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Village news

Last Cruise Ship of the Year

September 9th 2010

The last cruise ship coming to Fowey this year will be The Silver Cloud.  She will be in the harbour on Thursday, 9th September.  For details of this ship click the button ----------------and scroll down the page.

High Tides

September 8th 2010

Over the next few days the tides in Lerryn are going to be exceptionally high.  Boat owners should check their moorings and owners of properties liable to flooding should take the usual precautions.  The parking area alongside The Red Store will be covered to a depth of several feet and the main car park will also be affected.

The times and heights of these tides are:

Wednesday, 8th September    1820hrs     5.7m

Thursday, 9th September         0652hrs     5.5m

                                                 1907hrs     5.8m

Friday, 10th September            0738hrs     5.6m

                                                 1953hrs     5.8m

Saturday, 11th September       0822hrs      5.6m

                                                 2037hrs      5.7m

Fortunately, the pressure will not be very low on these days and the wind strength not too strong.


Pictures of main car park on Wednesday, 8th September 2010

Autumn Migration

September 6th 2010



Swallows and house martins have been feeding on insects in preparation for their long migration.  Throughout August, few can have failed to see the excited behaviour of these birds as they gathered on telephone and power lines waiting for the right opportunity to leave these shores. 




 On one occasion in August, their behaviour was frenetic.  Hundreds of them were flying around an oak tree and frequently alighting in its branches.  The activity reached a crescendo before they all left, heading south.  The day was warm and the wind was from the north.  Their instinct obviously told them it was time to leave.  The northerly wind would assist their crossing of the English Channel.




 September is an excellent time of year to spot migrants as they pass through Lerryn on their way to the coast.  A few days ago, 4 spotted flycatchers were feeding on insects over a field in the village.  They were flying out from their perches to catch the flying insects and then returning to the same spot to eat their prey.  Typical behaviour for these summer migrants.





Yesterday (5th September), a wryneck was spotted in the heart of the village.  This member of the woodpecker family is rarely seen in Britain but, occasionally shows during the autumn migration to Africa.  Several have been seen in Cornwall over the last few days so it is worth keeping your eyes open. Ants are the favourite food of this bird.

For photo of wryneck seen in Bodmin on Tuesday 7th September click the button-- 



 Another bird passing through the fields around Lerryn at the moment is the wheatear.  It can be recognised in flight by its distinctive white rump (don't confuse them with the more familiar house martins which also have a white rump but rarely land at all except when gathering mud for their nests).  Sometimes, these birds can be seen in the fields around Ethy House when passing through on their migration.  At Lantivet Bay, on Thursday, 2nd September, they could be seen gathering along the coastline in readiness for their crossing of the Channel.  The wheatear is one of the first birds to arrive in the spring, and one of the first to leave in the autumn.






Meanwhile, the last broods of our resident birds are struggling to mature before the winter arrives.  We keep our fingers crossed for this young song thrush which fledged a few days ago.  



You can see lists of bird sightings in Cornwall by clicking on the button below

St Veep Parish Council Meeting

September 5th 2010

There is to be a St Veep Parish Council meeting on Thursday, 9th September at 7.30pm in the Committee Room of the Memorial Hall.  Amongst the items to be discussed are:

To consider use of solar power at the Red Store

Parking and Highway Issues

Parish Plan

To discuss Village Night

Councillor Fowler may raise the issue of the footpaths near Lerryn Quay House.

To see the full agenda click here

Members of the public are welcome and have an opportunity to participate near the beginning of the meeting.


September 3rd 2010

Egret's five steps to breakfast on the River Lerryn:


                                                                                             2                                                                       3





Silver Whisper

September 2nd 2010

A reminder that the cruise ship, Silver Whisper, will be arriving in Fowey at 0700hrs, tomorrow (3rd September) and leaving at 1500hrs.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and select Page 2 to see more details.

Public Consultation Event

September 1st 2010


THURSDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER 2010,  from 3 - 00 p.m to 9 - 00 p.m
What is a Parish Plan ?
 A Parish Plan is a statement of how the community sees itself developing over the coming  years. It:
   *   reflects the views of all sections of the community;
   *   identifies which features and local characteristics people value;
   *   identifies local problems and opportunities;
   *  spells out how residents want the community to develop in the future;
   *  prepares a plan of action to achieve this vision.
 Why produce a Parish Plan ?
It is Government policy to increase individual participation in public life and for public bodies to consult communities about the delivery of services.  As part of this policy the government wants to give more power to parish councils to decide what’s best for their communities.  It will give the parish council the evidence to help inform policy-making by a range of organisations, from the local planning authority to the police and health service. It will also help them to develop and maintain effective working relations with those outside bodies that provide services to our community.
 Who should be involved ?
The parish council takes responsibility for producing and endorsing a Parish Plan, with everyone in the community having the opportunity to contribute their views and their skills, energy and experience to produce the plan.
 We would welcome all members of the community to this consultation event and would welcome your views on;
Planning ,   Housing,   Transport & highways ,   Environment,   Energy,
Business,   Recreation & Leisure,   any other items you feel strongly about.


RNLI Open Golf Competition Success

August 30th 2010

Lostwithiel & District RNLI

The RNLI Open Golf Competition organised by the Lostwithiel Branch in association with the Lostwithiel Golf Club, and held on Sunday 29 August, was a great success. Over £1100 profit was made, which will go towards the funding of Fowey Lifeboat.

Thanks are due to the members of the RNLI committee and the Golf Club who worked so hard to make it such a memorable day.


Last Night of the PROMS

August 30th 2010

The Bank Holiday weekend is soon coming to an end and, no doubt, you are already making plans for September.  If you enjoy good music, good food and good company, why don't you join the LAMA committee in the Lerryn Memorial Hall on 11th September?  The Last Night of the PROMS will be shown on the big screen in the Hall and we will be serving a delicious supper :  homemade soups, breads and puddings.
Doors will open at 7.15pm.  Entrance is free and the buffet tickets cost £6.00.  They are on sale in the Lerryn Village Stores and to help with catering, we kindly request that you buy them by 10th September 5.00pm.  We will serve tea and coffee but,  as we will not have a licensed bar, you will need to bring your own wine and beer.
If you want to see the programme for the Last Night of the PROMS, click on the link:  http://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/bbc-proms-2010/last-night-of-the-proms/default.aspx
 And remember, everyone is welcome:  residents and visitors.

Footpath Query

August 29th 2010

A question has been raised in the Discussion Forum about the footpaths running through Tivoli Gardens and on towards Lerryn Quay.  Does anyone know the answer?  To see this topic click the black button


If you are not already signed up to the Forum you can do so by going to the Sign Up Page -------------

You will need to choose a name and give an e-mail address.  You will notice that some people prefer to use a nickname rather than their real name.  You will see from the Sign Up Page that this is quite acceptable and we welcome imaginative names but please do not use names that may cause offence.  Also, it is important that contributions are not abusive.  Any items that are thought to be unsuitable will be removed.  When you sign up, you will be e-mailed a password and then you are ready to go.  You can change this password to one of your own choice later if you so wish.  You don't need to contribute straight away if you are not yet ready to do so.  Why not join the other members who have already signed up?

We all have strong feelings and opinions that we would like to voice.  Why not sign up to the Discussion Forum and put finger to keyboard.  It does not necessarily have to be a serious or controversial topic.  To see the topics that have already been discussed, click the gold button ------------


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