison and Annie Singer

Garden Party

May 31st 2013


Penadlake Charity Event

May 27th 2013

To all on Lerryn.net please take a look at the attched leaflet and try and support this event !


Penadlake Open Days -

Friday 31st May & Saturday 1st June 2013
Lakeside & Woodland Walks, Cream Teas and more

Signposted off the East Taphouse/Pelynt B3359
Friday 31st May & Saturday 1st June 2013     11am - 6pm

Raising funds for: The Chestnut Appeal and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust








Lerryn & District Produce Association

May 27th 2013


Firstly, the Produce Association would like to say a big thank you to all of you who planted seeds, grew and donated plants for our annual Plant Sale and Coffee Morning. It made the day a great success and as always, we are grateful for your support. The money we make on the day goes towards the Produce Association being able to keep our Annual Show going for another year – and believe it or not, this August will see the 63rd show, which we think is something pretty special

We would also thank the WI for their delicious hard work!



Saturday 3rd August, Lerryn Memorial Hall, 2.00pm

Schedules for the show are now available from Lerryn River Stores or from Brian and Penny Philp. 

This year we have introduced a new category in the Novelty Class: we’re looking for Lerryn’s Tastiest Tomato – this one is not just about good looks but also about great flavour. We can’t wait to judge the results!

There are two inspiring titles in the Photography competition ‘Shadows’ for the Under 16’s, and ‘Happiness’ in the Adult class, and we hope to have lots of entries so that we can cover the back wall with creativity! Don’t forget – we’re not looking for the next David Bailey – we just want ordinary pictures that reflect our lives in this beautiful location. 

Come and join us for a great traditional afternoon, including cream teas, a raffle and live music. Doors open at 2.00pm, admission is 50p, and children are FREE!

John Halkes will be opening the show for us at 2.30pm.



Please don’t forget to return your prizewinners’ cups to Sue and John Hancock .



This is a busy month now the soil has warmed-up, and if it’s not too wet the seeds should do well. Not to worry if you’ve been a bit slow off the mark, as many vegetables can be planted this month – such as courgettes, French beans, peas and runner beans that can be sown direct into the ground from mid-month.

Thieves about in Lerryn

May 26th 2013

You will shocked to hear that on three occasions so far this year, money raised for the Lerryn Memorial Hall through the sale of books on Prue Cornwall's garden wall was stolen. The crime has been reported to the police. Please be vigilant and if you notice anybody behaving suspiciously, please challenge them and report their activity to the police. It would be a huge shame if the Village Hall had to stop this fund raising activity.

Can You Help Lucie?

May 23rd 2013

To find out if you can help Lucie in a very worthwhile cause, go to the Discussion Forum or click on the button below:

Rockpool Ramble

May 20th 2013



A reminder that our next rockpool ramble event is on Saturday 25th May from 1-3pm at Readymoney Cove, Fowey.
Everyone welcome but all children must be accompanied by an adult.
Please wear sensible footwear that could get wet.
Look forward to seeing you and discovering more about our wonderful rocky shore.
Best wishes

Mevagissey Wet Fish

May 18th 2013


Just a reminder that Phil of Mevagissey Wet Fish comes to Lerryn on Mondays.  He arrives around 10.30am but sometimes is slightly delayed.  He will remain in the car park until about 12.30pm.  The fish is freshly caught off Mevagissey unless the weather is too bad for the boats to go out.  Fish can be ordered in advance by phoning the telephone numbers above.

Penpol Bridge Closure Update

May 16th 2013


Following Keith Langmaid's conversation, yesterday, with Laurence Reed on Radio Cornwall, the Radio Station has followed up the situation with regard to the closure of Penpol Bridge.  To hear a further interview with Keith Langmaid and his daughter-in-law, Jenny, click on the button below (it may take a little while to load):

The item was on The James Churchfield's Breakfast Show on Radio Cornwall this morning.  If the above link does not work then go to The Radio Cornwall Listen Again Site by clicking on the link below:


Click on "Listen Now 180 mins" and move the time slider to 2hours 18min and 09 secs.

NB  The item will only be available on this site until 22nd May

It would seem that Keith has now got a clearer idea of when the repairs to the bridge will start (10th June).  The power of the media!  Watch this space!

The Hall Walk

May 14th 2013

This is a reminder that our next event is this Sunday 19th May. We will be walking the Hall Walk, looking for birds, orchids and butterflies, and if the weather is half decent we should see plenty of all.
We will meet at Caffa Mill car park at 1030h, get the ferry across, and then walk to Polruan where we will get the foot ferry back. This walk will take 2-3 hours depending on speed, and is slightly strenuous in places. Please wear sensible footwear and bring waterproofs, a drink and some lunch. If you have them, binoculars and guide books may be useful too.
If you have any queries please contact Terry on 01726 832036.

Penpol Bridge Closure

May 14th 2013

To hear Keith Langmaid of Penpol talking to Laurence Reed of Radio Cornwall about the closure of Penpol Bridge click on the button below:
If this link does not work then go to The Radio Cornwall Listen Again Site by clicking on the link below. Click on "Listen Now 180 mins" and move the time slider to 2hours 45min and 50 secs.
This will only be available till Monday 21st May


May 6th 2013


Tickets please!

The 2013 Fowey Festival of Words and Music starts this week.  After months of planning, we’re now ready to go.  All we need now is the help and support of Festival-goers past, present and future by coming along and enjoying all that this year’s Festival has to offer.  Even the sun’s helping us out by making an appearance!
So, if you haven’t booked yet, please make sure you don’t miss out.  The majority of events still have tickets available and, to accommodate the usual last minute surge of ticket-buying, the Festival’s Main Box Office will be open to take bookings by ‘phone, in person, or by post on Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday. Fowey’s own Festival Box Office in Bookends, Fore Street, Fowey, will be open throughout the Bank Holiday weekend and, of course you can still book any time, day or night, online at www.foweyfestival.com .

Opening weekend highlights

The Festival starts on Wednesday night (8th May) with a special schools’ concert, featuring children from Fowey Community College and Fowey, Polruan and Lostwithiel primary schools.
There quickly follows a variety of events on Thurs 9th May, including a 50 Shades of Feminism panel event, featuring Rachel Holmes, Linda Grant and Helen Taylor.
Jessica Mann and Matthew Parris will be talking about their recent books and Jim Causley will be performing new songs, which he has composed, setting the poems of his relative Charles Causley to music.
The wonderful Duchy Opera will be performing a concert of popular classics from Carmen, The Merry Widow, The Marriage of Figaro and others.
Fridays events include a talk by Monty halls about his life as a tv presenter, explorer and marine biologist; Murder, Marple and Me, a one woman play about the strained friendship between the writer Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford, the actress who first portrayed Christie’s Miss Marple on screen.

Friday’s daytime events conclude with a talk by Stephen Cooper about the remarkable life Guy du Maurier, who combined two unlikely careers as a soldier and playwright.
Friday night has the comedian Tony Hawks introducing a special screening of his comedy film Playing The Moldovans at Tennis.
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th  includes events with Michael Morpurgo, The National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Peter Stothard, Piers Brendon, Ken Livingstone, Liz Fenwick and 10cc’s Graham Gouldman, with a special acoustic concert featuring 10cc’s greatest hits and others written by Graham for other bands including The Hollies, The Yardbirds and Herman’s Hermits.


These are just a few of the events on offer.  For full details, check out the full programme here
Please come along and support this year’s Festival. There’s so much to enjoy – see you in Fowey!

The Fowey Festival of Words and Music Team

The du Maurier Festival Society
Registered Office: 5 South Street, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1AR
Company Limited by Guarantee No. 7719529




Fowey Festival of Words and Music (8th to 18th May)

April 23rd 2013

Not long to go now, this superb Festival will soon be upon us.  There’s also a strong programme of community events including plays, concerts and talks.  Check out the full Festival programme here: www.foweyfestival.com

Group discounts

If you’re a member of a group or club (or, just extremely popular!) you can save money by coming to Festival events marked with an asterisk as a group.  For every 10 tickets ordered, you get one free.  So, the more you people you bring, the more you’ll save – and the more fun you’ll have!

Make a day of your visit to the Festival.  This discount applies to all Festival Village events, Fowey Billiard room events and some Fowey Church and Fowey Town Hall events too!

Return To Lyonesse - Mike O’Connor & Barbara Griggs

An event omitted from this year’s printed Festival programme is Mike O’Connor and Barbara Griggs’ performance: Return To Lyonesse - a tale of the lost Celtic lands: Lyonesses, Ys and Cantre’r Gwaelod.

Based on ancient Cornish and Breton texts, Return To Lyonesse is a lively, atmospheric and entertaining show, which is a mixture of powerful oral storytelling and achingly beautiful music.  The performance is preceded by a short illustrated talk on the legendary origins of the tale.

Return To Lyonesse will be performed at Fowey Parish Church on Monday 13th May, 8.00pm.  Tickets cost £8.50 and may be booked online here

That’s all for now.  You can keep up-to-date with all Festival news at our Facebook page and on Twitter: @FoweyFestival1.

See you in May! Best wishes,

The Fowey Festival of Words and Music Team

The du Maurier Festival Society
Registered Office: 5 South Street, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1AR
Company Limited by Guarantee No. 7719529



Seagrass Talk

April 22nd 2013






A reminder that our next event is an evening talk on Tuesday 30th April, 7.30pm in the Royal Fowey Yacht Club. The talk is about Seagrass in the Fowey Estuary by Clare Marshall from Falmouth Marine School. She undertook a study last September to map the seagrass in Polruan Pool and this will be the first chance for us to see her results!








Website AGM - everyone welcome!

April 22nd 2013

The Website committee invites you to their AGM which will take place on Monday 22April in the Committee Room at 7.30pm. Your feedback matters, so please come and join us!


April 21st 2013


We are delighted to tell you that our Jubilee Oak tree has found a permanent home on the triangle at the junction just past Kingole Farm. The planting was attended by committee members and helpers, and everyone agreed that this will be a splendid commemoration of a wonderful 2012 Jubilee year. (see photo below in News item for April 11th)


April is a good time to sow tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. However, beware of the cold: its better to sow them into pots in a frost-free greenhouse or cold frame for planting out later on. Weeds: it only takes one day of sunshine to have them running riot, so get on top of them now. 


Saturday 18th May, Lerryn Memorial Hall.

Only a month to go before the best plant sale in the area, where you can pick up a  bargain and gain some useful gardening tips. Keep nurturing your plant donations to help us raise money for the Annual show. We appreciate your efforts and can guarantee a great morning in the hall with delicious refreshments, and a good catch up with friends. 


Saturday 3rd August, Lerryn Memorial Hall

This year is our 63rd show and to celebrate this, we have an exciting new category in the Novelty Class. After much debate and advice from our in-house expert we are looking for the ‘Tastiest Tomato’. It’s a challenge, and one that we are looking forward to judging. So often we are beguiled by a shiny, red orb only to be disappointed by a tomato with no flavour. Here’s your chance to prove to us all that a tomato can have good looks as well as great taste.

Show schedules will be available from early May so that if you would like to enter, you can start planning ahead.  One of the children’s classes this year is called ‘An Edible Rainbow’ – a lovely title that should get young creative hearts beating faster, and in the Decorative class we have, amongst other categories, ‘Green with Envy’, and ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’. Subjects for this years’ photography competition will be: ‘Shadows’ for the Under  16’s, and ‘Happiness’ in the Adult class. We are delighted to announce that Canon John Halkes will be opening the show for us at 2.30pm. 


Please don’t forget to return your prizewinners’ cups to Sue and John Hancock . 


Pippa Greenwood, BBC Gardeners’ Question Time panellist and BBC Gardeners’ World columnist, will be visiting Trago Mills in Newton Abbot on Thursday 25th April between 11 and 3pm. Whilst there she will be talking to customers and answering questions. For more information phone 01626 821111 or visit www.trago.co.uk.

Support the Village Hall!

April 21st 2013

The next quiz at the Ship Inn on Saturday 26th April is in aid of the Memorial Hall and the hall committee would like to invite people to make up teams to come along and support the event. They are great fun and quite competitive!!! Also raffle prizes, on the night, would be greatly appreciated. The quiz starts at 9.00pm.

Fowey Estuary Clean Up by Kayak

April 15th 2013

Jubilee Oak

April 11th 2013

Lerryn & District Produce Association



Stop Press...


At last! The Jubilee Oak finds its permanent home and is planted on the triangle at the junction just past Kingole Farm.


Seen here are Peter Bucknell (steadying the tree) and Brian Philp (doing the spadework) with encouragement from, left, Andrew Rouse, Pat Bucknell, Sue and John Hancock.






Lerryn Welcomes the Happy Couple

April 7th 2013


Caroline's Special Day

Appeal for Books

April 1st 2013

Once again we are appealing for books to be sold on behalf of the Lerryn Memorial Hall

Spring Flower Show Boconnoc

April 1st 2013

Mike Casey

March 29th 2013


Do you know Mike Casey?  He used to live in Lerryn and was at the Village School from 1966-1972.  He has put some of his memories of Lerryn on the Discussion Forum.  To read them, click the button below:

The Gull

March 28th 2013

The March 2013 issue of The Gull (The Official Journal for the International British Seagull Outboard Owner) published an article about the December 2012 RLYS Seagull Race.  To see the article click on the PDF link below:

Click here for a link to the website http://seagulloutboard.com/?page_id=34http://

Edith Audsley

March 28th 2013

John Audsley (Known to some of you as "Yorshire John") has asked me to let everybody know through the website that his mother Edith passed away in hospital on Wednesday 20th March.

The funeral will take place on 11th April at 9.30 am at the Glynn Valley Crematorium.

The minibus will be available to take mourners to the Glynn Valley Crematorium free of charge and will leave Lerryn at 8.45 am.  Please ring 01208 871272 to book a seat and arrange pick-up point.

John proposes donations to LAMA in lieu of flowers, as Edith always said she would rather have them while she was alive.




March 24th 2013

I came back from work early afternoon on Saturday 23rd March, only to find that I had to turn round and find another way home, as the bridge at Penpol had been closed since lunchtime.  Huge blocks of masonry have fallen from under the bridge into the river and has made it unsafe not only for drivers but also for walkers.

We will let you know of any further developments. In the meantime, spread the news please as many drivers are being caught out!


Super Fast at Last

March 21st 2013


Some of the more observant of you may have already worked it out


I spoke to the BT guys in the main Car Park today who confirmed they are laying the cable now for Superfast Broadband so we will get it and it will be soon.  They are finishing the line in Lerryn and Lostwithiel right now - it will extend onto Polruan and they are not sure if we will get switched on before that length is done.

However either way its coming soon - many thanks to all those who emailed to put pressure on the Broadband Team to try and push this forward

BT will send letters to try and hook you all into it as soon as its ready to go but we will advise further on the website so keep checking back.

All hail the end of Buffering and egg timers


Join us on a village Coast Path Celebration Walk

March 20th 2013

Happy Birthday South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path is celebrating its 40th Birthday this year and during April a series of walks is being organised by the Coast Path Team, National Trust and others involved in keeping the path running.  These are to celebrate the path and raise money to deal with improvements and some of the many landslips that have occured particularly this winter.

Encounter Walking Holidays based in Lerryn are raising money for a project at Lansallos Cove (our local section of path) to improve access for local walkers from the Car Parks and repair some of the ancient stone stiles there that are falling down.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Project and see pictures of the work to be done at Lansallos - we have already raised over £600 and this is being matched with European Funding so over £1200 worth of work is now going ahead - this is being organised  by The National Trust Coast Path Ranger Andy Simmonds.

Join The Lerryn Village Walk  -  Polperro to Polruan - Thursday 25th April - 7 miles

We are inviting everyone to join the official Great South West Walk celebration walk from Polperro to Polruan on Thursday 25th April.  This is a guided walk led by the Coast Path Team who are then continuing on to Lands End day by day for a big party early in May. Its a national event so will have walkers from all over the country but as we all know,  Polperro to Polruan is one of the finest sections - please join the walk with us !

Details follow on the poster below but we are running the Lerryn Minibus from the village on the day to Polperro where anyone from the Lerryn area will link up with the official walk.  You will then be collected after 7 stuning miles taking in Raphael Cliffs, Lansallos (see the Project locations on the way), Pencarrow Head and above Lantic Bay to finish in Polruan.

