Birth of Lerryn Boatwatch

Tuesday 16th February 2010

Birth of Lerryn Boatwatch

Hi Everyone

Please see the following poster for the first Lerryn Boatwatch scheme which is starting operation from Easter this year.  We need as many people as possible to come down and register boats moored in the Lerryn area -  if you are on the list we can with the help of the Police offer more protection of your property and hopefully stop or minimise the boat and engine thefts !

On the day the Police Community Events Van will be there with all sorts of marine crime prevention items to see including Police Boat engine covers and property marking kits as well as the chance for you to mark your boats and engines with the police on hand to advise.

We will be hoping to use the event to start a listing of all owners and their boats and normal berths which will be a huge help in trying to prevent not only crime but also to help alert you early to any damage to boats that we spot when we are on the river.  Damon Willcox and Tim Bulmer are helping PC Tom Barnes to set the scheme initially as both work on the foreshore and around the boats every day in season - however we are very happy to hear from anyone else who would like to get involved in the boatwatch group

More information will follow soon here and on the village noticeboards but meantime please see the notice below - remind anyone you know who has a boat moored or used here and make a note of the date for the event. This is our chance to try and stamp out this kind of thing as a community so please support the event AND the boat listing scheme.




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