Boat and Engine Thefts an Update

Friday 20th November 2009

Good news on this front - perhaps the notices stirred someone's conscience but following some "information" Bodmin Police raided a lock up in the Camelford area and found a large stash of stolen items including 2 engines stolen from residents in Lerryn - these have now been returned - so do not let it be said that the police do not act on this crime ! There were also kayaks and some very large engines taken from boats in Rock where apparently the boats were being stolen taken round the coastline and cut loose once the engines could be taken off. One person has been arrested for handing stolen goods to date.

Anyone who had items stolen particularly around the Regatta Week should get in touch with Bodmin Police as you might be lucky.

The person dealing with it at Bodmin is DC Jeff Smith.

As mentioned previously Looe Police are going to come to Lerryn for an open meeting to discuss what can be done for next season to minimise this sort of Crime and we will publish details of the meeting in advance and hope as many of you as possible with boats will attend.

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