Encounter Walking Holidays are paying for a pint for anyone who completes the walk and will provide the LAMA minibus transport back to Lerryn at the end of the walk.

So please come along, bring your dog if you wish and be part of the largest group walk along our local section of coastline -  without having to bring your car !

£10 per person Donataion ALL of which goes to the Coast Path Project at Lansallos improving the access and protecting the walking there for years to come.

If you can't make the walk please consider donating a pound or two - everything helps and every pound you give is matched by the funding from Europe -   CLICK HERE and you can donate via the website at justgiving.org - it takes around two minutes and you can leave us walkers a message of support that everyone will see.

Contact  Damon Willcox,  Bernie or Ann Gibbons, Prue Cornwall or call 01208 871066 to register or for more info.




Short Story Competition - Fowey Festival

March 20th 2013

Closing date 19th April.

For details click on the picture link below:


Fowey Festival of Words and Music (new name for du Maurier Festival)

March 20th 2013

The Fowey Festival of Words and Music is coming closer: 8th – 18th May 2013.

Amazing acts are booked.  Check them out on our website: http://www.foweyfestival.co.uk/

We have a new name, logo and signage

The tented village is newly designed to give lots of activity between acts

The stage is set for a wonderful, vibrant Festival of Words and Music!

Check out our new film promoting Fowey http://www.visitcornwall.com/video-fowey or www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvOsjlozvys.

 To see the Festival Poster click on the photograph:

Fowey Festival of Words and Music | Cornwall

You may recognise one or two faces here!


High Chairs required

March 19th 2013

We are having a creche for our daughter's wedding on 6th April and need about 12 high chairs; so far I have managed to borrow 6, can anyone help? If you can help, contact me on 01208 872648.


Annie Vipond

Rachel's Half Marathon

March 17th 2013





A big THANK YOU to all those who supported me with encouragement and donations for running the Bath Half Marathon on 3rd March. In cold, but dry, calm conditions, I managed to run 8 minutes quicker than last year and completed the course in 1 hour, 52 minutes, 56 seconds – a personal best time!

With your help, I reached my target of £200 for CLIC Sargent, supporting children with cancer.






Many congratulations to Rachel on running the Bath Half Marathon and achieving her target of £200

Mike Harrison's funeral arrangements - minibus

March 17th 2013

Mike Harrison’s funeral service begins at 12.30pm on Friday 22nd March.

The minibus will leave Lerryn car park at 11.45am and will return to the village after the ceremony, collecting and dropping off as necessary.

Please book your seat by calling 01208 871272

This service will be free of charge.

Rescheduled St Veep Parish Council Meeting

March 15th 2013

The rescheduled meeting of St Veep Parish Council will be held on 21st March at 7.30pm in the Committee Room of the Memorial Hall.  See the Parish Council Page for the Agenda.



Message from the Cornwall and Devon Police

March 15th 2013

The Devon and Cornwall Police have become aware that a company has been cold calling local people and carrying out a survey, claiming to be working in collaboration with the police, where personal details are being requested from those being called. We are informed that this company sell home security alarm systems.

A police spokesman said: "Devon and Cornwall Police would like to clarify that we have not commissioned any organisation to carry out this type of survey and nor would we conduct surveys asking such personal information. We work closely with our colleagues at local authorities across Devon and Cornwall on crime prevention and community safety matters and while we would encourage home owners to ensure they have adequate home security, we would never endorse any one particular company selling such products or services."We would encourage anyone who has concerns around the trading practices of businesses to contact their local trading standards department."

Crime prevention advice is available online at the Devon and Cornwall police website and if anyone has a specific crime reduction query they can call 101 and ask for the crime reduction department. Thank you.

Mike Harrison's Funeral Arrangements

March 14th 2013

Mike's Funeral will take place at the Glynn Valley Crematorium on Friday 22nd March at 12.30pm.

This will be followed by refreshments in the Memorial Hall at approximately 1.30pm when everyone is welcome to join June and the Family.

June has requested Family Flowers only please, with donations to the RNLI.



Parish Council Meeting Postponed.

March 13th 2013

The St Veep Parish Council Meeting due to be held tomorrow (Thursday 14th) has had to be postponed due to illness. A revised date will be notified in due course.


Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra in Boconnoc Church

March 11th 2013

Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra in Boconnoc Church: Friday March 8

Heritage means different things in different contexts. For Boconnoc Church, which was old when Charles 1 worshipped there during the English Civil War, it’s measured in hundreds of years. Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra (CYJO), however, has its musical traditions rooted in the great jazz bands of the 40’s. Nevertheless, on Friday night Boconnoc’s acoustics responded well to CYJO, and the sizable audience in the pews could hear every note with bell-like clarity. 

Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra is really two big bands, with CYJO2, playing in the first half of the concert, under Sarah McDonagh, having the younger players, and CYJO1, playing in the second half under Andy Bilham, the more experienced ones. 

The first requirement of a jazz orchestra is that it should swing. Both CYJOs’ rhythm sections laid down a driving beat, providing a solid foundation for ensemble playing and solos. 

In the first half there was some excellent ensemble playing, with saxes and brass providing a rich texture, and sax, trumpet and trombone solos from confident players Cathy McQuarrie, Alex Pace, Kyle Brooks and Adam Wilkin, as well as one delicate vocal from Beth Cheshire. 

In the second half the brass was light on trombones, sickness and divided loyalties having taken their toll (the somewhat younger Truro Cathedral apparently enjoying an important anniversary). However the trumpets made up for this, with exuberant ensemble playing, and extrovert solos on trumpet and flugelhorn from Nathan Fitzgerald, Robin Brown and Connor Maclean. The saxophones provided a rich sound, and the solos from Kathryn Nunn and Sarah Carbis were well received, as were the vocals from Tegan Pryce. Finally, mention should be made of the keyboard player in the second half, Morwenna Bilham, whose sparse style was reminiscent of Basie. 

These young players played well with confidence and energy; and were enjoying themselves - and so were we in the audience! 

The Boconnoc audience went home having been well entertained. This is a band to watch (or, rather, listen to). 



March 11th 2013

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some sunny days this month so we can enjoy working in our gardens without trickles of rain dripping down our necks!

Our in-house expert says that it’s a good time to….…take cuttings of woody herbs like rosemary or sage by pulling off a sprig or a ‘heel’ from the main stem and simply poke them straight into pots of compost.…also, plant individual cloves of garlic spaced 6inches apart with the tip just below the surface to hide them from hungry birds.


This is our annual call to arms - a reminder to ask everyone to plant some extra seedlings to bring on in time for the Plant Sale and Coffee Morning on May 18th.

Any plants you can donate to the sale will be most gratefully received. The Plant Sale raises much-needed funds to help the Annual Produce Show return year after year. The Annual show is a vibrant and traditional much-loved village event, so your plant donations for the Sale are very much appreciated.

Do come along and enjoy some delicious home-made refreshments, catch up with friends, swop gardening tips and take home a bargain plant!



Each year the Village School takes on a challenge to compete for the George Keast Memorial Shield; this year their theme is to grow a bumper crop of Strawberries – grown in a pot. We wish them lots of luck in their endeavours.

More competition categories for the Produce Show will be announced over the coming weeks, but meanwhile, get some pre-show practice in by growing a few extra plants to donate to the Plant Sale!



18th May - Plant Sale and Coffee Morning

3rd August - Annual Produce Show

Mike Harrison

March 10th 2013

June has asked me to let everyone know the sad news that Mike passed away peacefully and at home early on Friday morning.  Details of the funeral will follow.

Lin Briggs, 10 March 2013 

RNLI Spring Coffee Morning - Saturday 23rd March

March 6th 2013



Church Rooms, Lostwithiel


Saturday 23rd March, 10.00 to 12.00am


Join us for coffee and biscuits or cake, a chat and to stock up on RNLI Souvenirs and Presents


There will be a variety of stalls including Bric a Brac, Cakes, Plants and A RAFFLE


 Lostwithiel & District RNLI Branch


Mevagissey Fish

March 4th 2013



We had a wonderful turn out this morning, just a shame that Phil was so late (about 12 noon!) that he didn’t appreciate just how many turned out as many people gave up and went home.  For those of us who did wait, we were rewarded with wonderfully fresh fish and an assurance that this was just a hiccup and that next Monday he will be with us at the stated time:  10.30am to 12 noon.


Just to remind:  Phil apparently also sells some smoked fish to order (Salmon, mackerel and mackerel pate).  You may wish to wait until you see him first, but in case you wish to order anything in advance, his tel no is 01726-843839 (mob: 07891046809).

 Lin Briggs, 4 March  2013


Mevagissey Fish

March 2nd 2013


Just a quick reminder that Phil from Meva Wet Fish will  be in the car park on Monday mornings, beginning:


Monday 4th March from 10.30am to 12 noon


Please do pass on this news to others who may be interested.  The more people who use him, the more successful it will be for everyone.


He apparently also sells some smoked fish to order (Salmon, mackerel and mackerel pate).  You may wish to wait until you see him first, but in case you wish to order anything in advance, his tel no is 01726-843839 (mob: 07891046809).



Lin Briggs, 1 March 2013

Fowey Estuary clean up by Kayak - Sunday 24th March

March 1st 2013


Jazz at Boconnoc Church

March 1st 2013

7.30 pm Friday 8 March
Tickets £6.50 to include light refreshments afterwards
Pattie Bowen 01208 872041 & Mike Lynch 01503 220760
Lerryn Village Store & Paraphernalia Lostwithiel
Cornwall has long been associated with quality youth jazz; the first Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra (CYJO) was formed in the 1980s.
CYJO is recognised nationally,with many Cornish young jazz hopefuls gaining places on the National Youth Jazz Collective's Summer School. CYJO has performed at many prestigious events.
We know the acoustics of Boconnoc Church are superb, so it was only natural to want to put them to the test with a concert by this acclaimed jazz big band.
In fact, CYJO is two orchestras and a small ensemble, The Groove Merchant's
We have invited both orchestras to play at Boconnoc on Friday 8th March at 7.30.
Concert arranged by Boconnoc Parochial Church Council and Friends of Boconnoc Church.


February 11th 2013

Okay, so it has been a bit wet out there, but at least our gardens will be green and pleasant! And the evenings are getting longer and lighter, so Spring must be on its way.

Our in-house expert says it’s time to sow tomato seeds and plant out parsnips for a bumper harvest – and a few extra seeds planted will have come on just in time for the famous Plant Sale and Coffee Morning on May 18.

In fact, it’s a great time to sow all sorts of seeds with the Annual Produce show in mind and planning ahead could be a winning strategy- so get your soil in prime condition, tool up, and start digging!

Please don’t forget to come and support the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale on May 18. All your plants and seedling donations will be gratefully received and it’s a great way to get bargains for your garden and swap ideas and tips with friends and neighbours.

Dates for your diaries

March 11:  AGM

May 18:     Grand Coffee morning and Plant Sale

August 3:   Lerryn& District Produce Association Annual Show.


Thank you for your support

The Committee

Signs of Spring

February 10th 2013


Snowdrops, a robin in breeding plumage at Mendy Pill and frogspawn in the puddles alongside the track to St Winnow Point.

Pop Up Shop Coming to Lerryn

February 10th 2013

Support Rachel Again

February 9th 2013

Some of you will know that Rachel Waters will be running in the Bath Half Marathon on 3rd March. Rachel will be running to raise money and awareness for the charity CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent is a charity in the UK that was formed by the merger of Sargent Cancer Care for Children and Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood in 2005. The charity specializes in providing support for children with cancer.

CLIC Sargent aims are:

  • to help as many children and young people as possible survive cancer and make the most of their lives
  • to help the whole family cope with the trauma of cancer, life after treatment and, in some cases, with bereavement
  • to make sure that young people with cancer and their families can speak out about their needs and get involved in how they are met

Rachel is a teacher at Fowey Community College where a young pupil is currently in remission for Leukaemia.

Rachel wrote:

Hi everyone, 

I’m running the Bath Half Marathon again this year and have chosen to support CLIC Sargent as I did last year. With your help, I managed to raise over £500! This time, I have the more modest target of £200 and would be delighted if you were able to make a donation – any amount would be welcome. 

The Year 9 pupil who inspired me to run for CLIC Sargent is currently in remission, which is wonderful news and I want to continue to support the work of the charity in helping others like her. 

You can donate online at www.virginmoneygiving.com/RachelWaters or send a cheque payable to me at: Mylcara, Trenewan, Looe, Cornwall. PL13 2PZ. 

With best wishes for a happy, healthy year ahead, 


Old School Photo

February 8th 2013

Kevin Casey from Norway has asked a question on the Discussion Forum about the people displayed in this school photo of 1967.  If you can help him with the answers then please enter them on the Forum.  You can go to the relevant section of the Forum by clicking on the button below the photo.

Back Row: Mr Sillitoe, ?, Johnathan Pearce, Alan Brown, Derek Collings, Michael Irwin, Mrs Glanville, Mrs Taper. 2nd Row: Colin Rowe, ? Stubbs, Annette Philp, Sue Todd, Anne Todd, Kathryn Irwin, Trudi Bryant, Andrea Stephens, Gina Watson, Duncan Hendry, Kevin Casey. 3rd Row: Tanya Hoskin, Dawn Brown, Bridget Bryant, ?, Helen Todd, Trudy Searle, Caroline Pearce, Judy Watson, Morwenna Stead, Finella Hoskin, Rosamund Eddy. Bottom Row: Simon Bryant, Graham Hoskin, Adrian Facey, Michael Irwin, ? Simon Pellow, Hugo Montgomery Swan, Nigel Vincent, John Davey.

Ronald Elliott's Birthday

February 8th 2013

Congratulations to Ronald on becoming 94 years young, today

Happy Birthday

Local Services Directory

February 6th 2013

Looking for an Architect,  Electrictian,  Kitchen fitter,  Carpenter,  Computer expert,  Garage,  Riding school,  Kennels,  B&B for friends,  Mini bus for hire, and many more, then look no further than our Local Services Directory on this website.

Local service providers are a vital part of our community and we encourage you to display information about yourselves.

Please contact us if you have a local service that should be listed here?

To see the Local Services Directory click on Local Services from the list at the top left of this page or click on the button below:


February 6th 2013

Fun in The Ship Inn next Tuesday (12th) when the adult members of the Lerryn Players get together to read a play. We greatly enjoyed one of the Inspector Drake plays last time, so we are going to do another one. Come and join in! (You have to be a member, but it's only £1 for a year's membership.) Arrival from 7.00pm; reading starts 7.30pm.

Restoration of the Village Pump

February 2nd 2013





Thanks to the work of Steve Hawken and Trevor and Andrew Hawes, the village pump has now been restored.  More photos can be seen on the Photo Gallery by clicking on the blue button below:







Bingo Night

January 22nd 2013

News from the Ship inn

January 22nd 2013


FUND RAISING QUIZ NIGHTS: Next date is Saturday 26 January for ST VEEP CHURCH. Supper for £6 if playing the quiz - the quiz itself starts around 8.30pm to 9pm.

THEMED FOOD NIGHT TO CELEBRATE CHINESE NEW YEAR (Year of The Snake) on Saturday 9 February from 7pm. Following on from our highly popular and well attended Curry Nights, we are organising a full Chinese Buffet, eat as much as like for £10 or £5 for children. A wide range of meat, fish, vegetarian, rice, noodles and side dishes are on offer. Wear red, dress in Chinese clothes of come as your animal. Rachel Brown will be offering animal face painting from 6pm for a £1 donation to local charity. Booking advised on 01208 872374.

CHESS CLUB EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT from 6.30pm: Beginners, improvers and advanced players most welcome. David Jenkins (Captain) and Barry Childs are on hand for tuition and to play individual games with you. We have plenty of boards and timers and our first 550 League Chess Game is at home against St Austell on Thursday 31 January. So come along and see the masters play!

MONTHLY MUSIC NIGHTS: Our next music night is on Thursday 24 January. Eddie Mayhew and friends entertain with their acoustic renditions of popular folk and blues music on guitar, mandolin, banjo & fiddle. Starts at 8.30pm.

