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Then there were five

September 8th 2011





Sadly, now only five ducklings left on Thursday evening





Late Brood

September 7th 2011


 6 Mallard ducklings seen on the river in Lerryn on Wednesday 7th September in the evening gloom

One Sunday in August

September 6th 2011

Were you on the river in Lerryn on Sunday Morning 21st August 2011?  If so, have a look at the Photo Gallery by clicking on the purple button to see if you were captured on camera.

Did you see these lads extolling the virtues of good old Lerryn mud?  Click on the image below to see more.

A useful tip for watching videos with our low broadband speed in Lerryn is to click on the pause button at the bottom left of the video screen and allow the video to load (the grey line will move steadily to the right as this happens) before clicking on the play button at the bottom left to begin the video once again.  This will prevent the stop/start effect.

Same old view

September 5th 2011


A September morning in Lerryn

Same old view, but do we tire of it?


September 5th 2011


Lerryn is on the flightpath for these Canada Geese as they alternate between the stubble fields and the estuary

Mixton House

September 4th 2011

The following email has been received in connection with a 1960s photo seen in the photo archive:

Dear Archive

It was lovely to see a photograph of Mixton as I remember it. I am Mrs  King's great nephew, and that year (1964) I met her for the first  time.  She was also a zoologist, and her husband worked with one of  the top scientists in the US prior to WW1. She had an extraordinary  intellect and was truly a remarkable woman, way ahead of her time and  published ground breaking research with a fellow of the royal society  on nuclear division. I note that I can see the wire netting frames on  the windows. Her sister who also lived there, used to feed the birds  and they eventually took to entering the house and so they had to  install wire netting on the windows to keep them out.

Your spelling of  Mr Kalloway's name is incorrect - just so you know! (Now corrected!)


Dr Colin G. Evans
New York


To visit the Photo Archive click on the button and then select the decade you want to view ----------

Message from the National Trust Rangers

September 2nd 2011

The National Trust will soon be starting work to fell and thin a section of the Douglas Fir on the southern slopes of Ethy that were planted in the 1960s. This work is being done to improve the conservation value of the slopes and restore the wood pasture which used to be present on the site. A habitat which supports greater species diversity than the current conifer plantation.

Following on from the walk and talk that was held earlier we have taken on board concerns and suggestions put forward by the local community which has given us ideas as to how we will take the work forward.

Signs will be placed up near the work area with more information about the work that is going on and why, soon.

In the meantime if you have any questions please e-mail us at southeastcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk.

We will post more information closer to the time on this site as well. Thank you for reading.

National Trust Ranger Team
Southeast Cornwall


Art Exhibition in Drill Hall

August 30th 2011

The Lerryn Art Group invites you to its Annual Exhibition and Sale of Paintings in the Drill Hall, Lerryn.  The Opening Day will be on Saturday 3rd September and the exhibition will run until Monday 12th September from 11.00 until 17.00 each day.  Refreshments will be available.

Cornwall's hidden jewel

August 28th 2011

This is how an Australian visitor described Lerryn in an e-mail sent to the website:

  "Cornwall's Hidden Jewel" 

Friends of Boconnoc Church

August 28th 2011

The Friends of Boconnoc Church present "An account of the history of Boconnoc Church" by Andrew Foot , Esq at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th September 2011 in the church.

The entrance is free and all are welcome!

The talk will will be preceded by the (brief) Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Boconnoc Church and will be followed by wine and savoury refreshments.

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