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The Lerryn Gallery

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Red Store 25.08.2018 (JJ)

Wisteria on Rosemary Cottage 09.05.2014 (J)

Penn Cottage Extension 25.11.2012 (J)

Penn Cottage single or two story extension? 01.11.2012 (BG)

Brockles Quay 19.08.2012 (J)

Penfoye, Cliff Transformation 26.04.2012 ()

Penfoye, Cliff Transformation 26.04.2012 ()

Penfoye, Cliff Transformation 26.04.2012 ()

Penfoye, Cliff 24.10.2010 ()

The Marine Hotel Fowey now converted to 10 Flats. 21 04 2011 (BG)

Penmarlam. The new cafe "The Quay" All day small breakfast 3.95!!!!! Brilliant (BG)

Penmarlam. The office of the Marina Capitaine (BG)

The Sawmill recording studio. 21.04.2011 (BG)

The Main Bridge with Kingfisher Reach in the background (BG)

Trevor fixing tiles to his single storey extension at Wandsley. 21.02.2011 (BG)

The Old Granary under going major renovation. 21.02.2011 (BG)

Red Store and up and to the left, The Old Chapel. 01.12.2010 (BG)

Miss Mays cottage and up and behind Fan Cottage. 01.12.2010 (BG)

The Lime Kiln. Renovation of the inside, window changes, and glass balcony carried out during 2006. 01.12.2010 (BG)

Wood Cottage. Major alterations carried out during the 90s. 01.12.2010 (BG)

Mixton House. 01.12.2010 (BG)

Trail End after two storey extension carried out in 2002/03. 28.11.2010 (BG)

The Granary. Work in progress. 28.11.2010 (BG)

Glen view annex. 28.11.2010 (BG)

Glen View. Work carried to the Annex during 2004/05. 28.11.2010 (BG)

The Old Chapel 28.11.2010 (BG)

The Old Chapel 28.11.2010 (BG)

The Old Chapel. Extensive work carried out from 2002 onwards. 28.11.2010 (BG)

Briar Cottage 28.11.2010 (BG)

Tenpean Cottage. Totally renovated during 2008/09 also adding a balcony at the same time. 28.11.2010 (BG)

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