Sunday 21st November 2010


Alan and Helen have asked us to show the following pictures of their flood in the hope that these photographs will draw attention to the problems that residents of Lerryn and elsewhere will face in the future if more is not done to clear culverts and drains on a more frequent basis.  Let us hope that Cornwall Council will take note.


Water from Couch's Mill Road rushed down between Creekside and the garden wall of Pengillan.  In the process it took much of the driveway material with it.


It poured into the back garden and was held up by the garden wall separating the rear gardens of Creekside and its neighbour, Cloam Cottage.  The water built up to a depth which then caused this wall to collapse.  The devastating consequences can be seen below.




The water level at the rear of the house can be seen clearly in the picture to the left.  The pressure of the water forced its way through the french windows of the extension and flooded the ground floor of the house.

We understand that the insurance company has been very supportive and, hopefully, work can begin soon to repair the damage.

Once again, we send Alan & Helen our best wishes at this difficult time. 



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