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And did those paddles ........

July 21st 2010

The Lerryn WI ladies have been on the water today.  Escorted by Damon and Tim, the ladies set off down river.  As they passed Waye Cottage, the strains of "Jerusalem" rang out courtesy of Malcolm Bell and his piano.

The ladies canoed round St Winnow Point and across the Fowey River, watched by a flight of about 15 cormorants and 60 curlews.  They entered  Woodgate Pill, a tranquil haven for wildlife, especially at high tide.  About 60 Canada Geese remained but other species flew off. Then on to Angie's at St Winnow for a well-earned rest and delicious home-cooked refreshments.  Although the conditions were quite windy the WI members negotiated the river to Penquite Boathouse, a well known local landmark which was used by Edward VII.  They passed herons and egrets and to their delight, a kingfisher flew ahead of them towards Lerryn.  Common sandpipers bobbed up and down on the waters edge and their call echoed across the estuary.  The WI group arrived back in Lerryn, tired but very happy.  The ladies wish to thank Damon and Tim for their encouragement and patience.  The ladies would also like to thank Lin Briggs for organising such a successful trip.

To see photos of the WI Canoeing trip click on the button-------------


Discussion Forum

July 21st 2010

Three new discussion items have been started in the last few days.  Why not have your say on Squirrels, The Photo Archive and The Big Tidy Up.  Have a look and, perhaps, add your comments.  You can even start a new discussion topic.  You will be sent a password and then you are ready to join in.

Click Here to see what is being discussed on the Discussion Forum

If you want to join in, then go to the Sign Up page by clicking the green button     


Need a Boat ?

July 21st 2010

Nothing like getting out on the water at this time of year

If you are short of a vessel see the classified section for a bargain


8ft grp dinghy and seagull outboard,both very good condition and ready to use.£175


and......then there is always the seagull race to keep you busy in the winter........



Lerryn Photo Archive

July 21st 2010

Quite a number of years ago, Esthermary Todd initiated a project to collect photographs of places, events and people in and around Lerryn, with the purpose of preserving these for the interest of present and future generations. The voluntary group, led by Esthermary, spent many hours copying and storing the photos on the computers at Lerryn Memorial Hall.

Towards the end of 2008, Esthermary, having moved to Lostwithiel, was no longer able to maintain the archive and decided to entrust Lerryn Memorial Hall committee with the responsibility of managing and expanding this valuable source of local history.

Esthermary Todd

The photographs were edited, sorted by decade and relevant information attached. This work was undertaken by Michael Fenwick and Esthermary.  The collection of photographs has now been made available for publishing on this website.  They are also available on a CD which can be purchased from the village shop.  Some examples of these old photographs are shown below:


A very big thank you to Esthermary and Michael who have put many hours of work into this project.  If you would like to see more of these photos then click on Photo Archive in the list to the left of this page


Click on the picture of the bridge here..............................


The Big Tidy Up

July 20th 2010

If you are concerned about litter in and around Lerryn then have a look at Tracey's item about "The Big Tidy Up" on the Discussion Forum.  Click on the black button to see more



Pete The Fish

July 20th 2010

We are pleased to report that Peter Randall is now back at work and plans to be in Lerryn, tomorrow (21st July).


The World Is Coming To Fowey

July 20th 2010


The residential cruise ship, "The World" will be coming to Fowey on 29th July staying until the 31st July.  At the moment she is expected to arrive at 5pm but this may change.


The World has a gross tonnage of 43,524 tons, is 196m (644ft) long and 30m (98ft) wide.  Her draft is 6.7m (22ft).  She has 165 residential units made up of 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments and 40 studios.

The World last came to Fowey in October, 2007 and you can see from the pictures, she is a very impressive sight.

Fortunately, the tides will be right for visiting Fowey by boat from Lerryn and thus giving intrepid sailors the opportunity to sail around The World!


Unwelcome Litter at Ethy Rocks

July 19th 2010

It has been reported to the Lerryn Website that a few weeks ago a group of people had an evening barbecue at Ethy Rocks.  The next day a local resident found an assortment of items strewn over a wide area.  The items were collected and photographed.  They included a metal barbecue, the box in which it had been purchased, empty cans of lager, an empty bottle of vodka, about 20 metal tealight containers and the barbecue ash.  Surprisingly, one unopened can of lager was also found!


Having made a return trip to Ethy Rocks with bin liners to collect the litter, the villager was disappointed to find discarded bags of dog faeces along the track.  These were still there several days later.



On Monday night (12th July) another group of young people were enjoying themselves at Ethy Rocks, cooking food, drinking bottles of beer and using fire torches to illuminate the area.  The next day there was no sign of any litter - everything had been cleared away and the area remained unspoilt.

It is to be hoped that those who wish to enjoy the beauty that Lerryn has to offer will respect our village, river and countryside and behave like the second group of visitors.


Village Seats

July 17th 2010

The two seats by the bridge have been repaired, courtesy of the Parish Council.  The wood of the seats had become rotten and dangerous.  Unfortunately, the repair was complicated by the fact that the two ends to each seat were concreted into place and the new wood could not be fitted without releasing one end of each seat from the concrete.  Hopefully, residents and visitors alike, can now enjoy the lovely views looking down river.


Unusually High Summer Tides

July 16th 2010

Many people will have noticed that the tides on the 14th and 15th July have been unusually high for the summer.  Water levels in Lerryn have been very close to causing flooding in low-lying areas.

The height that the water reaches in Lerryn is dependent on 4 main factors:

1  The predicted tide height  (5.6m on Wed night:  5.5m on Thurs night)

2  Atmospheric pressure (high pressure lowers the water level; low pressure raises the water level)  (pressure on Wed and Thursday nights was fairly low: 995mb)

3  Wind strength and direction.  Strong winds from the S & SW force more water up the river (Wed - the wind was approx 22 Knots or 25mph from the SW;  Thursday - the wind was approx 45 Knots or 52mph dropping just before high tide to 15 Knots or 17mph from the SW)

4  The flow of water coming down the river from the moor (thankfully, very low at the moment).

The actual height of the tide on Wednesday night was 5.92m (0.32m or 12ins above predicted) and on Thursday night was 6.07m (0.57m or 22ins above predicted).  (thanks to Fowey Harbour Office for this information)

The wooden posts around the Red Store parking area were very nearly covered by the water.  Several cars parked in this area suffered severe damage earlier in the week.  It is interesting to compare the high tide and low tide photos on the Photo Gallery for the area around the Red Store.  Notice the wooden posts just showing above the water at high tide.

To see photos of the tides go to the Photo Gallery or click on the purple button       



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