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Village news

Talk - Bird of Prey Conservation

October 22nd 2017

Autumn Bazaar in Lerryn Memorial Hall

October 17th 2017

Our Autumn Bazaar will take place on Saturday 21 October from 10.00am – 3.00pm

Lots of stalls .. vintage, home produce, crafts, bric-a-brac, charity, toys, paintings, antiques

Coffee and cakes  

For further details contact Vicki on 07801953446

All proceeds to the Lerryn Memorial Hall

St Veep Church Jazz Evening

October 17th 2017

The RNLI Fish Supper

October 17th 2017

The fabrics of my life - report on WI talk

October 16th 2017


The WI members and their guests who gathered in Lerryn Memorial Hall to hear Faith Truscott speak on this subject expected to learn a lot about fabrics, and they certainly did that.

When Faith was a young woman, already an experienced teacher and accustomed to working with children with disabilities, she went with VSO to Indonesia, where she was based on the tiny island of Lambok.  She married there and received textiles as wedding gifts, collecting other such gifts over the years she spent there.

Ever since she was a child she had sewed, but in Indonesia she became much more aware of the fabrics themselves and the skill and care that went into producing them. She brought to the meeting examples of the main methods of making and decorating local textiles and we were privileged to be able to see and handle them – some of them extremely old and precious.

The principle of batik – creating patterns on fabric by covering parts of it with a wax that resists the dye - is now familiar to many people, but the word ‘batik’ means ‘make a dot’ and the special tool for applying the wax involves a slender barrel that releases the hot wax through a tube less than a millimetre in width. Faith confessed that her own attempts had invariably created a wax puddle, but then she showed us the elaborate and delicate patterns created by other people on the samples she had brought. None of them, we noticed, carried the ‘cracking’ marks characteristic of many designs sold here as batik. The freshly waxed fabrics, we learned, were kept taut on a wooden frame for insertion into the vats of vegetable dye. If the wax cracked, that was a disaster.

Even more elaborate was the production of ikat patterns. ‘Ikat’ means ‘to lock’. For those of us whose ‘tie-dyeing’ efforts used to involve tying knots in T-shirts, it was a revelation to look at a fabric created by tying tight knots to resist the dye in each individual strand of cotton in the warp of the fabric, then dyeing it, re-knotting it for a different effect and dipping it again. Huge and complex patterns are created this way, non-literate workers retaining the whole pattern in their heads as they work. In really special pieces, the weft is treated the same way, creating even greater complexity. A piece of fabric created like this can take twelve years to make.

Although the fabrics themselves were awe-inspiring, what was moving about Faith’s talk was the fact that they had become a part of her own and other people’s lives in a culture where the cloth made for ‘the birthing’ is retained for use as the same person’s shroud, and the heavy ceremonial shawls incorporating real gold and silver threads are not fashion statements but heirlooms, designed to be loved and valued from one generation to the next. It was her acceptance into this way of life that gave depth to Faith’s memories of it – including the lovely story of the local people’s attempts to falsify her marriage certificate in order to protect her from the shame of being so much older than the fourteen years that was, for them, the proper age for a girl to be wed!

Ann Henderson

Lerryn WI

Rockpool Ramble

October 16th 2017

Successful fundraising for the Village Hall

October 9th 2017

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the recent 'Johnny Cowling' comedy evening in aid of the village hall.  It was a great night and we raised £700 for the hall. 

Secondly many thanks to 'The Ship' for once again holding a quiz in support of the village hall,  we raised over £150 on that evening.   

Many thanks to everyone for supporting both events, two fun evenings for the hall.

Fowey Estuary Clean Up by Kayak

October 9th 2017

A message from Encounter Cornwall...
Announcing the second of this year's Estuary Clean Up on Sunday October 15th at 1pm. 
For those of you who have previously participated you will know the format, but we do need everyone who would like to come to book - either by messaging us, email or give us a ring - we need to know what type of pasty you want too! 
As the litter pick involves manoeuvering the kayaks in and out of the river bank, and getting in and out too, we ideally need volunteers who have kayaked before - however, we often have families taking part, which is wonderful, so we don't want to deter anyone who wants to help! 
We will supply plastic gloves, and bin bags, and we will be serving pasties, cakes and tea and coffee at the Boatshed, Golant. If you want your pasty before you set out, arrive earlier and let us know and we'll have it ready for you. 
If you have your own kayak/canoe/paddleboard, you are also very welcome, but please let us know beforehand.
Karen & Dave

Lerryn History Society outing to Truro Cathedral and Crantock Church

October 2nd 2017

On Saturday 30th September, members went on a day outing to Truro Cathedral and Crantock Church to see more woodcarving by Violet Pinwill. We travelled by the LAMA minibus, (expertly driven by Annie Singer) and collected our guide Helen Wilson and her husband in Lostwithiel. On arrival at the cathedral, we were met by Michael, one of the Cathedral guides and taken on a guided tour by him and Helen.

It was wonderful to have such a personal insight into the wonderful work by the Pinwill sisters, and to receive such expert detailed information whilst walking round the cathedral.


After lunch in the Cathedral Restaurant, we travelled to Crantock for a visit to the church, and were met by the sacristan. The wood carving is almost unbelievable in its intricate detail, and we were privileged to have a guided tour, and see close up the workmanship, including the “Confessional” desk and chair.


A most memorable day, and great thanks to Sue Daw for organising the outing, Annie Singer for driving the minibus, and Helen Wilson for being such an expert guide.

Paul Weatherhogg – Chairman, Lerryn History Society.

St Veep Church bells - update

September 26th 2017

We have a delay on the delivery of the bells which will affect our programme of social events. Reg the fabricator at  Nicholsons has been away sick and is not due back until October 2nd at the earliest. The annoying thing is that the tower and the bells are on schedule;  it is the bell frame which is delayed but without that we cannot hang the bells.
We have decided that the jazz concert on Saturday 21st October in St Veep Church will still go ahead on the scheduled date but we have postponed everything else until we are certain Reg is back in action and we can set firm dates.

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