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Village news

Flu friends

August 28th 2009

In the event that swine flu becomes widespread in the village and surrounding area, we think that it will be useful to have some contact names of people to help out if you and your family and neighbours are unwell at the same time.  The following people have kindly volunteered to be "Flu Friends":

Madeleine & Peter Bidwell: 872232

Tim and Jane Bulmer:  871430

Marguerite Butt:  873357

Sue Daw:  873634

Norman Douglas:  873895

Anne Gibbons:  873434

Jill Gooch:  872680

Jill Grant:  871334

John Halkes:  873393

Jackie Harman:  872340

Ann Henderson:  873428

Barry and Gillian Hunt:  871044

Jim Kelly:  873837

Charles Morgan:  872834

Catherine Murphy:  871195

Bill Needs:  872884

D & P Rolling:  873295

David and Elizabeth St John:  873373

Nick Smith:  873355

Lesley Thomas:  872862

Viv Turner:  873458

Sue Watts:  871513

Gill Wolhuter:  01503 220467


Last Night of the PROMS - LAMA fund raising

August 28th 2009

Please ignore the date given in the September ‘Bridge’!

LAMA will be showing the Last Night of the Proms concert LIVE on the Memorial Hall big screen on SATURDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER. Bring your own bottle, and book in advance for a delicious substantial-soup-plus-pudding supper. Details in the shop and on the noticeboards.


Learn to play Bridge

August 28th 2009


Saturday September 12th - 2pm to 5pm Liskeard Public Hall

Would you like to improve, learn or return to bridge?

Drop in to the open afternoon, or call Mike or Sylvia Smith on 01726 870 489 

Beginners and improvers courses will start in September 

Liskeard Bridge Club welcomes new and old bridge players!



Welcome to Nigel and Deanna

August 26th 2009

On Wednesday 26th, the Lerryn Village Stores re-opened after a day's closure for stock take.  We all welcome Nigel and Deanna O'Brien, the new owners.  All too often we hear on the local news of village shops which close.  So,  good people of Lerryn, show your support for Nigel and Deanna, not just in words but more importantly in deeds.  And remember the slogan USE IT OR LOSE IT!  It does not bear thinking about.


Yet MORE Theft Attempts

August 22nd 2009

An attempt was made through the night on Thursday to take one of the Encounter Cornwall Safety Boat Engines from our larger boat. Its bolted and locked through the transom which appears to have saved us as the clamps were fully undone this morning and an attempt had been made to pull the engine off the boat.

This means that things have been stolen or attempted to be stolen (assuming the same people are responsible) during three seperate nights this week. Clearly these people are no messing around and see Lerryn as a soft touch at present.

The visitors boat lost a 9.9hp engine worth around £1,500 so an expensive holiday for them. Details including the serial number are in the Shop window and on the drill hall if anyone hears anything or is offered anything.

Once again make sure everything is securely locked or taken off your boats as it would appear that these "people" may well be back

Helicopter Rescue St Winnow

August 21st 2009

From BBC News yesterday.......

2 people were rescued from the mudbanks off St Winnow earlier this week after their newly purchased inflatable had "run out of fuel" and they got stuck as the tide fell.

They were stranded out there for 6 hours....in the dark.

Both were winched off the boat by helicopter eventually...... cold but unharmed.

Inshore Lifeboat crew were also involved through the night.

"On average it costs £5,800 to launch an all weather lifeboat, such as the Maurice and Joyce Hardy and £2,200 to launch an inshore lifeboat like the Olive Two."  (Source www.foweylifeboat.co.uk)


More Theft - Outboard Engines can you help?

August 21st 2009

Two outboard engines were stolen on Wed night from the foreshore

One a local residents was padlocked to the boat on its mooring by the car park - it was a 15hp engine so we can assume there was more than one person involved due to the weight.

The other was taken from a visitors boat left near the slipway.

This has all been reported to Looe Police and the Harbour Commission who are now investigating following the dingy theft on Monday

Due to the tide times on Wed it seems most likely that the thefts are from land by a vehicle

An old red Ford type, estate van with writing on it was seen on the “scene of the crime” on Monday  around Little Quay at 10.00 & there was evidence of cut rope found in the lay-by nearby at 10.30.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious please let us know so we can pass the information on ..... in confidence if need be.


Meanwhile until those involved are caught or move on please make sure you keep an eye on yours and your neighbouring boats.


A new item has been set up on the Forum Page for anyone with any ideas on how we stop this kind of thing.

Boat Theft Lerryn Village - Appeal for info

August 19th 2009


If anyone saw anything relating to this theft......in broad daylight then please call 01208 871066 asap so we can pass the information on - meanwhile please take extra care of boating equipment there is currently a spate of theft going on in Golant, Fowey and now sadly from our village.


Dear Lerryn.net


Could you please look out for a 2 man -  7ft inflatable Plastimo dinghy, grey with blue floor and varnished slats and transom &  several round patches, which was stolen yesterday (Tuesday 18:08:09) sometime between 7.30 & 17.00. It was moored on the Lostwithiel side of the bank on our Wingletang / Morvran mooring and tied secularly with half hitches, so it didn\'t just float away.

This was done in broad daylight and our hunch is that it was possibly done with a transit van on the lane.

If by chance anybody saw anything or you see a drifting dinghy on your travels which resembles the above, it might be ours.

River theft as you know is on the increase again this year & seems to be well organised, so be warned.

Many thanks for any help. We\'ve reported this to the Police & contacted the harbour master via email.


All the best

Heulyn & Ginny


Message From Rich Cornwall

August 11th 2009

On Saturday 8th Aug at 6pm I crossed the bridge into Lerryn something that just over a week earlier I was not sure I would ever do again.


Huge thanks are due to the remarkable efforts and speedy actions of the RCHT - Treliske and the London Heart Hospital who made this possible.


Still the most emotional and heart warming events were down to our friends in Lerryn. Prue was overwhelmed with the numerous and varied offers of support and assistance along with the huge volume of cards. Now I am able to understand it myself I feel totally humbled by everyones thoughts and efforts.


If I can take this opportunity to thank everyone most deeply, who are too numerous to mention by name, and hope in the coming days to be able to thank everyone in person.


Lastly and with all my love my biggest debt is to my Prue.


Rich Cornwall




How to Win Friends and be Useful to People

August 10th 2009

Among the best appreciated people in Lerryn and Lostwithiel are the LAMA bus drivers. The bus makes a very special contribution to the quality of people's lives here, and what makes it possible is our wonderful group of drivers.

The bad news is that we now have an acute driver shortage.  Already some bus outings are under threat and the situation is about to get worse.  Please, if you can drive and have a few hours a month you can spare, consider driving the bus.  Training and support are available and if you reach the age where you need a medical to continue, LAMA will fund that for you.

If you are able/willing &/or interested, contact Chair Ann Henderson 01208 873428 or Treasurer David St John 01208 873373.  Even one or two additions to the team can make all the difference.  We very much look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to see further details about the bus - and the timetable showing regular trips - go to the home page on this website and click on LAMA on the left hand menu.


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