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Village news

Wood Foraging

November 18th 2010



Has Peter joined the wood-foraging stakes in competition with Trevor and Charles?

No, he is just being public-spirited trying to clear some flood debris but you need some longer wellingtons, Peter!




Heavy Overnight Rain Affects Lerryn

November 17th 2010


 Following very heavy rainfall (about 50mm) The Lerryn River became very swollen in the early hours of this morning and spilled over into the flood meadows upstream of Lerryn bridge.  Fortunately, the tide was out and the water was able to flow on down towards the sea.  Had this torrent of water occurred when there was a high spring tide, then it would have been disastrous for the low-lying properties bordering the river in the heart of the village. 




However, there was a very serious problem for the properties in the region where Couch's Mill Road joins the Lostwithiel Road.  A river of water flowing down the road leading into Lerryn met a torrent of water flowing down the Couch's Mill Road.  The combined flow of water went straight into the driveway of Creekside Cottage with devastating effect.


The water washed away the driveway and flooded the cottage.  This was heartbreaking for Alan and Helen Terry who had recently renovated Creekside to a very high standard.  The whole of the ground floor has been ruined and it will take major work to repair the damage.  The flow of water was held up by a stone wall between the rear gardens of Creekside and Cloam Cottage.  The force of water caused this wall to collapse allowing the water to escape through the gardens of Cloam Cottage and Bridge Cottage.  Unfortunately, Cloam Cottage was also badly damaged by the flood water whereas Bridge Cottage escaped with just a small influx of water.


The height to which the water rose can clearly be seen in the picture to the left.

We wish Alan & Helen well as they face up to the daunting task of repairing the damage.

Parish Council to hold Site Meeting at "PENFOYE", Cliff, on 19th November

November 12th 2010


Will be holding a SITE MEETING
At 10-30 a.m. on  FRIDAY 19th NOVEMBER 2010.
(1)     Apologies for absence
(2)     Does any member have an interest to declare
(3)     Clerk to outline the application
(4)     Does the applicant wish to comment on the application
(5)     Do any members of the public wish to comment on the application.
(6)     Any questions or comments from members.
(7)     Applicant to respond
(8)     The Council will now go into “committee” to discuss the
application and make their recommendation to Cornwall Council.


Outboard Theft returns to Lerryn

November 9th 2010

Its with regret that we have to advise everyone once again to keep an eye on their and your neighbours boats, engines and equipment.

We have had reported a theft of an outboard engine on the river Lerryn from under our noses in the village. This occurred between 0900 21/10/10 and 1700 03/11/10. The boat was moored outside Riverside Cottage (on the St Winnow side of the river).
A 4hp MARINER Serial Number 09754994 Model Number 4MLH700421113 with a blue cowling was taken. The boat was not registered in the boatwatch scheme. It goes without saying really but if anyone has any information about this OR is offered such an engine then get in touch with the police on 08452 777444.
Having had a summer with no incidents in Lerryn itself this is a bit of a blow but there have been thefts on the main river at Cliff and St Winnow during the season. The reality would appear to be then that someone with a regular connection to the upper river is taking advantage of unlocked engines.
Remember that Boatwatch or the Police can advise on locks and Cowling Covers that deter this sort of thing. Meanwhile please make sure your boating equipment is secure and report any suspicious behaviour or individuals on the above number.
On a brighter note PC Tom Barnes working with the Parish Councils has arranged for some permanent Boatwatch Signs that will be placed in the village and also now has some stick on signs for your boats which can go directly onto the craft as opposed to needing a window like the first set.
We will arrange to distribute these shortly.
Boatwatch is now in the process of completing the register for boats in Lerryn which is held by the police. If anyone has NOT registered their boat you should join the scheme - its free and it ensures we can keep an eye on your property. Email us at info@lerryn.net or call 01208 871066 (Encounter Cornwall) and we can then arrange to get a form out to you.

Damon and Tim


RNLI Coffee Morning Success

November 9th 2010

The RNLI Coffee morning in Lostwithiel raised well over £500, we are grateful to all who attended and made it such a sociable and successful event.


Halloween Image Revealed

November 8th 2010

We have been sent some further pictures of the image photographed on 31st October in Lerryn.  It is not an owl, an egret, an osprey, a heron, a pigeon , a dove, or even Batman as had been suggested.  Here are some clearer pictures:



Just in case anyone still cannot recognise this bird, it is a buzzard.

Christmas Food and Drink Fair

November 7th 2010

20 November, 2010 - 11.00am – 4.00pm

The Red Store are having a Food & Drink Fair to help you with your planning for Christmas. Many local suppliers and producers will be there with their produce for you to buy or order.  Please come and have a mince pie and a drink while you browse.  
Anyone who would like to take part with their produce should contact either Jane Forsyth (01208 873595) or Sue Pearce (01503 220540).

The Street

November 6th 2010

Richard Brown has put an item on the Discussion Forum with regard to The Street Outreach Project.

It reads:

We are about to start a new project focusing on young people. Our project core will be:

"The project leader and two sessional youth workers will visit Lerryn one evening a week for approximately three hours in the project van.

The van will be kitted out to contain a kitchen, games machines and music facilities. The kitchen will be modelled on the Gastro Wagon, which toured the country feeding people with local ingredients. We aim to promote healthy eating and teach cooking skills and local celebrity chefs have expressed a willingness to be involved in cooking and demonstrating meals. Young people will be encouraged to serve and provide for each other."

However, we will be looking for support from local people and also whether anything else is needed. Are there any young people reading this, if so what would you like to see? How can we help encourage our younger people to greater purposes?

If you want to find out further information about this project then click on the button ----------------

If you would like to respond to this, then visit  the Discussion Forum by clicking here ----------   and add your comment.

If you are not already signed up to the Discussion Forum then you will need to do so by visiting the Sign Up Page by clicking on the gold button and entering your details.  All you need is an e-mail address and a name or nickname.

Sign Up Page  ------------    

 Whilst you are visiting the Discussion Forum site why not have a look at the suggestions given for the mystery halloween image by clicking on the red button here ---------------------    and, perhaps, add your suggestions.

Fowey Harbour New Website

November 5th 2010

Did you know that Fowey Harbour now has a new website?  There are many new features including online payment for harbour fees, up to the minute weather, wind and tide tables, and there is even a twitter page. where you can follow activities in the harbour.

To see the new site click the button------------------------

Final Image

November 5th 2010

We have been sent this final image taken on 31st October in Lerryn.  We are promised the identification in due course.  We think we may have solved it now.

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