Hope to see you at some of these events. Ronni and all at The Ship Inn Lerryn. 01208 872374

Message from Terry Duperron

January 20th 2013

My wife and I visited from Florida, USA in 2007 for a walking tour of the Lerryn area arranged through Encounter Cornwall. We spent the year travelling to many places, but the short time we stayed at the pub in Lerryn and spent walking through the breathtaking countryside was not only a high point of that year, but has been a cherished memory for me during some hard times since then. It may sound silly and sentimental, but I thank you all so much for the beauty and kindness that we found in your wonderful town. I find myself wishing that I could come back again for a longer visit, but I doubt I will every be that lucky again. Lerryn touched my heart and I was changed. I draw comfort from knowing that such a wonderful place still exists in the world.

Message from Devon and Cornwall Police

January 18th 2013

The Police have received reports of males making “cold call” visits to residential premises and farms across the Devon and Cornwall Force area offering to sell power tools. In particular the males are offering chainsaws and generators for sale.

Members of the public considering purchasing such items in these circumstances should consider that fact that these items may be manufactured cheaply and not comply with the relevant Health and Safety requirements.

Members of the public are advised to satisfy themselves that they are happy with the item they are purchasing before exchanging any payment and to not take any assurances or “sales talk” at face value. Where members of the public are subjected to threats or intimidation or feel that they have witnessed conduct of a suspicious nature they are requested to contact their local police in the normal manner.

St Catherines History Day - 12th January, Fowey 11am to 3pm

January 10th 2013

Discover the history of St Catherines Point, Fowey. A day out with the National Trust.






January 10th 2013

Wishing all of you a very happy and productive gardening year ahead in 2013.

And to kick off the gardening year our in-house expert says that to produce class-winning entries, you should plant onion and leek seeds in your greenhouse this month - and if you want to dig early potatoes in May, plant first earlies in a container in your greenhouse this month.

However, if the prevailing weather conditions continue, look out for next months’ tips on the development of paddy fields…


We are delighted to announce that the Reverend John Halkes who is well known to most of us in the local community has agreed to open our show and present the prizes this year.

Dates for your 2013 diaries

18 May:  Grand Coffee morning and Plant Sale

3 August:  Lerryn & District Produce Association Annual Show.

The March date for the AGM in the Memorial Hall is yet to be announced - so watch this space.

Many thanks to all our members for your support and efforts that made last year's show so successful and don’t forget that Annual Membership is still the best value around at only £1.

Happy gardening!

The Committee

Full Time volunteer Marine & Coastal Ranger opportunity

January 7th 2013

Hi everyone

 The National Trust and Polzeath Marine Conservation Group have a vacancy for a full time volunteer Marine & Coastal Ranger – see below for further details.

 Please pass on this information to anyone you think maybe interested in the role.

 Volunteer Marine & Coastal Ranger

 This is an exciting and unique opportunity to work with both the National Trust and the Polzeath Marine Conservation Group. The vacancy is for a Volunteer Marine & Coastal Ranger to join the Ranger team on the spectacular North Cornwall coast between Tintagel and Holywell and assist the Polzeath Marine Conservation Group in protecting the Voluntary Marine Conservation Area. You will gain knowledge, skills and experience in practical habitat, access and estate management, leading public and volunteer events, carrying out surveys, developing links with local communities and managing and recruiting other volunteers. You will use a wide variety of tools, machinery and equipment.

You need to be able to commit to at least six months from March, working five days a week. Some weekend and evening work required in this role. Training courses will be provided subject to funding and availability (e.g. NPTC and Lantra certificated courses, also general TCV, National Trust and Cornwall Wildlife Trust courses in countryside and marine skills, habitat management, species ID, education and interpretation skills). Also a NPTC diploma in work based Environmental Conservation is available. 

This fantastic opportunity will suit those of a very practical, friendly nature, who are physically fit and enjoy working outdoors. You will meet people from all walks of life whilst improving the environment around you. A qualification in countryside management, marine conservation or similar would be useful.  
Accommodation in a house, shared with other volunteers, is provided free, but with contribution towards electric and tv licence.


Contact Sarah Stevens on sarahe.stevens@nationaltrust.org.uk or 01208 863821 for an application form and role description.

 Closing date: Monday 4 February 2013

Interviews on: Monday 11 February 2013

Very best wishes

Sarah Stevens

Ranger, North Cornwall - Tintagel to Holywell properties

01208 863821

check out our blog - http://northcornwallnt.org/

'like' and follow us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/northcornwall.nationaltrust



The sun goes down on 2012

December 31st 2012

Sunset on 31st December 2012

(from Ethy Rocks)


December 27th 2012

Fallen tree across the footpath from Lerryn to Ethy Rocks

Christmas Day

December 25th 2012

Christmas Afternoon in Lerryn

Happy Christmas

December 24th 2012

 Nadelek Lowen



Greetings from everyone at Lerryn.net and from this little Cornish robin

We wish all of our Lerryn.net visitors a very Happy Christmas


Best Wishes for 2013

Pony Express

December 23rd 2012

Many thanks to the Pony Express for delivering our Christmas Cards


Lerryn & District Produce Association

December 14th 2012

Seagull Race Report

December 12th 2012



Blessed with one of the rare nice days of the winter 29 craft of all shapes and sizes set off down the River Lerryn on a sunny and windless morning for the 25th anniversary British Seagull outboard motor race.   The theme or “Rig of the day” was “Silver” and the winner of the Commodore’s Trophy for the best dressed boat was James Johns.   The prize for the best dressed crew was won by Treve Fowler.    The Ship Inn Trophy trophy for overall winner was won by A. McMillan while the “Fast Lady” trophy for the first lady helm was won by Becky Swiggs.     This was a successful event and competitors and spectators enjoyed themselves which, of course, is what its all about.   There is a huge collection of photos of the event available to view in the gallery of lerryn.net

Other prizes were:

RNLI Shield (1st in 12ft & over class)                   D.Southcott

Winner Class C (Canoes)                                   C.Parks

Norman Douglass trophy (Spirit of event)             M.Parton

Concours d’elegance                                        A.Read

Minions BC Trophy (random drawn position)          M.Blackham

Consolation prize (last place)                             D.Wilson


Thanks are due to the members of the RLYS committee who always work hard to lay on this event and also to Jackie Parrott and Ann Gibbons for their stirling work keeping the mince pies hot and the mulled wine flowing.   They raised £97.50.    A Seagull outboard kindly donated by Mike Harrison was auctioned after the prizegiving and raised £70.    All in all we were able to make donations to local groups and charities totalling £275 as follows:   £25 to Combat Stress,  £50 to The Red Store,  £100 to Lerryn Area Minibus Association, and £100 to  The Memory Café which supports dementia sufferers.

The RNLI Raffle raised £176 (not included in the above totals). 

The next Seagull Race will be on Monday, 30th December, 2013 in the afternoon.

The Summer Solstice event will be on Saturday 22nd June, 2013.                                  

Seagull Race

December 8th 2012


Under the watchful eyes of previous Commodore Richard Parrot,  Fowey Harbour Master Paul Thomas and Commodore David Vipond the 25th (silver) Seagull Race took place in Lerryn on Saturday 8th December




For photos of the Seagull race, go to the Photo Gallery or click on the button:


The photos extend over several pages of the Gallery


Pony Express

December 7th 2012

Father Christmas comes to Lerryn

December 4th 2012

Seagull Race

December 4th 2012

To see the poster in greater detail, click on the red button:

Lerryn panto- best ever!

December 3rd 2012

That was the verdict of many of the happy people who watched the dress rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. Tickets for Thursday, Friday and Saturday 6th - 8th December are now on sale in Lerryn Stores and at Penhaligon's in Lostwithiel.

Mevagissey Fish - Do you want a Lerryn call?

November 26th 2012



Some of you will have seen and visited the Fish Van in Lostwithiel outside the Community Centre on Friday Mornings.  Indeed, one or two people have approached the owner with a view to reinstating Pete Randall’s spot in Lerryn.  Apparently, the owner is willing to do this as long as there is sufficient demand and as long as there is just one point of call (Lerryn Car Park being the obvious one).   The only slots available would be on a Monday or Tuesday.  If you would be interested in supporting this idea, then please e-mail me on lin.briggs@btopenworld.com and I will endeavour to coordinate something.  If there is sufficient interest, then a new slot for Lerryn would take place early in February, to allow for the owner’s extended holiday after Christmas.


Lin Briggs, 26 November 2012

Children in Need

November 26th 2012

The children at Lerryn School dressed in spotty clothing, sold cakes and buns, and played games to raise funds for Children in Need.  Their efforts raised a total of £135.75.

The day that the rain came down

November 25th 2012




The stepping stones on Sunday morning after the heavy rain








          Flooding along Couch's Mill Road










Culvert overflowing across the road outside Pengillan











      Road debris ouside Pengillan










        Good fun for some!






Craft Fair this Saturday, 24th November

November 19th 2012

Local crafts, food, raffle, tea and coffee

1.00pm – 4.00pm

Lerryn Memorial Hall

Lerryn School Christmas Fair Saturday 1st December 10.30 - 12.00

November 19th 2012

Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes our annual reminder regarding the School Christmas Fair! This is one of our twice yearly fund raising activities, and we are asking you all again for your generous support in providing any of the following items:

  • Home made cakes, buns, biscuits, jams, marmalade, pickles and chutney
  • Bottles of wine ( wrapped please ) for the bottle stall
  • Craft items and jewellery
  • Raffle prizes
  • Plants

Sandra Trott will be putting together a Christmas hamper to raffle and would be grateful for any nice items such as chocolates, wine, nuts, drie fruit etc, also if  anyone has any hydrangea flowers ( for drying ) in their garden Sandra would be gratful for these too, and any spare ribbon you may have.

If anyone has any new ideas for stalls and needs money to purchase any items needed for it please let us know.

The lucky Balls will be on sale in Lerryn Stores and at the Ship Inn so please have ago.

Finally, we need help from parents who are able to help set up on the day, from 9.30 am onwards, and also to man the stalls, so please sign up ( the list will be inside the main door at school ), but most importantly we appreciate your support on the day and look forward to seeing you there.

Vanessa, Liz, and Julia.


Lerryn and Fowey Estuary Chess Club

November 15th 2012

The Lerryn and Fowey Estuary Chess Club meet every Thursday at 7.00pm at The Ship Inn.
Anyone interested in a friendly game of chess will be very welcome.
Barry (Secretary)

Thank you from Annie Singer

November 13th 2012

I would like to thank my friends in Lerryn and Lostwithiel for the heart-warming e-mails, cards, letters, phone calls, prayers, flowers, visits and offers of practical help over the recent weeks since Keith passed away. They have been a source of great comfort at a time of utter grief.

Locals win Charity Bridge tournament

November 12th 2012

On Sunday 11th November, a beautiful sunlit afternoon saw the arrival of over forty people to attend a charity rubber bridge tournament in Lerryn Memorial Hall, organised by Michael and Marie Farey.

The event included a delicious tea, a raffle and sale of bric a brac. Everyone agreed that it was a very enjoyable afternoon- even those who were not dealt the most favourable hands of cards.

As well as Michael and Marie, thanks are due to Mike and Sylvia Smith of Liskeard Bridge Club ( for sale of tickets, loan of bridge tables and equipement). Also for organising the collection and sale of bric a brac, Joan and Malcolm Thomas from Liskeard and Barry and Nance Holden from Looe Bridge Club for sales of tickets and directing the tournament.

Some bridge players who were unable to attend, kindly made donations to the charity. Food was donated by local supermarkets and Lerryn River Sores. Blakes Bakeries generously donated 50 pasties- these proved very popular both for eating on the afternoon and for purchasing to take home for supper later!

Thanks to all those from Lerryn and the surrouding area who gave their time and effort to making cakes, flans, sandwiches and other delious morsels, not to mention setting up the hall, selling raffle tickets, serving tea and washing up and clearing up after the event.

The prize for the top bridge score was won by.... Michael Farey and Anne Fenwick! Congratulations to the pair of them ( and thanks to Anne for all her help ).

Proceeds from the sale of enrty tickets, raffle tickets, table sale and donations resulted in a cheque for £530.00 being sent the the chosen charity. As befits Remembrance Sunday, this was " Help for Heroes"


RNLI Coffee Morning - Thanks

November 10th 2012

Many thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to the RNLI Coffee Morning which raised just a few pounds short of £500, a tremendous result!

Praise is due to the hard working committee and our supporters.

Rob Briggs

Chairman , Lostwithiel & District Branch , RNLI.

Stray cat found

November 9th 2012

A stray cat has arrived at our house, quite young and very hungry.We are posting this item on the website in the hope that we can find its proper home.

The details are:  young black cat, with white paws and white markings on face, throat and underside.

It was found near Cliff.  Phone 01208 873595 if it is your cat.

Lerryn School Christmas Fair

November 8th 2012

Lerryn School Christmas Fair

Saturday 1st December in Lerryn Village Hall from 10.30 - 12.30.

There will be the usual raffle, refreshments, craft stall, games, Santa's Grotto, bric a brac, and other stalls.

Your support will be most welcome.


RNLI Autumn Coffee Morning 10th November.

November 2nd 2012

RNLI Lostwithiel & District Branch

Autumn Coffee Morning

Church Rooms, Lostwithiel

Saturday 10th November 2012

10am to 12 noon


Tea/Coffee, Cake Stall, Bric a Brac, Books, Plants, Gift Stalls, Christmas Cards, Guess the weight of the Christmas Cake, Raffle


Everybody Welcome


Strange happenings at the RNLI Halloween Dance.

October 29th 2012

The evening turned out to be unusually spooky at the Lostwithiel Golf Club on Friday 26th October, when an unscheduled power cut plunged the restaurant into darkness just as members, fundraisers and supporters of the Lostwithiel Branch of the RNLI gathered to take their places at table for their Halloween Dinner Dance. 


Lee, the Chef, and his staff battled gallantly on in the darkened kitchen to keep the food on the go, and meanwhile" Spiffing Tunes"  (ex Fine Whines Jazz) did a spiffing good job at keeping the music going to keep up the atmosphere of a fun evening  (not quite shades of the Titanic!).  One or two people even braved the dance floor in the dark, despite the spookiness of the hanging luminous skeletons, spiders, cobwebs and the witch, complete with her cauldron over a very convincing "fire".  The Golf Club staff did a wonderful job, even starting to serve the food before the lights were eventually restored. 


Although slightly delayed because of the power cut, the food was superb and everyone stayed cheerful, enjoying the judging of the scariest mask or hat competition (the prize was a witch's broom, donated by the Boscastle Witch's Museum and won by Jean Fagg) and the drawing of the lucky ticket (the prize was a T-Shirt and Bottle of Beer, donated by the Wychwood Brewery and won by Jane Bulmer).  Raffle  prizes were many and varied and included other donations from our two sponsors as well as two fresh pumpkins! and the evening was rounded off with more dancing.  Needless to say, there are many people to thank for helping with the success of the evening, but particular thanks must go to members of my committee:  Audrey Broad for organising and running a splendid raffle, Richard Parrott for organising the minibus, Ralph Broad for saying the Halloween Grace (in the dark!), and Carl Watts for giving the RNLI Toast, which reminded us of the conditions the RNLI crews have to work in (sometimes in the dark, as we had just experienced) and of the reason for us all being there.


The evening raised around £400 overall, £140 of which was raised by the raffle.   My thanks, once again to everyone who supported us in any way, helping to make it possible for the Fowey Lifeboat to continue its wonderful work.


Rob Briggs, Chairman

Lostwithiel Branch of the RNLI

Coppice Restoration Workshop

October 27th 2012

For details about the Coppice Restoration Workshop run by the National Trust on 24/25th November 9.30 - 3.00 click on the button below:

Thank you from Katrina and Tim

October 22nd 2012

Our greatest thanks to all the people who came to the Red Store to our interiors sale (some more than once... you know who you are).  We met some friends and made some new ones. Thank you all for your support we will not forget it.
Katrina and Tim


Tea on the Cliff - 28th October 2012

October 19th 2012

Take an Autumn walk out on the coast path in Lantic bay to a tea room with a view to die for!

Walk out to our tea room with a difference where we will serve hot drinks and delicious cakes. Chat to the Ranger team about the area and our work. Small charge for refreshments.

More Information: South East Cornwall Ranger team, 01726 870146, southeastcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk


Daphne DuMaurier - mini Festival in November 2012 and dates of Festival next year

October 17th 2012

The du Maurier Festival Society is excited to announce plans to hold a mini Festival this November, to be called The Cornish Compendium.  The Compendium will last over three days: Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th November, leading into Fowey’s Christmas Market, which begins on Friday 30th November.


