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The Lerryn Gallery

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The new kitchen. 18.09.2011 (BG)

The new kitchen. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Linden and Paul. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Shirley 18.09.2011 (BG)

Flynn and Caroline. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Steve Hawken 18.09.2011 (BG)

Jim Kelly and Ann Henderson 18.09.2011 (BG)

Stella. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Lin Briggs and Ros Hawken. 18.09.2011 (BG)

John Philp and Ann Gibbons. 18.09.2011 (BG)

David Vipond. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Ronald Elliott in the new kitchen. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Ronald Elliott and Lin Briggs. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Rachel Hoole and Rosemary Weatherhogg. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Lin Briggs, Ann Henderson and Jim Kelly. 18.09.2011 (BG)

The invited guests. Front - Jennifer Bell, John Halkes, Rosemary Weatherhogg, Rob Briggs: Back, Malcolm Bell, John Philp, Ann Gibbons. 18.09.2011 (BG)

The invited guests. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Ronald Elliott. 18.09.2011 (BG)

Launch of the new kitchen for the Lerryn Memorial Hall on the 18.09.2011. The mystery philanthropist who funded the re-fit of the kitchen at the hall was revealed as Ronald Elliott. (BG)

Two stoves in place, all doors fitted, almost there. 20.08.2011 (BG)

Sinks in place and tiling in progress. 18.08.2011 (BG)

Andrew Boraston having a well earned rest. 18.08.2011 (BG)

Walls being prepared. 17.08.2011 (BG)

New units fitted and walls being tiled by Andrew Boriston. 17.08.2011 (BG)

Extraction fan now in place and walls being prepared for tiling. 17.08.2011 (BG)

View of the new units being fitted. 12.08.2011 (BG)

Steve Hawken fitting the new units. 12.08.2011 (BG)

Steve Hawken starting to fit the new kitchen units after the laying of the new kitchen floor. 12.08.2011 (BG)

Preparing the kitchen floor with Latex smoothing compound. 10.08.2011 (BG)

Preparing the kitchen floor with Latex smoothing compound. 10.08.2011 (BG)

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