Cryptic Competition - more clues !

Wednesday 5th November 2008

Cryptic Competition - More Clues !

Here is the next batch of 15 clues for the cryptic competition:

16.  No need to press gang those who come aboard here

17.  Surely the pig doesn't work for the Met Office

18.  Scottish Isles and French town come together for this floating wine

19.  Q may have travelled this road

20.  Here you may find tweedy apples

21.  Sounds like a raptor for this holy man

22.  The cunning beast would not like the owners of this roaster

23.  Ne'er cast a clout till Charles is out of here

24.  To call the tune you must pay him some money

25.  Very new lira loses an article and turns around for a vista

26.  A king, saint and apostle - this man has it all !

27.  Tanacetum vulgare has experienced a transformation here

28.  Could Captain Flint be referring to this vessel

29.  Firm wax & MOT but no livestock here

30.  Blue story on the river for the over fifties


Final 15 clues will appear in December

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