Click Here  - to see the poster for the November 2012 mini Festival "Cornish Compendium".


Click Here - to see the detailed programme


For your diaries - next years Daphne du Maurier Festival will take place from 8th to 18th May.

Transport to Keith's funeral

October 17th 2012

The minibus will be going to Keith's funeral, leaving Lerryn Car Park at 10.40am. PLEASE DON'T CALL THE USUAL NUMBER TO BOOK A SEAT. Contact Ann Henderson on 01208 873428 (Annh@mail.com).

Funeral arrangements for Keith Singer

October 13th 2012

The final farewell to Keith will take place at Glynn Valley Crematorium at 11.30am on Monday 29th October. A pasty lunch will be served afterwards in the Lerryn Memorial Hall. Family flowers only please. Donations in lieu of flowers to the RNLI and the Lerryn Area Minibus Association for which there will be a collection after the ceremony.


Lerryn History Society - Autumn Meetings

October 10th 2012

Lerryn History Society


Friday 19th October at 7.30 p.m. in Lerryn Memorial Hall

Amelia Bray will give a presentation on her role as online Parish Clerk for St Veep. She will explain how to access the records, and will be happy to look for specific individuals who might have lived in your house, or who are known to be past residents of St Veep.

Please come prepared with the names of those you would like to research.

Please bring along any guests, for whom the usual charge of £1 will apply.

Also to remind you that refreshments will be served after the talk, and the cost will be £1 per person to cover expenses

Thursday 1st November at 7.30 p.m. in Lerryn Memorial Hall

A "Carn to Cove" evening of Archive Films. This will be a joint event with Lerryn Film Club and Lerryn Memorial Hall Committee, and the films will show past events in Cornwall, and hopefully some related to Lerryn itself.

There will be an admission charge of £5.00 per person, with a reduced charge of £2.50 for "concessions"

Tickets are available from Ros Hawken or Lerryn River Stores.

Gift and Interiors sale - a reminder

October 8th 2012

It is never too early to start your Christmas shopping!

Superfast is Arriving....

October 3rd 2012



Not much detail about when BUT the good news for Lerryn is that the BT Open Reach workers in the village yesterday were indeed starting work on putting fibre optic cable in for super fast broadband so we are not going to be left out !


They were at pains to point out that a broadband box etc still needs to be installed in the village so don't expect it to happen tomorrow - BUT it is coming and we will all get the proper internet speeds that places like Lostwithiel and Truro now enjoy.

BT tend to carpet bomb residents with letters once they are operational with superfast broadband  (to try and sign you up for it before Virgin).....  so don't worry you won't miss out on knowing as soon as the service is available for subscription


Meanwhile if we can get any indication on a provisional start date we will post it here.



Harvest Thanksgiving

October 1st 2012

We have put some photographs of the Harvest Thanksgiving on the Photo Gallery.  Bernie Gibbons took the photographs but wants to apologise for the lack of clarity in some of them.  The light was poor and he was taking the photos from a distance.  Nevertheless, they give a good flavour of the event.  To see the photos, click on the button below:

QUIZ NIGHT is back!

September 25th 2012

The first of the season kicks off on 29th September with a fund raiser for The Lerryn Memorial Hall, an important part of all of our lives. Come and enjoy and help support this cause.  For further details, go to the calendar page of the website.

RNLI Halloween Dinner Dance

September 24th 2012


Invites you to a




Friday 26th October 2012

19.30 for 20.00 at Lostwithiel Golf Club


Black Tie/Lounge Suits and “Posh Frocks”

with a prize for the scariest Mask or Hat


Three Course Dinner and Dancing to




Tickets £26 – available from:


Lostwithiel Golf Club,  Penhaligons  or Lerryn River Stores

Or contact:

Rob (Chair) on 01208 872093
Carl (Secretary) on 01208 871513
Audrey (Committee) on 01208 872643




Casino Evening in aid of Daphne du Maurier Festival

September 21st 2012

For details click here.


A plea from Prue Cornwall

September 19th 2012

The book box (fund raising on behalf of the Lerryn Memorial Hall) will be finishing, weather permitting, on the 30th September.  It's been a fantastic year with a brilliant quality and number of books, exactly of the type which sell and my sitting room has looked like the stock room for a bookshop for much of the summer. 
However, I'm looking forward to having my main living room back and would be really grateful if everyone could store their own books until next Spring, when I'll put the box out again.
I'll send you the final figure with a thank you note to everyone who's contributed after the end of the month
Many thanks

Archive Film Evening

September 19th 2012

Thursday 1st November 2012 in Lerryn Memorial Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Admission - Adults £5.00 Concessions £2.50

Contact Ros on 01208 872999

Tuesday Club resumes its programme of events

September 19th 2012

T U E S D A Y  C L U B




Tuesday 25th September

7.30 PM


Lerryn Memorial Hall


 Please let Ros know if you are coming (to order the pasties)   872999


Tender Invitations for servicing Toilets and repairing Village Pump

September 17th 2012

See the St Veep Parish Council Page to find out about the Tender Invitations to service the Public Toilets and repair the Village Pump.


Charity Indian Buffet in aid of Lerryn Memorial Hall

September 16th 2012

Posted on behalf of the Lerryn Memorial Hall Committee

Come and join us at the Ship Inn for a charity Indian buffet in aid of The Lerryn Memorial Hall.  Eat as much as you want for £10 per head. Starts between 6.30pm and 8.30pm and booking is advised. Tel 01208 872374 for reservations.  The menu is as follows:

Lamb Rogan Josh
Chicken Korma
Calcutta Sour Prawns
Chicken Dhansak
Beef Madras
Chat Masala (spinach & chickpea)
Vegetable Masala
Ginger & Coconut Potatoes
Pilau & Turmeric Rice
Naans, Chapatis, Poppadoms
Various Side Dishes



Friends of Boconnoc Church 2012 Scratch Messiah

September 15th 2012

Please find below invitation from the Friends of Boconnoc Church to their 2012 Scratch Messiah


Vacancy for St Veep Parish Councillor

September 14th 2012

St Veep Parish Council


A vacancy has occurred for One Parish Councillor to serve on the above-mentioned Parish Council.


Written applications to fill this vacancy should be submitted to the Clerk of the Parish Council at the address below by Thursday 27th September 2012


If more than one application is received for the vacancy to be filled, the Parish Council will decide by a ballot of its members which applicant will fill the vacancy



Published By:-                  Philip M Tubb

                                         Clerk to the Parish Council



                                         Cornwall      PL23 1ND


Dated :- The  12th September 2012


Lerryn Lunch

September 5th 2012


September 4th 2012

HELP.... St. Veep Harvest Festival

Autumn is here again and St Veep Church will celebrate with its annual Harvest Festival and Supper on Friday September 28th.

David Grey has asked me to coordinate the supper, unfortunately I will be away so I would be grateful if you could offer some help in one or more of the following ways:
i) Making sweet or savoury items
ii) Helping to set up the Church during the day
iii) Decorating the Church
iv) Helping to serve and clear up

If you know of anyone else who would like to be involved in this traditional evening,  could you pass on this message please.

I need to know who is interested and what people can offer by 18th September,  so please contact me on: 01503 220253


Phil reaches John O'Groats

August 29th 2012

Busker Phil has now completed his Lands End to John O'Groats busk and walk. He set out on 19th June, 

Lands End


Reached Kidiminster on 14th July.



Had a cup of tea in Cumbria with Alf's mum and dad at the end of July



Crossed into Scotland on 1st of August. Reached Edinburgh on 7th,



Golspie on Thursday 23rd

and John O'Groats yesterday (28th Aug) night.

A more detailed account can be found on the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BuskerPhilWalk (you don't need to be on facebook to see the page).


Last Night of the PROMs - an invitation from the minibus committee

August 28th 2012

We hope that many of you will be able to join us for our annual fund raising event.  Do not forget to bring your flags!

Classifieds Adverts

August 25th 2012

Do you ever visit the Classifieds Section of lerryn.net website?  It is well worth a look.  At the present time there are items for sale ranging from boats to snooker table.  Click on the button to view the Classifieds section.

Enjoying the river

August 22nd 2012

Lerryn on Sunday evening


If you have been enjoying the high tides over the last few days, have a look at the Photo Gallery and see if you were captured on camera

One foot in the waves

August 21st 2012

Intrigued by the headline?  Then read on...

Some Lerryn residents have decided to set up their own blog in order to record key events of their life in Lerryn.


Lesley Thomas contacted the website,  asking us to advertise the link to her blog http://onefootinthewaves.co.uk.  Click on the button to find out more:



Do you have a blog?  Would you like more people to have access to it?  Click on the button to contact us:


Busker Phil's Walk

August 21st 2012


Phil wrote back in June:

later today (Tuesday 18 June) I start my walk from Lands End to John O'Groats! Its been a life time ambition for me! I will be busking in as many places as possible along the way and mostly sleeping beneath the stars (or rain clouds)! I'm raising money to buy trees and other plants on the vegan, organic woodland gardening project, Plants for a Future, in Penpol!

If you would like to, sponsor me you can send cheques payable to Plants for A Future to Rich Morris, 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ!

Thanks ever so much! Love to you all! May your darts always be straight ones and your rice bowl always be full!


There is now a facebook page documenting Phil's progress http://www.facebook.com/BuskerPhilWalk


Here is the latest news:


Message to Richard Morris on 13th August:
Phil has already passed Pitlochry, just south of the Cairngorms, Pitlochry is one of the first places he ever busked. In Phil's own words from Monday 13 August:

Busking in pitlochry after 22 years was great! I made 30 pounds! Busking there 22 years ago changed my life! Its where I became Busker Phil! Cant remember what i made 22 years ago but i remember coming back 2 camp with lots of cans of special brew! Just been through Blair Atholl! I wonder if the little house on the hill is still there! Settling down with a bottle of cider now! Heading off into the wilderness 2morrow!

Message to Richard Morris on 19th August:

I'm alive and well and I've reached Inverness! I enjoyed coming through the highlands though it was a struggle and I’m looking 4ward 2 the last stretch along the east coast!

Stop Press:  Phil has reached Golspie on the north east coast of Scotland! He is now just 73 miles from John o Groats. (Thursday 23rd August)


Book early for the RNLI Halloween Dinner Dance!

August 18th 2012

Click on the Pumpkin for details                        



August 13th 2012

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our garden party on Saturday a huge success. We raised just over £500 towards my trip to Uganda and Kenya and had great fun as well!

The 62nd Annual Produce Show

August 8th 2012



The 62nd Annual Produce Show

Saturday, August 4th 


The 62nd. Lerryn Produce Show took place at the village hall on Saturday 4th August. 

After this terrible summer we were blessed with a lovely summer afternoon which was enhanced by the music from our local band Anything Goes. We were also pleased to welcome Mr & Mrs Iain Mackie, the previous High Sherriff of Cornwall,  who opened the show  and presented the prizes. 

Entries this year were slightly down, due in the main to the weather and perhaps the Olympics. An exhibitor suggested we should present a gold medal for the person with the largest  - or should it be fastest  - slug. 

Still, the hall looked a picture thanks to the hard-working committee, the exhibitors and not forgetting the judges who had the unenviable task of choosing the winners. 

The show has a close relationship with Lerryn School and we are grateful that they are able to sponsor a class for the pupils. This year it involved growing Broad Beans, and our winner Callum Dack grew 92 beans from his original three seeds. For this not inconsiderable feat he was presented with the George Keast Memorial Shield which was richly deserved. 

Other prizewinners included:-

Association Cup for most points in Vegetable classes  -  Brian Philp

Penfoye cup for most points in flower classes  -  Marie Farey 

Brian Philp was presented with The WI. cup for most points in the show and also the Cornish Garden Society Gold medal for the best overall exhibit, a collection of quite magnificent parsnips. 

After cleaning up and dividing the spoils – in particular, Brian’s enormous cabbages -  the committee enjoyed a most convivial supper to celebrate another successful show. 

We always remember that the show wouldn’t take place without you, the entrants, who grow and bake and shape, and the dedicated hard work of the committee. Thank you one and all.







Callum Dack, the winner of the Broad Bean challenge








Support Sam's fund raising efforts

August 5th 2012

Sam Nicholls (Sally Turner's son and Viv Turner's grandson) is hoping to go to Uganda and Kenya next summer on a life changing educational expedition.  The trip will include time spent working on a worthwhile project, hopefully building a classromm, enabling Sam to help the communicty in which he is travelling.  He needs to raise £3,745 to go!

The Turner family is holding a garden party at Crrek Cottage, Lerryn on 11th August if the weather is dry.  If not, they will have another go on 18th August!  There will be cream teas, games, music, craft, produce, bric-a-brac and a raffle.  Please come if you can!

If you have seen Sam recently, you will have noticed that he has shaved his head.  This was to raise money and Sam takes the opportunoity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored him. 

He is available for car washing, lawn mowing and general odd jobs.  Please call Sam on 01208 871419 if you would like him to do some work for you.  Many thanks on Sam's behalf.

Lerryn Film Club

August 1st 2012

The committee is looking forward to the start of the new season - the first film to be shown will be on Saturday 15th September at 7.30 in the Lerryn Memorial Hall.  The film will be Saving Grace, a comedy partly filmed in Cornwall.

If you would like to join the Film Club, please ring our membership Secretary, Jane on 01208 871430 and she will be happy to give you the details of the other 7 films to be shown.

Membership costs £15 per person and this entitles you to see all the films and enjoy a social gathering with tea and coffeee before the performance.  If you would like to come along to one film to experiece the friendly atmosphere, please ring Jane and she will arrange for you to come as a visitor.

Leucistic Crow

July 17th 2012


Leucistic crow photographed on the Lerryn River floodplain


We have had information from Angie and her daughter, Laura, that a white or grey crow has been seen around Lerryn.  It appears to be a fledgling and is in a group of 4 normal birds, one of which is the adult.

Leucism is an abnormal condition affecting the plumage.  The normal pigment is not deposited properly in the birds feathers resulting in a variety of effects.  There may be white patches where the bird should have none, the plumage may look bleached or the plumage can be completely white. 

The degree of leucism will vary depending on the bird’s genetic makeup. Birds that show only white patches or sections of leucistic feathers – often in symmetrical patterns – are often called pied or piebald birds, while birds with fully white plumage are referred to as leucistic birds.

Albino birds can be identified by the fact that they have pink eyes and pink legs.




Jubilee Photo of Lerryn Residents

July 14th 2012


Ros Hawken and Flynn Pearce have selected the above print of the residents of Lerryn taken from the Lime Kiln during the Diamond Jubilee (Photo taken by Bernie Gibbons).
The finished size is a 10" x 8" print in matt. There are currently 9 copies available in the village shop at a cost of £2.00 per copy.  Once they have been sold, Bernie will be quite happy to order more if requested. He has left a form in the shop for you to add your details if you would like to purchase a print.


Village Night

July 12th 2012

Many events all over the country have had to be cancelled this "summer", but even the weather failed to dislodge Village Night. The children's events remained in the marquee and the delicious hog roast still scented the air outside, while the beer, the band and the stalls moved into the Hall. It's never as good a fundraiser that way, but it was still a successful event. Many thanks for all the assistance and goodwill that helped to make it so.


Message from the River Lerryn Yacht Squadron

July 12th 2012

Advance notice of the next Annual Seagull Race
Saturday December 8th 2012
About 11.30 a.m.

This date has been chosen,  as it was the only day with a suitable tide, apart from Boxing Day!

Lerryn & District Produce Association Annual Show

July 12th 2012

Don't forget to get your entry forms and fees to the Show Secretary, as soon as possible.  Entries positively close on Wednesday 1st August at 10pm - entry forms and fees should be handed to Mrs. Rosemary Weatherhogg, Trelinhay, Lerryn.

Classified Ads on Lerryn.net

July 10th 2012

Got anything to sell or swap? Then why not use the classified section on Lerryn.net? There is no charge to advertise anything on the site, eg "Garden item" " furniture" "cars" or wanted items.

Easy to place an advertisment: just go the classified section, click on "New Entry" and follow the instructions.

You may be surprised what has been sold.

