A new source of fish

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Those of you who enjoyed buying fish from Peter Randall will be sad to learn that he has retired. To remedy the situation,  Bill Needs and David St. John have arranged with Hayley Thomas, the manager of “Richards” of Par to deliver orders of fresh fish to Lerryn every Friday.   Here is how the system would work:

  • Those requiring fish would ring the manager, Hayley Thomas, on the preceding Wednesday with their requirements i.e. type of fish and preparation required.
  • The fish would be wrapped in a package bearing the weight, type of fish, name of purchaser and price.
  • The orders would then be delivered by “Richards” to the Drill Hall in Lerryn on Friday morning by 11am.
  • It will be imperative that either the customer or a friend will be there to collect the fish at about 11am. otherwise the system will not work.
  • Bill or David will collect the money and pay “Richards” the following week.
  • Please let one of us know whether you are interested to take part in a trial run of this scheme for a period of 3 months. We will also liaise between the customers and “Richards” during the trial phase.

    Contact – Bill Needs, tel. 01208 872884 or David St.John, tel. 01208 873373


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