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About Lerryn.net

Most towns and a lot of villages now have their own websites. Lerryn.net is ours. Some village websites, especially in areas as special as Lerryn, are designed to attract visitors, but this site is for the people who live here. It is Lerryn's own website, initiated by a group of local people and funded by the local community.

Every village club, organisation and society has been involved in supplying information for the website and every local resident, whether or not they have their own PC, can submit news, dates, pictures and requests for it. In this way, the website will remain the property of the village because the way it develops will be steered by the way local people use it.

Users' comments and feedback will also help to determine the way our website grows. Whether you want to improve it, criticise it, praise it or change it, your input will always be welcomed.

We are also very happy to respond to questions from users about any items posted on the website, including the Photo Archive, which is generating worldwide interest from former residents! We are delighted that the website is helping former residents reconnect with their past.

To contact the committee with your feedback or questions, click on Contact Us and leave your message. One of the volunteers on the website committee will respond to you as soon as possible.