Village shop news

June 27th 2012

Message from Deanna and Nigel Obrien

As from Monday 2nd July,  Mike Waters and Kate Hogg will be the new proprietors of Lerryn River Stores. We would like to thank our customers for all their support over the past 3 years. We hope all of Lerryn will support Mike and Kate in their new venture. At the public consultation,  we realised there was a lot of support for the shop, but you all must start using it. We, as a couple, would hate Lerryn to lose the shop as we feel it is the heart of this beautiful village.

Busker Phil walking and busking from Lands End to John O'Groats

June 22nd 2012

Phil writes

later today (Tuesday 18 June) I start my walk from Lands End to John O'Groats! Its been a life time ambition for me! I will be busking in as many places as possible along the way and mostly sleeping beneath the stars (or rain clouds)! I'm raising money to buy trees and other plants on the vegan, organic woodland gardening project, Plants for a Future, in Penpol!

If you would like to, sponsor me you can send cheques payable to Plants for A Future to Rich Morris, 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ!

Thanks ever so much! Love to you all! May your darts always be straight ones and your rice bowl always be full!


There is now a facebook page documenting Phil's progress http://www.facebook.com/BuskerPhilWalk 


June 16th 2012


A lot of hard work by a lot of people resulted in a very special weekend, launched on the Friday evening by a service of thanksgiving at St Winnow and culminating in a really spectacular firework display on Tuesday night.

The magnificent ‘Jubilee Arch’ erected on the green withstood wind and weather (quite a lot of each!) to provide a perfect frame on Saturday for the crowning of Jubilee Queen Lauren James and her consort Aiden Hawken, aided by Bernard as MC.  Other celebrities present included Fairy Princess  Tillunah-Belle Waters and attendants Jowan Clark, Lowenna Clark, Hannah Lee, Kellen Pearce, Matthew Rouncevell and Lauren Venning. The procession went round the village on their decorated floats, accompanied by people in an interesting range of fancy dress outfits.  The Queen and all her attendants looked lovely, and if the royal family ever find themselves in need of an understudy, Aiden does a very good wave. Prizes were awarded to: Under the Sea (Fowey) for best group;  A Pirate and her Parrot (Lerryn) for best adult; Olivia Waters as Snow White for the children’s class.

Sunday afternoon saw the Memorial Hall packed with people who came together to watch the flotilla on the Thames while enjoying a very posh tea served by exceptionally grand waiters and waitresses.

On Monday lunchtime Bernie was stationed on the Lime Kiln balcony to take a photograph of the parish residents gathered on the foreshore. After that it was the children’s day, when 82 children from both parishes had fun with Zig Zag, an entertainer, followed by a tea party in the hall.  Thanks to the generosity of the parishioners of St Veep and St Winnow, all the children from Lerryn School and Lerryn Mother and Toddler Group received a jubilee mug featuring a winning design by Josh Franklin. The hall was open again that evening to show the Jubilee concert on the big screen. Those who attended had a very good time, though some people were flagging by then!

Tuesday was the grand finale, and the morning’s heavy rain cleared most obligingly in time for the wonderfully decorated fleet of 31 boats to assemble for review by the Jubilee Queen, her consort and attendants before processing to Brockles Quay and returning for a picnic on the green.  In addition to hundreds of flags, the boat decorations included a massive crown, several waving queenly figures and an impressive amount of gold braid on the interestingly named New Royal Yacht Austerity. The prize for the best decorated boat went to Bob Johns from Ethy.


After that came the fireworks – a memorable display staged by Tom Bricknell from Celebration Pyrotechnics, and a fitting end to a very satisfying few days. Everybody left with a smile.


Many congratulations and thanks to Flynn and the Jubilee Committee for all their hard work.



Lerryn's Sporting History

June 15th 2012










Reminder - Talk by Paul Thomas on Pilotage on the Fowey River at RNLI Annual Meeting

June 14th 2012






Please join us for our AGM on Friday 15th June at 7.30pm in the Red Store, Lerryn



This will be followed by a talk:



By Paul Thomas



After which there will be an opportunity to socialise over Wine and Cheese



Lerryn and District Produce Association 62nd Annual Produce Show

June 10th 2012

Hi everyone!

It's been wet, it's been windy, but we’re counting on warm summer sunshine for the rest of the season, and especially for the 62nd Lerryn Annual Produce Show.   This year the Produce Show takes place at 2pm on Saturday, 4th August, in the Memorial Hall.  We promise you a stunning display of fruits and vegetables, gorgeous flower arrangements - from the tallest gladioli to the tiniest children’s miniature garden - some superb preserves and bakes in the cookery classes, including cakes decorated with a Jubilee theme, and trestle tables laid with perfect specimen vegetables.

We will provide a great afternoon of entertainment including cream teas and a raffle, accompanied by music from our house band, ‘Anything Goes’ – so it's just up to you to come and join in.

Our local show has been going non-stop now for sixty two years, but without your valued support it will get harder and harder to keep it going – and we do want it to be around in 2074 (that’s in sixty-two years time!).  So please remember to put Saturday, 4thAugust in your diaries. Thank you.

If you would like to exhibit something, you will need to fill out an entry form. These are available at the shop or the pub. Completed entry forms should be delivered to Rosemary Weatherhogg by 10pm on Wednesday 1st August.

Subjects for the Decorative Classes are:

Beginners: Red, white and blue arrangement

Open: Making a Splash

All foliage: Gold Medal

Miniature: Silver

Petite: Bronze

A Decorated Cushion with an Olympic theme.

Subjects for the Photography Classes are:

Under 16’s: ‘I’m a Zombie’

Adults: ‘Up the Creek’


See you on 4th August!

LAMA Coffee Morning

June 9th 2012

With a bit of luck, there will be tables outside in the sunshine!

Village Night Tombola

June 9th 2012

If you have any small items - bottles are welcome, but so are other things! - that can be used as prizes in the Village Night Tombola on Saturday 7th July, please get them to Ros Hawken as soon as you can. Leave them by her back door, or contact Ros to arrange delivery (01208 872999).  THANK YOU!

Young Visitors

June 9th 2012

              Young visitors to Lerryn on 3rd June 2012





PILOTAGE ON THE FOWEY RIVER - a talk by Paul Thomas at the RNLI AGM

June 8th 2012




Please join us for our AGM on Friday 15th June at 7.30pm in the Red Store, Lerryn



This will be followed by a talk:



By Paul Thomas



After which there will be an opportunity to socialise over Wine and Cheese




June 7th 2012

“The Parish Councils of St Veep and St Winnow would like to thank the Jubilee Committee for organising and supervising such a wonderful local commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The festivities got off to a good start with the Friday evening Jubilee thanksgiving service at St Winnow Church led by Fr.Philip. Over the next four days there was a true sense of festivity and fun around Lerryn with tea parties for all ages, superbly designed mugs for the children and a decorated Jubilee Arch constructed by Steven Hawken. There was a special Red Store exhibition mounted by the History Society, a carnival led by the Carnival Queen and her court, a community photograph and river flotilla of over fifty boats of all shapes and sizes was followed by a picnic and barbeque back at Lerryn.  All these activities were interspersed with the national events beamed onto the big screen in the Memorial Hall. The grand finale was a memorable riverside firework display by Tom and his team from Celebration Pyrotechnics. To mark the event Jubilee Oak trees will be donated and planted by the Royal British Legion and the Garden & Produce Society. All this came about as a result of an enormous amount of work by a small group of people and the willing involvement of the Lerryn and two parishes’ community.

We would like to thank in particular Flynn Pearce who took up the challenge from us back in January, brilliantly chaired the Jubilee Committee and led the team of helpers. David St John kept the accounts and Kerry Pearce as well as being secretary, organised the Carnival. Fiona Corfield, the Head teacher of Lerryn Primary School, masterminded the commemoration mugs with the impressive design by Joshua, a senior pupil. Fiona also made a lot of delicious cakes. John Hancock, Patrick Clark, Bernard Bonsey and the Revd Philip Conway gave valuable support and the Stewarding team of Andrew Boraston, Peter Stead, Ronnie Collins, Stan Dack and Shane Aldridge kept the traffic, the carnival and the crowds under control. Thanks are due to Daphne Rollings for providing First Aid and we are sure everyone will agree Bernard Bonsey was a great Master of Ceremonies. Johnny Pusey from the Ship Inn was instrumental in the provision of the fireworks and barbeques. We are all grateful to The Lerryn History Society for once again organising a memorable exhibition and to Paul Weatherhogg for videoing the 4 day event. Thanks to Keith Rooker and Bernie Gibbons for their photography skills and their speed at recording the action on the Lerryn.net website; to Tracy Graham and Hattie Pritchard who ably assisted Kerry with the Carnival, as did all the parents of the ‘Court’; to Prue Cornwall, Avis Pearce, Jo Pearce and David Boraston who gave support throughout the weekend as did the ladies of the WI.  Finally we would like to mention to Nigel and Deanna of Lerryn River Stores who cheerfully gave us the use of the Green and kept us supplied with all the things we had forgotten.

From your Parish Councils, on behalf of our grateful community, thank you one and all.

John Halkes (Chair of St Veep Parish Council)

Richard Reed (Chair of St Winnow Parish Council)

8th June 2012


June 7th 2012

Getting ready for the flotilla!



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Village Group Photo

June 7th 2012

Many thanks to Barry and Gilly Hunt for the use of the balcony of the Lime Kiln for the purposes of this photograph

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June 6th 2012

Congratulations to Flynn and Kerry for organising a fantastic Jubilee weekend!

David St John

Archie or Swanald?

June 6th 2012

Millie ("Lollie") has contributed to the Discussion Forum about the late swan, "Archie", and has suggested that the swan was called "Swanald".  Read what she said on the Discussion Forum by clicking on the button below:

Super Fast Broadband

June 6th 2012

Damon has written an interesting contribution on the Discussion Forum about the issue of broadband speeds in Lerryn. He has suggested a meeting of all interested parties so that pressure can be put on BT.  To read what he has said, go to the Discussion Forum or click on the button below:

Special Coffee Morning

June 5th 2012

Recover from the Jubilee in style at the Lerryn Players' fundraising coffee morning in Lerryn Memorial Hall on Saturday 9th June, 10.30 - 12.00. In addition to fresh coffee, homemade cakes, stalls and a raffle, there will also be the luxury of live on-stage entertainment. Don't miss it!

They also serve who only stand and wait

June 5th 2012

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Crowning of the Carnival Queen

June 3rd 2012



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Queen's Diamond Jubilee

June 2nd 2012


May 28th 2012

I am looking for a frape mooring on the southern (car park/church/school/pub) side of the river at Lerryn. If there is anyone who has one on that side and doesn't intend using it, I would be very happy to take it on and would be happy to pay for any transfer fees etc.   I have been offered a frape on the other bank, but the mud is quite a problem - and being able to get in and out of a clean boat would be a great boon for myself and family. I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me out. I live and work close by,  so I could always come over and discuss it.
With thanks and best wishes,
Email:  simoncharlesparker@btinternet.com
Phone:  0777 909 1465


May 28th 2012

You are invited and encouraged to take part in the Jubilee Flotilla on 5 June.   At 5.00 pm,  all boats will assemble on the river appropriately dressed for the occassion and at 5.30 pm,  the fleet will form up on station for the Jubilee Queen's inspection from the Red Store and then proceed in a stately fashion led by the Admiral of our RLYS to Brockles Quay and back.   Boat Owners are entirely responsible for the safety of their crew/passengers and boat. Prize for best dressed boat.

This will be followed at 6.30 pm by a picnic on the Green or a barbeque in The Ship Inn Garden, followed by fireworks at 9.45 pm.  Please note: there will only be plastic glasses on the Green for Health & Safety reasons.


Lerryn Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

May 28th 2012

The Diamond Jubilee celebration in Lerryn will begin on Friday 1st June at 7.00pm with a service in St Winnow Church to give thanks for 60 years of the Queen's reign. The minibus will run from Lerryn for this event.

Canoe Operation Moves Down River

May 27th 2012

With recent good weather and the start of the boating season, many local reidents will have spotted the blue kayaks of Encounter Cornwall out and about on the river again.

Encounter Cornwall is in its seventh year of operation - the difference this year being that it is under new ownership and is based further down river.

New owner and Golant resident David Johns hopes to carry forward Damon's legacy. Regular guided canoe trips and kayak hire now operate from Golant. Many of the trips will now operate in reverse and kayak up "Wind in the Willows" creek to Lerryn, returning to Golant with the added benefit of tidal assistance both ways.

Golant is also a good starting point for exploring Penpol Creek and the upper reaches of the river as far as Lostwithiel. In addition, there is access to the River Fowey from Golant at low tide, giving the ability to paddle down to Fowey harbour "going with the flow".  Full day kayak hire is now available on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Damon is able to concentrate on further development of the walking side of the business -Encounter Walking Holidays. This has expanded greatly since 2006 and continues to do so.

Last but not least, Damon now has more time to spend with his family during the summer months and will certainly be seen enjoying the delights of the river with his children during the school holidays.

You can see further details for both Encounter Cornwall and Encounter Walking Holidays in the Local Service section of this website - for a quick link, use the button below.


Lerryn History Society

May 27th 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Exhibition will be held in the Red Store, Lerryn on the following dates.

Saturday 2nd June 2.00.p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Sunday 3rd June 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Monday 4th June 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Tuesday 5th June 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

On display will be photographs and memorabilia from the Coronation, Silver Jubilee and Golden


Also on view will be the letter from the Queen expressing her thanks for the Jubilee Mug which was

sent  to her.

You can also view the video taken by Mandy Treleaven of the Golden Jubilee celebrations in Lerryn.

Setting up the display will be on Friday 1st June at 11.00 a.m., so if you have any items that would

be suitable, please bring them along at this time.


Paul Weatherhogg - Chairman, Lerryn History Society.

Waye Cottage Garden

May 27th 2012

The garden at Waye Cottage Lerryn will be open again for the National Garden Scheme on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June.  Money raised at these opening goes to the NGS charities which are mainly: 

  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care
  • Help the Hospices
  • Cross Roads Care

50% of money raised on Teas goes to the RNLI


May 27th 2012

Plant Sale Success

A busy and jolly morning was had by all at this years’ plant sale and from the opening of the Memorial Hall doors, enthusiastic buyers were snapping up fantastic horticultural bargains for the flower and vegetable bed alike!

A big thank you to those who donated plants and seedlings for the sale and once again we are grateful to the W.I. who did us proud with their teas, coffees and home-baked cakes and biscuits. The proceeds go towards putting on the Annual Lerryn Produce Show, and with increasing costs, every little helps!

A reminder that this years’ show will be held on Saturday, 4thAugust – so, get growing, have thoughts about floral arrangements, refine recipes for the Cookery Classes and start snapping away for that winning photograph (this years’ photography titles are, for the under 16’s: ‘I’m a Zombie’ and for the adults: ‘Up the Creek’). And lastly, we would be grateful if you could remember to return your prizewinner’s cups to Sue and John Hancock.

The Lerryn Produce Association will be joining in with the national project to plant a celebratory Jubilee Oak tree to mark this memorial year. The tree will be truly local, as it has been grown from an acorn picked up “down by the river” and planted by Mr John Philp. We still await permission from the local authorities about it’s chosen site, but when this happens it will be planted and protected by a traditional metal frame, that has kindly been donated.

The New Matthew

May 22nd 2012




The replica, Matthew, in the evening sun sailing 5 miles out in St Austell Bay on 21st May 2012






The New Matthew

Over 500 years ago John Cabot and his crew set sail for Asia aboard the original Matthew hoping to trade goods and commodities with the people who lived there.

However, he finally arrived on the coast of Newfoundland and therefore was the original discoverer of North America, not Christopher Columbus as most people believe.

In 1997 the replica Matthew followed the same course as John Cabot in 1497 and sailed across to Newfoundland. It carried the same number of crew members as the original and took the same amount of time to complete the crossing.

Today The Matthew is based in Bristol Harbour during the autumn and winter months and is open to the public as well as undertaking short cruises around the harbour. During spring and summer time, the sails are unfurled and the ship continues to explore the exciting wild seas around the British Isles and Northern Europe - creating quite a spectacle wherever she ventures.


Lucky for some

May 20th 2012

Most of Lerryn was fortunate and, at last, had its recycling collection on 19th May.  Those living in Collon Field and Couchs Mill Road were not so lucky and still wait for the collection - now 10 days late!

