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The Lerryn Gallery

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  • NOTE 1: Unless we hear from you, we will assume that you give permission for the photographs featured in the Photo Gallery to be used as part of the on-going development of the Village Archive for which the History Group is now responsible.
  • NOTE 2: You may not copy or reproduce these photos without the express permission of the owner. (Send us an email and we'll put you in touch with the owner.)

Annie (BG)

Sally, Mike and Carol (BG)

Ann, Carol, Sally, David and Annie (BG)

Mike Baker and David Wyatt Birthday party on Lansallos Beach 5th of June (BG)

Dillen. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago and his mate Diggory. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Ellie. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Dez Monk on " The Leap of Faith ". 02.01.2016 (BG)

Abbie. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Lola on the " Leap of Faith". 02.01.2016 (BG)

Alice on the " Leap of Faith ". 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Dez, Ellie and Mick. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Lola. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Anna, Dez. and Mia. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago and Jo. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Anna. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Dillen and Jago. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Lola 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago 02.01.2016 (BG)

Ellie and Jo. 02.01.2016 (BG)

Abbie Brown 02.01.2016 (BG)

Dez Monk 02.01.2016 (BG)

Jago Willcox 8th Birthday Party at Cornwall Services Climbing Centre 02.01.2016 (BG)

Annie Singer's Party 20.09.2015 John Hancock (J)

Annie Singer's Party 20.09.2015 Rosemary & Paul Weatherhogg (J)

Annie Singer's Party 20.09.2015 Annie Vipond (J)

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