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Monday 29th March 2010


Lerryn Website and Community Notice boards - 2010
- Help us to make our website & village notice boards more useful, interesting and more fun FOR EVERYONE
- Spend as much or as little time as you want – no commitment – and no committees!
- Now in its third year we are looking to produce something that covers more than just events and photos and gets more people involved and a wider range of residents finding useful stuff on the website AND the village notice boards
Computer user or computer hater – it really doesn’t matter! There will be permanent places on notice boards in the village where those without computers can see the latest news, events and information updated every week.
So could you be interested in helping with any of the following pages when it suits you, OR be able to send in pictures, reviews and short items to share with the rest of the village on the following topics?


Film, Music & Theatre  - Reviews of films showing in the local cinemas, where and when you can see the films......and whether to bother!   Information and reviews on local bands, reviews of gigs & notices about future music events. Theatre events - reviews of plays you’ve seen, future performances, organised trips to the plays.



Food and Drink -   Favourite recipes that can all be shared by everyone. A recipe of the month section – stored so we can all look at it for ideas  .....from Lerryn for Lerryn. Local restaurant and eating out reviews, menus and information. Local produce and food outlets we should know about, good delis, farm shops & info about the best and the cheapest places to eat and shop in the area


On the Water - Information for Lerryn boat owners – all the latest news from the Harbour Commission and from Lerryn Boatwatch. River and coastline news, items on up and coming local sailing events, useful kit reviews and ideas and chandlery bargains we could all do with knowing about.

Young Lerryn -  A Section for pre-school parents, info on playgroups, toy libraries, tips on the best playgrounds (seeing that we don’t have one here .....yet), ideas for places to go and child friendly eating spots.   Lerryn School News –a place where Lerryn school can link in from their website and pupils can display their work, school news and events. Young Persons' Lerryn - young people's section for use by those in that group – music reviews, events, pictures, a diary of life as a teenager out here in the village?
Healthy Lerryn - Keep fit classes and events. Lerryn walkers' section – share favourite walks in the area and further afield. Bodmin Moor, Coast Path, pub walks, Cornwall wide – pictures and wildlife spotted on the walks. Dog friendly walks with dog friendly pubs. Info from our local joggers and runners on the best routes and up and coming fun runs and charity events. 
Organise or write competitions -   A Lerryn “Spring Photo” competition  and  'So you think you know Lerryn 2' -   or anything else you can come up with  that would be fun to do and great to share.
Worry not ! - No commitment & no hassle from us – just the chance to share some information with everyone,  learn how to design a page and update it OR just send in the odd recipe, photo or news for everyone to benefit from. It’s up to you - from a couple of lines about an event to a review of the latest film.
Call us on 01208 871066 and let us know what you might be interested in , send an email through the website or if you don’t like computers just leave us a message at the village shop and let us know what ideas or material you would be able to get involved with or send to us to share with the village.


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