Not Lerryn but ---------

May 19th 2012

Not Lerryn but the closest the 2012 Olympic Flame came to our village - Bodmin at 6.15pm


Recycling Collections in Lerryn - Update.

May 18th 2012

The recycling collections have not been made as promised as can be evidenced by the multi coloured bags and boxes continuing to decorate our Village and Parishes.

It is clear that the problems of non-collections persist and the advice from Cornwall Council is that everyone should call to report the non-collection of their own rubbish/recycling as this will aid them in ensuring that everything is propely logged and acted upon, and if neccessary penalties imposed under the contract.

Call 0300 1234 141 if this affects you, it is in all of our interests to get this situation sorted out as soon as possible.


Support the minibus

May 15th 2012

The final quiz of the series will be held in The Ship on Saturday night, 19th May. All proceeds will be in aid of the minibus, and it should be a good night out. Please come and support us.

Recycling collections in Lerryn

May 14th 2012

"What recycling collection?"  I hear you cry!

If your recycling was not collected on 11 May,  Cory staff are aware now.  You are asked to leave the bags out and they should be dealt with in the next 3 days.

Posted on behalf of a Lerryn resident

Message from Devon and Cornwall Police

May 10th 2012

There have been several incidents reported this morning from Plymouth, Cornwall and East Devon and they seem to be travelling further a field, of men calling at homes in 2 man teams claiming to be from the Waterboard. They have managed to gain entry to some elderly residents homes and money is their target. Please do not allow anyone into your home you do not know. If you have a call from these gentlemen, please note any vehicle they are using and their direction of travel and ring us on 101, as we would like a word with these gentlemen.


The Du Maurier Festival at St Winnow Church

May 7th 2012

Two events will take place in the Church

Monday 14th May 10.30 -11.30 am - Who was St Winnow?

Would you like to know the answers to the following questions?

  • Which vicar was the Founder Member of the Royal Cornwall Show?
  • What family owned the manor of St Winnow for over three centuries?
  • Where would you find a mermaid in the Church?
  • Whose wedding was filmed here in the "Poldark" series?
  • What does the Latin inscription on the font mean?
  • Why is there a copy of a letter from Kind Charles in the church?
  • Why was Teignmouth Melville of Ethy awarded the VC?

Why not come down to St Winnow Church at 10.30am on Monday 14th May and explore St Winnow Church with a talk by Frances Stephens as part of the Daphne Du Maurier Festival?

There is no charge but donations for church funds will be much appreciated. Coffee will be served afterwards.

For further details, contact Frances Stephens on 01208 872393


Wednesday 16th May 7.30 - 9.30 pm - The Polperro Fisherman's choir

Their programme includeds old fishermen's songs and hymns as well as modern songs inspired by the sea.

Light refreshments available.  Tickets £7.30


LostFest - Lostwithiel Festival this Sunday

May 7th 2012

Lots going on this Sunday in Lostwithiel at their "Lostfest" festival, now in its 6th year.

LostFest is the annual arts, crafts and music festival in Lostwithiel, Cornwall. The 2012 festival will take place on Sunday May 13th from 10am to 7.30pm. It's a free event with all money raised going to FLEET, The Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust which supports the emergency teams in Cornwall, 999 Ambulances, Coast Guards and Helicopters (http://www.fleet.org.uk/home)

It will be the usual hugely popular day of street arts, crafts, antiques, music, dance and entertainment all over town. It's a family event with arts and crafts stalls, workshops and demonstrations, acoustic music and dance in the streets and venues, plus craft activities for kids.

Last year's LostFest attracted over 5000 visitors and raised £5000 for FLEET – their biggest and best year ever.   Both days were hugely successful and we've had fantastic feedback - visit the LostFest Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOSTFEST-Official-Lostwithiel-Festival-Fan-Site/261553269511) to see some of the comments.

To find out more about this event and what's on, visit:  http://www.lostfest.co.uk/home/

Please use the free park and ride car park at Trewether Farm near St Winnow on the road to Lerryn. The Lerryn Minibus is being used for this free shuttle service.

Thanks to everyone for your support and let's hope for some fine weather!

Ethy Gardens open on Sunday 13th May

May 6th 2012

A rare chance to view the gardens at Ethy House and see the incredible bluebell wood. Cream teas and luscious cakes available plus superb plant stall. Entrance only £3 - proceeds for the local charity 'Friends of St Winnow Church'.

And if you take a wander in Ethy Woods afterwards to walk off the cream tea ................. expect this!


Lerryn and District Produce Association Plant Sale

May 5th 2012




Saturday 19th May, 10.30 in Lerryn Memorial Hall.


At last, April is here and the event you’ve been waiting for all year is only weeks away! We’re holding our annual Plant Sale and Coffee Morning fundraiser on 19th May, starting at 10.30am.

The Plant Sale is going to be bigger and better than ever this time, as we know people are already putting in lots of effort to bringing on their plant donations for the sale. 

We hold this important event each year to raise money to stage the Produce Show later on in August. Your support enables us to keep the annual show alive and well in Lerryn.

We are very grateful to Penny Philp who has agreed to fill the post of Show Secretary and to Rita Dunn who is our secretary. Thank you both. 

So please make a note of this date in your diary – May 19th - and show your support by coming along and buying a plant or two, and enjoying a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of WI-made cake.


And don’t forget, the Plant Sale is also the perfect opportunity to join the Association or renew your membership. At only £1, membership opens up the opportunity to win a cup in the specific member-only classes. All details about entries and classes can be found in the 2012 Show schedule, which will be available at the hall. This is also a good time for last years’ Cup winners to return their cups to Sue and John Hancock .



Subjects for this years’ photography competition will be:

Under  16’s: I’m a Zombie

Adults:  Up the Creek

Lerryn History Society - Visit to Luxulyan Valley

May 4th 2012

A visit has been arranged on Sunday 1st July 2012 for a guided walk down the Historic Luxulyan Valley. The group will assemble at Par Railway Station at 11.30a.m and the train will depart at 11.53a.m. On arrival at Luxulyan, we will be met by our guide,
Dawn Vivian, who will escort us down the valley.

The walk will be about 3-4 miles, but is not too arduous, although stout footwear is advised. On our way down the valley, Dawn will point out the details of its rich industrial heritage, and a stop will be made for a picnic lunch.(You to provide). We should arrive back at Par at about 4.0 p.m.

THE COST will be £7.00 per person, (guide +train fare)

If sufficient people are interested, it may be possible to hire the Lerryn Minibus to take us to Par Station and return, at an approximate additional cost of £3.00 per person. Otherwise, members could car-share to help keep costs down.

If you are interested, please contact Sue Daw - Trevanson, Lerryn   01208 973634 or

Paul Weatherhogg "Trelinhay", Lerryn  01208 873621

Ros Hawken's Special Birthday

May 3rd 2012





For photos of Ros Hawken's Birthday Party go to the Photo Gallery or click on the button below:



Scroll up and down on the Photo Gallery page to see the full range of photos





Mugs and a letter from the Queen

May 2nd 2012

As part of Lerryn's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the committee arranged for the children of Lerryn School to create a design to commemorate the occasion. The winning design by Joshua Franklin was chosen to appear on the commemorative mug which would be given to the children at the school.

The Committee also decided to send one of the mugs to the Queen, and a letter was sent by Flynn Pearce to her Majesty. Much to Flynn's delight, a reply was received 2 days later, and this letter will be on display in the Red Store during the Jubilee Celebrations.

The mugs will be presented to school-children and Parent and Toddler Group during the week commencing 28th May. Any remaining mugs will be sold for £5 each. There will only be a limited number available, (first come first served), so come along to Lerryn Memorial Hall on Monday 4th June if you would like to purchase a unique memento of the Diamond Jubilee.

Appeal for Books

April 29th 2012


St Veep Parish Council - Shop Questionnaires

April 29th 2012

Questionnaires about the future of the village shop have been distributed around the Parish and are being collected over the next few days.

If you haven't received one, or you have missed the collection please check at the shop where they have some spare copies and will collect any completed questionnaires. 


Cutting it Fine

April 28th 2012

On Sunday 22nd April, the tide was at full height at 6.56am.  This sequence of pictures was taken beginning at 9.52am, three hours after high tide!  With the water running out fast, this couple had to be admired for attempting to head down river.  With walls of mud on each side of the boat, and very little water under it, the engine was finally started and the two occupants plus dog must have breathed a sigh of relief as they headed for deeper water.  Perhaps the occupants knew exactly what they were doing or, perhaps, they were just very lucky.  It would have been a long, cold wait till the tide came in again!









April Evening

April 27th 2012

Ella's Funeral and Farewell

April 22nd 2012

Following the sad death of Ella at the end of last week, John and the family would like to thank everyone for their kind support at this difficult time.

They have emailed with details of the funeral arrangements as follows:

Dear Friends,

Becks, Matt, Di, Joel and I have finalised the funeral arrangements for Ella.  

The funeral Eucharist will be 12 noon next Saturday 28th  at St Winnow Church PL22 0LF on the eastern bank of the River Fowey near Lostwithiel.

And afterwards at Lerryn Memorial Hall which is a short drive away. 

Family flowers only please but donations in memory of Ella may be made at church or via the funeral director –Langmaid and Hunkin, 10 Greenbank, Polruan by Fowey, PL23 0QP. (Please make cheques payable to M Ripley memorials). The collection will be shared between St Winnow church and Matt’s medical charity- Exploring Global Health Opportunities UK.’ 

Parking is tight at church and in Lerryn so the St Winnow people would be grateful if you could car share whenever possible. 

We don’t expect you to come – but may we ask that you keep Ella and us in mind at that time and we will look forward to seeing you later. 

With love and thanks for your support over these dramatic past days,


John Halkes and family




Quiz Night

April 20th 2012


April 20th 2012

There will be extra Yoga classes this term in Lerryn Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 24th April and Tuesday 29th May 2012.

Lerryn History Society

April 17th 2012

Lerryn History Society A G M will take place in the Red Store at 7.30 on the 30th of April, this will be followed by guest speaker Eric Baker, who will talk about his life in Lerryn. 

Please come along for refresments and a chat first at 7.15, all welcome.

Early Bird Discount

April 13th 2012

Hello Festival lovers,
Just a reminder that this year’s Early Bird offer ends this weekend.  So, if you haven’t bought your tickets for this year’s Festival, if you book before midnight on Saturday 14th April you can enjoy a 5% discount on all tickets booked for certain events, including all the Festival Marquee events (daytime and evening) and the daytime talks in Fowey Town Hall.  All Early Bird events are marked with an asterisk alongside their price in the printed Festival programme and on the website. Click here to browse the events and buy tickets now.
Even if you don’t book before the deadline, the 10% discount offer to those in full time education and registered unemployed is still effective right up until the last day of the Festival.  Groups discounts are also available, please contact the Box Office for details.
Everyone is still entitled to the “cost only” booking fees.  This means that if you buy your tickets either by cash or cheque, there is no additional booking or handling charges.  If you book by debit card you will only be charged 30 pence and, if you pay by credit card, just 2.5% of your order value.  We only apply charges that we ourselves will be charged.  There are no added charges, whatsoever!


We only have one sold out show at the moment (Sir Terry Wogan).  So, do take the time to check out our website.  This year’s line-up has something to suit all tastes from Nik Kershaw and his band (Wouldn’t It Be Good, I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me, Dancing Girls, The Riddle, Don Quixote etc, etc), to Sir Trevor McDonald, currently appearing on ITV in his new series on The Mighty Mississippi.

There’s other music from folk giants June Tabor & Oysterband, Georgie Fame, The Animals and Friends & The Move, classical and jazz guitarist John Williams and John Etheridge, the internationally renowned vocal group Blake and the former lead singer with Dr Hook, Dennis Locorriere (Sylvia’s Mother, When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman, Sexy Eyes, A Little Bit More, Shine Son, etc, etc)!
If you like comedy, Julian Clary will be at the Festival, talking about his new novel, Briefs encountered, Radio 4 favourite Miles Jupp (Rev, Balamory & Harry Potter),
Jimeoin, Irish comedian and star of last year’s Royal Variety Show and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and Tony Hawks talking about and showing the film version of his hit book Round Ireland With A Fridge.
We also have a special advance screening of the new film version of Daphne du Maurier’s story The Scapegoat, starring Matthew Rhys.  The film will be premiered on ITV later this year, prior to going on cinema release.  The screening at the Festival will include a special panel event, featuring members of the cast and production team and Christian Browning, son of Daphne du Maurier.
There’s so much more too; there really is something for everyone!  So, please don’t miss out!  For all the latest news, you can like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/duMaurierFestival or follow us on Twitter: @DdMFestival. You can see the events and buy tickets here.
See you in May!
Best wishes,
From all at the du Maurier Festival


Latest Press Release from the du Maurier Festival

April 11th 2012

2012 du Maurier Festival, Fowey

With a line-up including Nik Kershaw. Blake, Sir Terry Wogan, June Tabor & Oysterband, Julian Clary, Sir Trevor McDonald, Dennis Locorriere comedian Jimeoin and many other national and internationally known writers, performers and celebrities tickets for the 2012 du Maurier Festival, Fowey, are sure to be much in demand. 

The 2012 Festival takes place between Wednesday 9th and Sunday 20th May.  It begins with a schools concert, featuring children from Fowey Community College, Fowey Primary School and Lostwithiel School and ends with a special day of events at the University of Exeter’s Tremough Campus, Penryn. 

The majority of the remaining events take place in and around Fowey.  Also confirmed to appear his year are: Richard Madeley & Judy Finnigan, E V Thompson, Mike Shepherd, from Kneehigh, former poet laureate Andrew Motion, Fern Britton, Georgie Fame, John Williams & John Etheridge, Lord David Owen, Helen Dunmore and a long list of other nationally and internationally known writers, performers and celebrities. 

In addition to the star names, the Festival also has a programme of community events over its 12 day period, including concerts, music, plays, talks, workshops and guided walks.  In total, there are almost 200 events over the Festival’s 12 day period. 

There is also a special advance screening of a new film version of Daphne du Maurier’s story The Scapegoat, commissioned by ITV and starring Matthew Rhys (from the hit US series Brothers & Sisters).  Prior to the screening a panel of actors and behind-the-screens crew will discuss the making of film. 

Jonathan Aberdeen, Festival Director, believes this year’s Festival will prove to be extremely popular.  “I think it’s as strong a line-up as we’ve ever had. The screening of The Scapegoat, ahead of its ITV premiere and cinema release, promises to be very special.  In addition to the film, a panel of actors, production team and Kits Browning, du Maurier’s son, will talk about the making of this exciting and imaginative re-working of du Maurier’s classic story.” 

Last autumn, the Daphne du Maurier Festival Society was formed to take over the management and running of the annual community arts & literature Festival held each May in Fowey.  The Festival was set-up by Restormel Borough Council in 1997 and in recent years has formed part of Cornwall Council’s Cultural Services Dept. 

The du Maurier Festival Society is a company limited by guarantee and is registered as a charity.  Cornwall Council gives the Festival a grant towards the staging of this prestigious annual event, acknowledging its importance to Cornwall, not just as an artistic event, but as major tourism event and a provider of a much-needed boost to the County’s economy, prior to the start of the main summer season. 

Full Festival information and online booking are available at www.dumaurierfestival.co.uk or, ring the Box Office on 01726 879 500 

Ends.  Further information: Jonathan Aberdeen,

Festival Director: 01726 223439



For your urgent attention - Tuesday Club change of date for April outing

April 9th 2012

This month, the Tuesday Club had planned a guided tour of Lostwithiel on Tuesday 24th April.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to change the date.  In addition, because the tour can only accommodate a maximum of 12 people, we are running the tour twice to ensure that everybody who wants to attend can have a place.  The new dates are Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th April.  Please ring Ros on 01208 872999 to book a place on the tour of your choice.

St Veep PC addresses complaints about dog fouling

April 8th 2012

You are invited to attend the St Veep Parish Council Meeting on 12th April in the Red Store starting at 7.00pm when MR Philip Browning (Cornwall Council) will give a talk on Dog Control Orders which may be the next step in trying to reduce the spate of dog fouling in the village which has become worse over the last few months.

CLICK HERE to see the detailed agenda.



