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Red Arrows Update

August 4th 2010

Good News.  The Red Arrows have now been cleared for flying again.  They will be appearing in Falmouth on Wednesday, 11th August and they will be coming to Fowey on Thursday, 19th August.

  (J)                                 (Bernie)

Last year in Fowey flying against the rain cloud that produced the spectacular rainbow later


Red Arrows

August 3rd 2010


Red Arrows over Fowey Last Year


The Red Arrows are due to come to Fowey on Thursday, 19th August.  This year's display is in some doubt because of a fault discovered in the ejector seat mechanism of the Hawk Trainer aircraft.  All such aircraft, including the Red Arrows, have been grounded until the ejector seats have been inspected.  Hopefully, they will be cleared for flight before Fowey Regatta week.

New Research

August 1st 2010

Scientists have been working in the Fowey and Lerryn Estuaries on the problem of guano excrement from sea birds being deposited on boats


 They are sorry to have to report that the use of plastic owls as a deterrent does not work!

NHS Dentist

August 1st 2010

It was reported recently in the local press that Dr Finlay Bason of the Lostwithiel Dental Surgery had got together with developer, John Wombwell, to provide new premises at the Old Carriage Works at Brunel Quays in Lostwithiel.  It is now hoped that the new premises will be up and running by the end of the year.  There will be three surgeries in the new development and a new dentist, Dr Nicola Chambers, has already joined the practice.  Until the new premises are completed, she will be working in Fowey.

There are now vacancies in Lostwithiel for people wishing to register as NHS patients.  These vacancies are rapidly being filled so, if you are interested, contact the Lostwithiel Dental Practice as soon as possible.

You can telephone on   01208 873290  or email the Practice at   lostwithieldental@btconnect.com  

The World Leaves Fowey

August 1st 2010

The World leaving Fowey

The cruise ship, "The World", left Fowey at 8.30pm, last night ( 31st July) after a very successful visit.  Earlier in the day, Fowey Town Crier, Michael Penprase, welcomed passengers and crew to Fowey.


The World provided an impressive backdrop to the colourful sailing events that took place in the afternoon.

The passengers and crew of "The World" remarked on the friendly welcome given by the people of Cornwall.  As the cruise ship left, there was a carnival atmosphere with crowds waving from the Town Quay, balconies and boats.  The waves were enthusiastically returned by the passengers lining the rails as they took a last look at Fowey.  The Town Crier, aboard one of the Harbour Master's boats, added to the jovial atmosphere by calling out and ringing his bell.

 Further pictures can be seen on the Photo Gallery ------------

Engine theft from St Winnow

July 30th 2010

      The police have informed us that a small 4hp outboard was stolen last week from a boat tied up off St Winnow. Once again the outboard was not locked so the message is clear -  Lock it or risk losing it -  email us if you want advice on outboard locks

Add this to the recent attempted theft of an outboard (again a small one) from the Cliff area and again from a floating boat and we have to assume someone is in the main river on the look out for unlocked outboards probably working at night.

Lerryn is probably the next logical target so be vigilant and remove or lock down any small engines.

Message from David Vipond

July 30th 2010

I would like to thank everyone who attended any of my leaving events and sent cards, good wishes, donations and gifts.  The love and affection shown to me through all this has been very moving and I am grateful to you all.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lerryn School and hope to stay part of  this wonderful community for many years to come.


David Vipond



July 30th 2010

If you have been following the squirrel debate running in the Discussion Forum -----------------then you may be interested to hear of a plan to reintroduce red squirrels into parts of West Cornwall.

Paradise Park, in Hayle, is to be involved in an exciting new reintroduction program releasing captive bred Red Squirrels.

The squirrels will be released into the wild on the Lizard and across West Penwith.

To read more about this project Click Here

The World Arrives

July 30th 2010

The World arrived in Fowey in perfect weather conditions.  To see more pictures, click the purple button

The World update

July 29th 2010

Fowey Harbour Office are now giving the following times for the arrival and departure of The World:

Arrival:          Thursday, 29th July at 1750 hours

Departure:   Saturday, 31st July at 2000 hours

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