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October 2nd 2010

It is interesting to note that certain news items and photographs that have appeared on the lerryn.net website have also appeared in some local newspapers without permission being given for their use.  Opinions are divided as to whether we should be upset by this or, perhaps, pleased that events in Lerryn are reaching a wider audience.

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On the way up to Fleet Street?

October 2nd 2010

In order to ensure that we bring you all the news of interest from Lerryn and the surrounding area, our small gang of volunteers scan www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/news  on a regular basis.  This brings you on-line daily news from the Western Morning News, the Cornishman, the West Briton and the Cornish Guardian.

Guess what the reporters on "thisiscornwall" do?  They visit our website on a regular basis and print many of our news items on their website!

Do you think that we should claim copyright?  Should we charge them a fee?  Let us know your views by joining the Discussion Forum.

If you are a reporter for "thisiscornwall", we would welcome your views too!

Agatha Christie's Holiday Home welcomes Lerryn WI

September 29th 2010

The National Trust property "Greenway" on the River Dart was the venue for Lerryn WI's autumn outing on Saturday 25th September.  Members and their guests enjoyed a splendid day, with perfect weather for their visit, which started with a tour of the house.  NT staff were very welcoming and helpful and were on hand in every room to answer questions about the house and Agatha Christie's family holidays.  It was very evident from the many family collections and artifacts, that this was a truly relaxing family holiday home and this was also reinforced by the live piano playing throughout the tour.  After a leisurely lunch, members then had a guided tour of the garden, learning many tips from the head gardener, and some even managed the walk down to the boathouse at the river's edge before the steep climb back up and a photo shoot (above) before climbing back on board LAMA's minibus for the drive back home to Lerryn. 


Council Tax refund scam

September 26th 2010

The following appeared on the BBC Cornwall website on Monday, so once again do be careful about disclosing personal information.

Cornish residents warned of council tax refund scam

Cornish residents are being warned about a council tax scam in which they are asked to reveal their bank details.  Cornwall Council has received reports of telephone calls when people are told they are due a refund and asked for their bank details.  Mark Read, from the council, said: "We would never contact customers and ask for those kinds of details."  The council said if a refund was due and a direct debit had been used, the same bank details would be refunded.  Those who had paid their council tax by cash or a cheque would receive a refund by cheque.  Anyone who has been contacted or is concerned about the scam is urged to contact the council.

Apologies from LAMA

September 24th 2010

Those of you who receive The Bridge will have noticed that it includes the October 2009 timetable instead of the 2010 timetable.  Please do not blame the editors of The Bridge.  The mistake is entirely ours , as we e-mailed them the wrong timetable.

Correct timetables are posted on the Lerryn View and on the Hall noticeboards and advertised on this website and in the Lostwithiel Newsletter.  Passengers will also find the October 2010 timetables displayed in the minibus itself.

We are sorry for any confusion caused and we promise not to do it again!

Click here to see the timetable----------

Successful Parish Plan Consultation

September 22nd 2010


See the Parish Council page for feedback on this very successful event.

Thanks to all of the Parishioners who turned out and gave their comments and suggestions, these will greatly help the team who will be preparing the questionnaire and plan.


A life with bells on

September 22nd 2010

Anybody driving through Lerryn , or should I say "attempting to drive" through Lerryn on Saturday evening between 7.00 and 7.30 pm,  will have been intrigued and hopefully entertained by the spectacle in front of them.

Why did the traffic come to a stand still?  The new season of the Lerryn Film club started yesterday and the first film was "A life with bells on", a heartwarming feature length comedy that follows the fortunes of one of the leading Morris teams in the country.

To everybody's surprise and delight, the film committee had invited the TRIGG Morris Men to perform a few dances in front of the Memorial Hall for half an hour before we were due to watch the film.

To find out more about the TRIGG Morris Men, click on the following link:  http://www.triggmorris.co.uk/about%20trigg.htm

A big thank you to the Film Club Committee for such an original and entertaining start to the season!

For more pictures of the Trigg Morris Men click on the button------------------


Cornish Quadrathlon passing through Lerryn

September 21st 2010

The Cornish Quadrathlon raising money for the Precious Lives appeal will be passing through the village on Sunday 3rd October on its coast to coast journey.

The group of 28 participants will be crossing Cornwall on the day from Padstow to Fowey starting with an 800m swim from Padstow Harbour before a grueling 20 mile cycle via the Camel Trail onto Lanhydrock. At this point the teams run 7 miles via Lostwithiel and St Winnow to Lerryn so will be arriving via the Great Wood path up the riverside and into the village to the slipway.

In Lerryn athletes will be jumping into Encounter Cornwall's kayaks and paddling the final miles to Caffa Mills in Fowey on the outgoing tide to complete the Quadrathlon.

The event is fully supported by Fowey Harbour Commission and will be covered by Mike Sutherland in his weekly Radio Cornwall Spot with equipment and safety support provided by Encounter Cornwall.

If you are free for an hour or so a week on Sunday we are keen for any help or support the village can give - in particular

1  Be at the village Slipway to cheer on the participants who will need some encouragement and support by the time they reach Lerryn - the running stage will be arriving at the Main Slipway in Lerryn from 14.00pm

2  Volunteer to help on the River - Encounter Cornwall are looking for any volunteers who can help with setting participants off in the canoes from the slipway OR anyone able to stay out on the water between Lerryn and St Winnow Point to keep an eye on this stretch of water as paddlers pass by. Note we can provide a kayak if you don't have your own boat / canoe.  Please call Damon or Tim on 01208 871066 or email us at info@encountercornwall.com if you can help in any way.

3 Make a Donation - Support the Event and the Precious Lives appeal by making a donation however small at http://www.justgiving.com/cornish-quadrathlon/   The event raised over £1000 last year and this years target is £2000.

For those who don't know about the Precious Lives appeal some information follows.

Registered Charity 1003314

About the charity

At Children’s Hospice South West we help and support children and their families who are living with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and we are the only organisation in the South West to provide vital hospice care to these families. Some families come to us for palliative care, some for emergency care and many for planned respite and a rare opportunity for a break away. But there’s more to it than that. We provide a loving and caring place for every member of the families who stay with us. A place where everyone can begin to forget their worries for a while, be a family again and find expert help and support in facing an uncertain future.

Our services are free to the families who need us because we believe that nothing should get in the way of very sick children receiving the very best care. So, with little government funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to deliver our promise to ‘make the most of short and precious lives’.

Children’s Hospice South West has two purpose-built hospices in the South West. Little Bridge House in North Devon and Charlton Farm in North Somerset. A third special home from home for life-limited children in Cornwall and Plymouth, is due to open in 2011 called Little Harbour.

To find out more please visit www.chsw.org.uk or call 01271 325270


High Value Stolen Paddle Recovered (Boatwatch)

September 17th 2010

Looe police have been in touch with us to advise that a very expensive

“BRACSA VI” carbon fibre kayak  paddle which is believed to have been stolen has been recovered locally.

CLICK HERE to see an image and full details from the police

If anyone has lost this or had it stolen they will be wanting it back as this is a high value item

Get in touch with Looe Police directly on the number given if you know anything about it or its yours !!!








Thinking of going to the Lostwithiel Farmers' Market tomorrow?

September 16th 2010

You are in for a big surprise!  Amongst all the local Cornish produce, you will find a stall selling sushi.  Sushi Ichiban Cornwall produces top quality sushi for local restaurants, delis and hotels, as well as catering for large parties and functions.  Click on the link for further details:  http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/news/Sushi-markets/article-2646474-detail/article.html

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