A big 'Thank You' from Rachel Waters

April 4th 2012

I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to those of you who kindly supported me for the Bath Half Marathon on 11th March.

My official time was 2 hours, 1 min and 45 secs and I came 4551st out of 10695 runners!!

Thanks to your generous donations, I am delighted to say that I have raised a total of £530 for CLIC Sargent. The best news of all is that Anna Howe has responded well to treatment and now appears to be in remission. I'm sure we all wish her and her family a bright and happy future.

Lerryn Photo Gallery - see our new tags!

March 31st 2012

Those of you who are frequent visitors to the Photo Gallery will hopefully have noticed a recent development, but to do so, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

As of today, there are 1496 photographs to view (in addition to those in the archive) - too many if you are looking for a specific photograph or interested in a specific theme.  A small group of volunteers from the website committee and from the History Society, ably supported by Evergreen, put their heads together and came up with a solution: we needed to tag our photographs.  This has been done and we invite you to test the system.   It is really easy.

Interested in Photographs of the Seagull Race? 

  • Click on the Seagull Race tag at the bottom of the page
  • Still too many?  Click on the year that you are interested in

Want to go back to the Photo Gallery?  Click on the "Seagull Race" tab to remove it. 

We hope that this will make your browsing more enjoyable.  As always, we welcome your feedback.  Click on the Contact Us link on the "About Lerryn.net" page or click hereEven  better,  why don't you join us at our AGM of Monday 2nd April in the Committee Room of the Villge Hall at 7.30pm?   See you there!

lerryn.net AGM

March 27th 2012


March 25th 2012

This year's panto will be about King Arthur (local lad!) and anybody interested in taking part - in any capacity at all - should attend for audition as on the poster below. If there is anyone who really can't make that date, we shall try to arrange to see them in advance of the audition, as it will be too late afterwards.

Seagull Race Article

March 22nd 2012


If you would like to read the full report of the 2011 Seagull Race in The Gull Magazine then click on the link below:


RNLI Spring Coffee Morning - THANK YOU!

March 18th 2012

Our thanks go to all who donated cakes, jams, chutney, etc., and to those who donated raffle prizes.

The coffee morning raised over £400 for the Fowey Lifeboat.

We are very grateful to those who also took the trouble to attend, it was a very sociable event.

Thank you again.

RNLI Committee - Lostwithiel Branch.


Air Ambulance

March 18th 2012

The photograph shows the Cornwall Air Ambulance landing in Lerryn a few years ago.

In this particular case, the pilot skillfully flew under the electricity wires spanning the field to land as close as possible to the gateway leading to Couchs Mill Road so that a casualty from the village could be taken to Treliske hospital.

Our attention has been drawn to the fact that duty has to be paid for the fuel for all such flights.  Apparently, the RNLI is exempt from fuel duty when its lifeboats are called out.

If you look at the Discussion Forum by clicking on the button below, you will see that there is a link to an e-petition.  If 100,000 people sign this petition, parliament is duty bound to discuss this issue.

Tim Smit

March 16th 2012

 Lunch and Listen

 Tuesday 10th April 2012

12.30 – 2.30pm

Trenython Manor

Tim Smit

£20 per person

For a two course lunch and coffee

 Tickets available from

The Ticket Shop, Fowey Tel: 01726 833847

  Limited availability Advance Booking by 7th April

The du Maurier Festival Society

Registered Office: 5 South Street, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1AR

Company Limited by Guarantee No.7719529

Registered Charity 1143916



LAMA Coffee Morning

March 15th 2012

Lerryn and District Produce Association

March 14th 2012

Isn’t it great to enjoy the spring sunshine and longer days? Our muscles are aching from catching up on the many gardening jobs that have been waiting all winter and our clothes are smelling faintly of bonfires! New shoots are pushing through last years’ growth and we have long sunny days to look forward to….

Now, to business! With the plant sale and coffee morning coming up in May, please don’t forget to sow extra seeds to provide us with those healthy young plants to sell. The plant sale raises some much-needed funds to keep the Annual Produce Show alive and well so your plant donations are really appreciated.

The school have announced that they will be growing broad beans for the George Keast Memorial Shield and beans will be the subject of the mixed media class (anything goes!)

Watch this space for further competition categories subjects over the coming weeks.

Here are two important dates for your diary:

19th May – Plant Sale and Coffee Morning

4th August – The Annual Show

Happy gardening

The Committee

RNLI COFFEE MORNING 17th March 10.00-12.00am

March 8th 2012



Church Rooms, Lostwithiel


Saturday 17th March, 10.00 to 12.00am


Join us for coffee and biscuits or cake, a chat and to stock up on RNLI Souvenirs and Presents


There will be a variety of stalls including Bric a Brac, Plants and A RAFFLE




Lostwithiel & District RNLI Branch


Support Rachel

March 4th 2012

Some of you will know that Rachel Waters will be running in the Bath Half Marathon on 11th March.  Rachel will be running to raise money and awareness for the charity CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent is a charity in the UK that was formed by the merger of Sargent Cancer Care for Children and Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood in 2005. The charity specializes in providing support for children with cancer.

CLIC Sargent aims are:

  • to help as many children and young people as possible survive cancer and make the most of their lives
  • to help the whole family cope with the trauma of cancer, life after treatment and, in some cases, with bereavement
  • to make sure that young people with cancer and their families can speak out about their needs and get involved in how they are met

Rachel, from Lerryn, is a teacher at Fowey Community College where a young pupil, Anna Howe, 14, is currently undergoing treatment for Leukaemia.  Anna, as many of you will know, is the daughter of Lostwithiel GP, Dr W Howe.

If you would like to support Rachel, you can do so online by clicking on the link below:


Quiz Night

March 3rd 2012

Quiz Night 25th February 2012

The Quiz Night held at The Ship in Lerryn on 25th February was very well attended and a good time was had by all. There was enthusiastic participation in the quiz and a tie break had to be held to establish the winners!

Very sincere thanks are due to Keith and Jenny Rooker, who continue to organize these very popular events on a voluntary basis to support various village groups.  Also to Jonny and Ronnie who provide the venue and donate prizes for the winners.

Thanks to all who supported this particular quiz, in aid of Lerryn Area Community Website. The raffle resulted in an amount of £111 being banked (after deducting cost of raffle prizes).  Funds continue to be needed for the maintenance and development of the village website. This includes annual hosting charges, currently £245.

The website continues to attract more viewers - the photo gallery and archive page are proving very popular. Contiributions to the news page and discussion forum are always welcome!

Official Press Release

March 3rd 2012

2012 du Maurier Festival, Fowey

With a line-up including Nik Kershaw. Blake, Sir Terry Wogan, June Tabor & Oysterband Julian Clary and many other national and internationally known writers, performers and celebrities tickets for the 2012 du Maurier Festival, Fowey, are sure to be much in demand.  The only way to guarantee you have the best seats in the house for this year’s Festival is to become a Patron and enjoy priority booking. 

Full details on this year’s programme have just been announced, together with news on how to become a Festival Patron, on the Festival’s website: www.dumaurierfestival.co.uk .

 The 2012 Festival takes place between Wednesday 9th and Sunday 20th May.  It begins with a schools concert, featuring children from Fowey Community College, Fowey, Primary School and Lostwithiel School and ends with a special day of events at the University of Exeter’s Tremough Campus, Penryn.

 The majority of the remaining events take place in and around Fowey.  Also confirmed to appear his year are: Sir Trevor McDonald, Richard Madeley & Judy Finnigan, E V Thompson, Mike Shepherd, from Kneehigh, former poet laureate Andrew Motion, Fern Britton, Georgie Fame, comedian Jimeoin.

 Jonathan Aberdeen, Festival Director, says: “A major event of the 2012 Festival is a special advance screening of a new film version of Daphne du Maurier’s story The Scapegoat, commissioned by ITV and starring Matthew Rhys (from the hit US series Brothers & Sisters).  Prior to the showing of the film, a panel of actors and members of the production team will discuss the making of this imaginative re-working of du Maurier’s classic tale.  Joining them on the panel will be Christian Browning, son of Daphne du Maurier.” 

Last autumn, the Daphne du Maurier Festival Society was formed to take over the management and running of the annual community arts & literature Festival held each May in Fowey.  The Festival was set-up by Restormel Borough Council in 1997 and in recent years has formed part of Cornwall Council’s Cultural services Department.

 The du Maurier Festival Society is a company limited by guarantee and is registered as a charity.  Cornwall Council gives the Festival a grant towards the staging of this prestigious annual event, acknowledging its importance to Cornwall, not just as an artistic event, but as major tourism event and a provider of a much-needed boost to the County’s economy, prior to the start of the main summer season.

 Ends:  Jonathan Aberdeen, Festival Director – Tel: 01726 223439


Tickets go on sale to Festival Patrons on 12th March and on general sale on 26th March

200 + events over 12 days 

Approximately half of the Festival’s content is events organised by community groups, involving several hundred participants. 

                  Facebook: The Daphne du Maurier Festival and on

                  Twitter: @DdMFestival


Parish Plan Update

March 2nd 2012

The first phase of the joint Parish Plan Analysis, the analysis of the questions, was finished around Christmas time. The second phase, the collation of all of the comments onto a single questionnaire, was a singularly slow process and was completed at the end of February.


Thereafter the first draft conclusions will be drawn from the results and updated by the Parish Councillors to take account of any new regulations or changing situations.  A public event will be held to allow parishioners to comment on these. Following this the plan proper will be drawn up.


The Governments new planning regulations may require us to prepare a "Neighbourhood Plan", possibly with other adjacent Parishes. This would not replace the Parish Plan as it concentrates only on Housing and Planning issues but it will require us to accept, as a minimum, any new housing/development which the Cornwall Core Strategy allocates to us. This is all a little hazy as yet but we will hopefully be able to clarify the position as the regulations come into law.



March 1st 2012

On Saturday June 9th, the very end of 'Jubilee Week', the Lerryn Players are planning a coffee morning that combines fresh coffee and good cake with a little light on-stage entertainment. Make a note in your diary; it should be a good morning!

Samba band in the news

February 29th 2012

The Samba band which used to practice in the hall has been in the news lately. The Cornish Guardian picked up on the story of the band being asked to leave the Village Hall which apeared of the front page of the Cornish Guardian last week (article). Now ITV has picked up on the story and there should be a piece this evening on West County Tonight at 6pm.

Here is the ITV news clip http://youtu.be/4SfDxRuKH_M

The Old Bridge

February 27th 2012

We have been sent the following communication from Nicola:

 Hello there 

I wonder if you can help me identify this photo – it is labelled as my great great uncle Willie Haye at Lerryn, in the 1880s/90s but having visited Lerryn recently I can see that it is not the main bridge at Lerryn.  You have on your website a picture, dated 1890s, of ‘the old bridge’ at Lerryn.  It looks very similar and I’m wondering where exactly it is & is it still standing?
Many thanks if you can solve this puzzle for me.
It is interesting to compare this photo with the one Heulyn Lewis sent to the Photo Archive (shown below).  He dated the photo as c.1890.  There can be no doubt that the two bridges are the same.  Comparing the trees behind Miss May's Cottage, it would appear that Heulyn's photo is the older of the two.

If anyone has any further information that would be useful to Nicola could they please get in touch with Lerryn.net so we can forward it to her.  We can be contacted by clicking on the button and leaving a message.

Fowey du Maurier Festival 2012

February 26th 2012

This year's Festival promises to be the best ever so don't miss out.  Become a Patron now and you will be able to secure your seats by purchasing your tickets in advance of the public.  The programme will be live very soon - meanwhile, visit the website and register to become a Patron: http://www.dumaurierfestival.co.uk/,

or enter the short story competition and win yourself a cash prize: http://www.dumaurierfestival.co.uk/short-story-competition/

or attend the next Lunch and talk.  John Henty a former BBC presenter, is an authority on Mabel Lucie Attwell; many of you will remember his shop in Fore Street in Fowey as the Mabel Lucie Attwell Museum. He is also Chair of the Max Miller Appreciation Society in Brighton.  The lunch will be two courses followed by coffee for £20 per person.   The Fowey Hotel has limited parking but is a short walk from the Main Car Park.
Booking: please email admin@dumaurierfestival.co.uk with your reservation details.
Tel: 01726 833847 or send a cheque made payable to The du Maurier Festival Society to
5, South Street, Fowey PL23 1AR. We regret we can only take payment by cash or cheque.

The date of the talk is Tuesday the 6th of March 2012.
The closing date for reservations is the 3rd of March 2012.


Quiz Night

February 24th 2012


February 23rd 2012

Lerryn Players are holding a play reading session at The Ship Inn on Tuesday 20 March, beginning at 7.00pm.

This is strictly for fun - no auditions; no performance. Just come along and join in. (People who are not yet Players members for this year will need to bring their £1 annual subscription with them!)

The play we have chosen is ‘Inspector Drake and the Time Machine’, written by David Tristan. Subtitled ‘In Space, No-one Can Hear You Laugh’.


The professor's dead body is found floating in the library, his daughter has vanished, and everything points to the mysterious time machine. Can the intrepid Inspector Drake, ably hampered by Sergeant Plod, solve the crime of the century? Heroically pressing the wrong button by mistake, our hero is sent hurtling into the year 2950, and onto the deck of an alien spaceship. Plod becomes momentarily super-intelligent, and tries to make love to a robot, while Drake uncovers a fiendish plot to take over the world, and falls into the groping hands of the sex-starved High Priestess of Zircon.


Lerryn Memorial Hall - getting even better

February 22nd 2012

The splendid new kitchen donated in Jean Elliott's memory is already being put to good use and has produced the first of a series of lunches Jean would certainly have approved of.

We now also have additional storage space to house the kitchen crockery and the artefacts collected by/donated to the Lerryn History Society.

Meanwhile, back in the main hall, the sound insulation panels suspended just below ceiling level are adding to the enjoyment of many events. They make a difference on Film Club nights and promise to be an asset for the Lerryn Players, but they also make ordinary conversation a lot easier, which improves social events as well as formal meetings. The Hall committee went to quite a lot of trouble and expense to be sure that they were buying exactly what we needed, and it looks as though the investment of time and money has paid off.

Formal ceremony to unveil the Memorial Bench to Ken Hoskin

February 16th 2012

The formal ceremony to unveil the memorial bench to Ken Hoskin was carried out on Saturday 11th February by John Halkes, Chairman of St Veep Parish Council in the presence of Ken's wife Margaret and members of his family.

The unveiling of the seat was carried out by Ken's grandsons.  Margaret thanked the Parish Council for providing the seat and positioning it in such a way that people could enjoy Ken's favourite view.





Ken's Memorial Bench

February 12th 2012

The memorial bench in remembrance of Ken Hoskin, who died last year, is now in place on the Village Green.  Situated opposite his home on the other side of the river, it has commanding views looking down the estuary.  It will be a popular place for people to rest awhile and enjoy the river which was so much a part of Ken's life.




Lerryn and District Produce Association

February 11th 2012

Wishing all of you a very happy and productive gardening year ahead in 2012
Here are a few dates to fill up those new diaries and calendars that you got for Christmas.
12th March -  Annual General Meeting
19th May -  Plant Sale and Coffee Morning
4th August - Annual Show
Many thanks to all our members for your support and efforts that made last years’ show so successful. The Annual Membership remains at £1 and this will entitle you to a crack at one of those shiny members cups!
Best wishes
The Committee

Lerryn History Society - March Meeting

February 10th 2012

The next members' meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st March at 7.15 p.m. in the Red Store. The guest speaker will be Mary Jones who will talk on "The Siege of Lostwithiel". All are welcome, and remember it only costs £1 to join.

An Evening at the Opera

February 10th 2012

Love is in the air!

February 9th 2012

Come and celebrate Valentine's Day at The Ship Inn Lerryn on either Tues 14, Fri 17 or Sat 18 Feb 2012 from 6.30pm to 9pm.

£12 for two courses; £15 for three courses
Telephone 01208 8722374 for reservations


Cooked in Cornish cider, bacon, garlic & onion served with crusty bread


Served with crusty bread

Served with salad garnish & brown toast

Main courses

Served with a red wine & thyme jus, dauphinoise potatoes & mixed vegetables

Served with dill crème fraiche & fresh greens

Chicken breasts in a white wine & tarragon sauce served with mixed vegetables

Pan-fried salmon fillet served with a dill & lemon sauce served with new potatoes & fresh vegetables






RNLI "Share Our Soups" THANK YOU!

