Chris Fagg a local sailor does U turn with mast climber

Thursday 24th February 2011

Over 20 years ago Chris was shown an ingenious device, which enables him to climb his mast with ease.

Finally he decided to try and put it in to production. After six months of hard graft he has redesigned the easy climber, made a film of how to use it , produced a brochure, reserved a website and sourced the components. He approached Practical boat Owner who were impressed and planned to publish it in New Equipment in March or April. 2011.

Having done all that he decided he didn't want to spend his retirement running a small company and scrapped the project!!!

However, he has a few to sell, see classified Ads (sport) on this site with costs. To see it in action click on the large arrow and to enlarge the picture click on the four arrows far right.

There is a happy ending to this sad tale, his cousin has taken over the project!!


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