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The Lerryn Gallery

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  • If you would like to see your photos, paintings and drawings here, please send us an email.
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  • NOTE 1: Unless we hear from you, we will assume that you give permission for the photographs featured in the Photo Gallery to be used as part of the on-going development of the Village Archive for which the History Group is now responsible.
  • NOTE 2: You may not copy or reproduce these photos without the express permission of the owner. (Send us an email and we'll put you in touch with the owner.)

WI Canoeing Trip Tim and Alan (21.07.2010) (Lin Briggs)

WI Canoeing Trip Lin & Nina (21/07/2010) (Lin Briggs)

WI Canoeing Trip Jan & Anne F (21/07/2010) (Lin Briggs)

WI Canoeing Trip at Penquite Boathouse (21/07/2010) (Lin Briggs)

WI Canoeing at Ethy Rocks (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Ann H & Alan (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Jan & Anne F (21/07/2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Ann H, Alan, Jan & Anne F (21/07/2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Nina & Lin (21/07/2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Julia & Sue (21/07/2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Mary & Kay (21/07/2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Mary & Kay (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Tim (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Julia, Sue, Mary & Kay (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Anne F & Jan about to start (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Lin and Nina (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Kay & Mary about to start (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Damon giving instructions (21.07. 2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Jan, Sue, Anne F, Lin, Ann H and Alan (21.07.2010) (JP)

WI Canoeing Damon giving instructions to Mary, Kay, Nina & Julia (21.07.2010) (JP)

Baker's half dozen ... (Bernie)

Tricia, an original Calendar Girl, Lerryn Hall Apr 09 (Bernie)

Calendar Girls audience (Bernie)

Angela, whose husband died from leukaemia, inspiring the original idea (Bernie)

Lerryn WI Presidents, past & present, with CGs (Bernie)

Display for Calendar Girls presentation Apr 09 (Bernie)

Calendar Girls Angela & Tricia visit Lerryn WI 1st Apr 2009 (Bernie)

Julia & Tricia having a serious chat (Bernie)

Founding & Current President of Lerryn WI (Ann Gibbons)

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