February 5th 2012

The RNLI Committee would like to thank all those who contributed soups, puddings ( sometimes both) and cash to our SOS fund raising event.

Our thanks also go to all those who attended and made it such a sociable event.

The event raised over £300 for the Fowey Lifeboat.


Beetle Drive

January 31st 2012

Message from Devon and Cornwall Police

January 31st 2012

Devon and Cornwall Community Messaging

Dear all

Please see email below and do not open anything to do with Census stuff

Statement from Director of the 2011 Census, Glen Watson, Friday 27 January 2012.
Email Scam
We are aware that an email entitled 'Population Census: a message to everyone - act now' is being circulated, allegedly in the name of National Statistician, Jil Matheson. This email demands individuals provide further personal information, supposedly for the Census and threatens fines for non-compliance.

This email is a scam and a hoax. It has no connection whatsoever with the National Statistician, the 2011 Census or the Office for National Statistics.

We believe the links in the email could download malware to any computer where the user clicks on the links. This could put your personal data, including financial information, at risk.

Anyone receiving this, or similar emails, should delete them, not open any links and certainly not provide any information.

For more information on how to protect yourself from this type of threat, please see www.getsafeonline.org

If you wish to, please report receipt of any such suspicious emails to www.actionfraud.org.uk
ONS takes the protection of personal census information extremely seriously. Collection of census data was completed last year and no further requests will be forthcoming from the Office for National Statistics relating to the 2011 Census.


Glen Watson
Director. 2011 Census

Just moved in

January 29th 2012


Hi.  I am Arthur (Celtic for "Bear") and I have just moved into Lerryn.  I am a Cockerpoo (a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle) and am 7 weeks old.  My new owners are Ann and Bernie Gibbons.  I now begin the lengthy process of training them to pander to my every need.


I look forward to meeting my fellow villagers once I have had my inoculations.  See you about.




January 26th 2012

A visitor to the Lerryn.net website sent us three photos of Archie which were taken in September.  He wrote:

Hi, I was sad to read of the recent demise of the village swan, "Archie".  I would be honoured if you could see fit to add these photos to your collection.  They were taken last summer. 
Thanks, Bob.
The photos are on the Photo Gallery and can be seen by clicking on the image of Archie below:

RNLI "Share our Soups" midday February 4th in the Memorial Hall

January 25th 2012

Lostwithiel & District Branch of RNLI




Saturday February 4th 2012


Share Our Soup


Delicious home-made soups and sinful desserts!


in Lerryn Memorial Hall

from 12 noon until 2pm



Please come and Share Our Soup (and puds!) and help raise funds for the RNLI.




January 24th 2012

THE FIRST OF THE LERRYN LUNCHES took place on Thursday 19th January.   Thirty four people of all ages (including four toddlers) enjoyed each other’s company whilst tucking into a tasty casserole followed by apple crumble and custard.  Compliments on the food abounded and it was a truly social occasion which members of Lerryn Women’s Institute enjoyed hosting.  During tea and coffee afterwards, Catherine Murphy (President) thanked everyone for supporting the very first lunch, and asked Ronald Elliott (benefactor of the new kitchen) to draw the lucky ticket for a free meal next time.  This lucky person was Sue Pearce.  The small profit made will go towards the cost of the Hygiene Course which Lerryn Women’s Institute funded for the benefit of both its own members and the members of other organisations in the village.  Grateful thanks must go to everyone who contributed in any way to make the lunch such a success and particularly to Rachel Hoole, whose idea it was in the first place to have social lunches in the Memorial Hall.  Do look out for details of the next of the lunches, which will be hosted by the mothers of Lerryn Playgroup and the School.



January 21st 2012

Here is the quick step-by-step procedure:

1.  Telephone Hayley Thomas of Richards in Par on Wednesday with your fish order and agree on fish type, amount and approximate price.  Telephone number to ring is 01726 825078

2.  Fish will be caught between Wednesday and Friday

3.  Collect the fish from the Drill Hall in Lerryn between 11 and 11.45a.m. on the following Friday

4.  The fish will be in a package with your name on and with an invoice showing the price to be paid to the person on duty

5.  The person on duty will keep the money and pay the Richards driver on the following Friday.  Richards will accept cheques provided that the invoice is for more than £10

6.  If you are unable to phone on Wednesday,  Richards will do their best to accommodate orders placed on Thursday

7.  Obviously the fish will not keep,  so please make sure that there is somebody to collect and pay for it.

Any queries to Bill Needs 01208 872884 or David St.John 01208 873373

Morning Has Broken

January 17th 2012

Sunrise over Ribby Wood on Tuesday, 17th January at 8.01am

Orchard pruning event

January 16th 2012

The National Trust is putting on two orchard pruning events in February in the local area.

The first is on Saturday 11th February at 1.00 pm aimed at formative pruning of young orchard trees. Professional advice will be available on the day and it is a hands-on activity.

The second is on Friday 17th February at 10.00 am aimed at restorative pruning of older more unruly trees. Again a hands-on activity and with professional advice on pruning apple trees and other orchard fruits.

Refreshments will be provided at both and booking is needed for both of these events.

If people could get in contact with the Ranger team by either phone: 01726 870146 or email: southeastcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk for further details on location etc.

There is no charge for the events but donations would be welcome.

Yet more Seagull Race Photos

January 15th 2012

Thanks to Nic Smith, there are many more photos of the Seagull Race on the Photo Gallery.  There are now over 300 images extending over 10 pages of the Gallery.


To view these, click on the image below:






January 15th 2012

Archie, a regular to Lerryn's Village Green, who, sadly, was killed by a dog on Friday


Lerryn Players

January 14th 2012

Seagull Race Report

January 13th 2012

The  24th Lerryn Annual Seagull race took place on the 7th of January.  Much to the amazement of everyone, there was an entry of 35 boats  which, like their crews, were dressed in line with the theme which was; ‘STRICTLY’.  A huge crowd on the river banks cheered on the competitors who rose to new heights of skill and expertise. (No-one sank this year.) 

 The weather was very clement for the time of year.  In our strange old climate, we have had to cancel 3 summer events because of the weather, but never a seagull race which are always held in winter!



  Monies were raised for the RNLI and local charities. Prize giving took place in the Ship Inn, wherein are the committee rooms of The River Lerryn Yacht Squadron, who organise the occasion.

  Some said that they really enjoyed the day, but most couldn’t remember very much about it.


A big thanks to all who made the event such a success once again.




To get a flavour of the day, look at all the photos on the Photo Gallery




D Vipond (Commodore of the RLYS)

More Seagull Race photos

January 12th 2012


Under the watchful eye of Commodore David Vipond of The River Lerryn Yacht Squadron, the January 2012 Seagull race took place.  Keith Rooker and Richard Morris have added a further 108 photos of the event to the Photo Gallery.


There are now a total of 182 photos of the race extending over 7 pages of the Photo Gallery.


To view these photos, either go to the Photo Gallery or click on the image of the Commodore's hat below.





Lerryn Players - Panto of the Opera

January 10th 2012

A DVD of the pantomime has now been produced, and is on sale at £5.00. Proceeds will go to replenish the funds of Lerryn Players so that there will be enough money to stage a production later this year.

If you would like to order a copy, please contact Paul Weatherhogg, "Trelinhay", Lerryn - Telephone 01208 873621

Lerryn Lunches

January 10th 2012


A Reminder to get your tickets by 15th for:



                Thursday 19th January 2012

 Lerryn Memorial Hall 12.30pm


Come and join us for good food, good company, service with a smile and no washing up! The first lunch will reflect the time of year and promises to be both delicious and nutritious


   Main Course (Vegetarian Option) and pudding 

Followed by Tea or Coffee



Tickets are limited so hurry and

purchase your ticket before 15th January please


from Sue Daw, Trevanson 01208 873634


Lerryn River Stores 


Transport provided by the LAMA minibus at a small extra charge

Please book with Annie Singer on 01208 871272



Seagull Race Photos

January 9th 2012

Thanks to Paul Weatherhogg and Jo Willcox, there is now a selection of photos of the Seagull Race held in Lerryn on Saturday, 7th January 2012.  To view these pictures, go to the Photo Gallery or click on the image below:


There are 74 photos and they extend over 3 pages of the Photo Gallery

Tuesday Club Annual Dinner

January 8th 2012

Our annual dinner will take place on Tuesday 31st January at the Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club (7.30 for a 8.00 pm start).

The menu is now available and the cost is £23.00.  For details and to pre book, please contact either Ros on 872999 or Carol on 872017.  You are kindly requested to give your payment to Carol and Ros when you confirm your menu.


Lerryn and District Produce Association

January 7th 2012

Wishing all of you a very happy and productive gardening year ahead in 2012.

Here are a few dates to fill up those new diaries and calendars that you got for Christmas

12 March:  AGM

19th May:    Plant Sale and Coffee Morning

4th August:  Annual Show

Many thanks to all our members for your support and efforts that made last years’ show so successful.

The Annual Membership remains at £1 and this will entitle you to a crack at one of those shiny members cups!

Best wishes

The Committee

Seagull Race

January 6th 2012


News Travels Far

January 4th 2012

The number of people visiting Lerryn.net has increased substantially over the last few months.

People all over the world are now enjoying the various pages that our website has to offer.  We are delighted that they have found us and we welcome them.

Some of you reading this are former residents of Lerryn and we hope you are able to keep in touch with life in our village through this website.

Others have found us in a variety of ways and have come to know and explore Lerryn through the web pages.

If any of our former residents would like to write to us and, perhaps, send us their news and some photographs, we would love to receive them.  With your permission, we could include them on the News Pages.

Similarly, we would be pleased to hear from any of our visitors living abroad.  It would be interesting to know how you found our website and to tell us what you like about our web pages. It would be fascinating to know in which parts of the world our little village is being followed.

Anyone, home or abroad, wishing to contact the website can do so by clicking on the blue button and posting a message.



You could also use the Discussion Forum --------------------------------

 We look forward to hearing from you.


Happy New Year

January 1st 2012

I wish all the visitors to our website a very Happy New Year.  In January 2011, the number of visits to our site was on average 251 per day.  By December 2011, it had risen to 781 - a great achievement for a village website. 

I take this opportunity to thank all the people who help make our site worth visiting:

  • All the budding reporters who post news items
  • St Veep Parish Council, the Church of England, LAMA, the Lerryn WI and more recently the Red Store for providing up-to-date information on their own pages
  • The traders who advertise on our website
  • All the community groups who populate the calendar of events
  • The contributors to the Discussion Forum
  • My fellow residents who sit on the committee, including those who are able to sort out all the technical challenges
  • Staff at Evergreen who come to the rescue so promptly and efficiently whenever we need them
  • Those of you who post photos on our Photo Gallery.  I am sure that you will agree that a special vote of thanks must go to our regular photographers known as J and BG for capturing so many events on camera and posting their photos either in the Photo Gallery or in the News Section.  Their excellent contributions make lerryn.net rather special

Annie Singer

Chair of the lerryn.net website committee


Lerryn at the end of December 2011

Happy Christmas

December 25th 2011

   (Lerryn in the snow)

A Happy Christmas to all our visitors


Lerryn & District Produce Association

December 24th 2011

School Nativity Play

December 23rd 2011

For photos of the Lerryn School Nativity Play go to the Photo Gallery or click on the image below:

Pony Express

December 23rd 2011

Pony Express

Thanks to the Pony Express for delivering our Christmas Cards despite the wet weather

Du Maurier Festival News

December 23rd 2011

The du Maurier Festival

Fowey - Cornwall - 2012

9th - 20th May

This unique annual Festival hosts a mix of music, drama, talks & walks in a beautiful setting.  The new charity running it needs your support if it is to survive the council funding squeeze. Become a Friend or Patron of the Festival.

Gift vouchers exchangeable for Festival tickets make a perfect Christmas gift! Buy them at Fowey TIC (01726 833847), Bookends Too (01726 832595), Ann's Gallery Lostwithiel (01208 872828) or on our new website: www.dumaurierfestival.co.uk    

A Christmas Carol - Pip Utton One Man Show comes to Fowey!  In Fowey Town Hall, at 8.00pm on Wed 28th Dec & Thurs 29th Dec. Tickets available now @ £12.00 / £10.00 Friends & Patrons of the Festival/£8.00 under 18s

Join us for a du Maurier Luncheon at a local hotel

Book your lunch today for £20 per person:

31st January at Fowey Hall Hotel with E V Thompson

6th March at Fowey Hotel with John Henty talking about Mabel Lucie Atwell and Max Miller

10th April at Trenython Manor, Tywardreath, Tim Smit

Email your reservation to admin@dumaurierfestival.co.uk


Help raise funds for The du Maurier Festival


 Do you buy goods on line from many well known companies such as Amazon, John Lewis, ebay or many more? Then you can help us to raise money for The du Maurier Festival Society without it costing you a penny and it only takes a few moments, it may also save you some money with a discount! Here is what to do.

Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk

Register your name as a supporter for The du Maurier Festival Society. It is FREE

Click on the retailer you wish to buy from and continue as normal.

Everytime you buy there is an easy reminder tool to register your support for us. It is as easy as that and there are special offers too from hundreds of on line retailers, so in helping us you may also grab a bargain.

Everytime you buy you will receive an email telling you how much has been donated by the retailer. On average a donation of 5% is given by the retailer to your chosen cause.

Help The du Maurier Festival Society raise funds by registering today.


If you use www.easysearch.org.uk as your web browser and select The du Maurier Festival Society as your chosen cause then if you use it every time you search the web this too will help to raise funds.

The du Maurier Festival Society
Registered Office: 5 South Street, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1AR
Company Limited by Guarantee No.7719529 Registered Charity 1143916


The Holly Bears a Berry

December 22nd 2011


   The holly tree on the Village Green on Sunday 18th December.  The berries were beginning to be stripped by a flock of Redwings that had just flown in.


Bring me Sunshine

December 21st 2011

No, it's not Eric or Ernie, it's me, Paul Weatherhogg, wondering how you are getting on with your St Veep sunshine boxes.  The sun has shone on plenty of occasions this summer and autumn, and my box was getting rather full.  So, I counted out some of the coins and was amazed at how much I had saved.  I then gave them to Elizabeth St John to go into St Veep's bank account.

The Sunshine boxes will be collected early next year, but if like mine yours is getting rather full, why not take out some of the coins now and bring them to a service at St Veep, where the Church wardens will be happy to pass them on to the Treasurer.

Missing Cables from Hall - Can you help?

December 21st 2011

Can anyone help?  At some time around the Panto two cables went missing from the room behind the stage, one a loud speaker cable and the other a short power cable. It could be that these were just tidied away, but both are critical to the setup for the Film Club so if anyone can shed any light on their whereabouts please advise Mike Harrison Tel: 01208 872162


Details of how to apply for Parish Council Vacancies

December 21st 2011

See the St Veep Parish Council Page for details of how to apply for one of the two vacancies on the Parish Council.



Christmas message from Chris and Rachel Hoole

December 19th 2011

We wish all our friends in Lerryn a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. Our new life in Somerset has been put on hold due to the early arrival of our latest grandchildren, twins Tommy and Evie born 14 weeks early weighing only 805 and 810grms. They are in the Neo- natal unit in Bristol and now weighing just over 1.8kgs. Little Evie has had brain and bowel surgery and is progressing slowly. Tommy is doing slightly better and is now feeding well. In recognition of the amazing staff in this unit,  we have decided not to send as many Christmas cards this year and instead help the Cots and Tots fund at The Bristol Childrens Hospital.


Kick-off to Christmas

December 18th 2011

We went to Mousehole in the bus last night to see their famous lights switched on. The lights themselves are magical - and very funny and clever, some of them - and the whole occasion was warm and welcoming. The Mousehole community have deliberately kept it a local event, with the lights switched on by local people (with local jokes!), which gave it a very friendly feel. Robin's driving was brilliant and he managed to charm the bus into a space very close to the centre, which saved us from getting too wet in the squall that marked the end of the festivities. A lovely evening, and a lovely warm bus to come home in.

There are four seats left on the minibus for Tuesday's trip to Mousehole.  Ring Keith and Annie on 01208871272 if you would like to go on that trip.

Good News

December 17th 2011