And The Answers Were

Wednesday 27th July 2022

And The Answers Were

How Well Do You Know Lerryn

1.   House name sign at Pengillan, The Orchard

2.   Water chute at the lower end of Piggy Lane/between Woodleigh and Tredour

3.   Roof garden on the outbuildings behind Primrose Cottage

4.   Top of sign post at the triangle entrance to Lerryn

5.  ‘Spider’ on the roof of Flat 4, behind the Old Mill

6.   Part of the gate, Watercolour Cottage

7.  Sign on the path to Lerryn Quay

8.  Stone beside Stepping Stones Cottage

9.   Door at Yonder Cottage

10. Mushroom/staddle stone outside The Nook

11. Green Man/face on the side of Bridge House

12. On arch wall in Tivoli Park/Gardens


And The Winner Was Sue Daw

Well done Sue and have fun spending your winnings unwisely!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our competition.