Cryptic Competition

Sunday 19th October 2008

Cryptic Competition

Jeff and Julia have devised a cryptic competition for Lerryn - all the answers are names of local people, houses and buildings, roads or boats. Can you solve these riddles ? Children's questions first, adults below - more adult questions to follow in November and December !

Children's Competition

Entries must be received by Monday 15th December

Prize - £10 HMV voucher for the most correct answers

(If more than one entry has same number of correct answers, there will be a draw for the prize)

1.  Did the old blacksmith work here ?

2.  Could you get a drink on this boat ?

3.  Check the time before you cross here

4.  Is this building embarrassed or just very hot ?

5. Would you buy your bread here ?

6.  This little animal went to market down this lane

7.  Would you get a very strong drink in this lane ?

8.  Would you make holes with this building ?

9.  Does Jemima live here ?

10. Mix your paints with water here

11. Could you buy your meat here ?

12. Where will you find the green clock ?

13. Six in Roman numerals before the small lake for this very important "Sir"

14. Is this a good place to look at the village ?

15. Would you find an oven in the wall of this cottage ?

16. Does a brilliant blue bird live here ?

17. Sounds like this cottage is so old it makes a noise

18. You will find a wooden boat on the door here

19. It sounds like the water comes up to this building

20. What does the RLYS sticker on the boats in Lerryn stand for ?


Adults - First 15 of 45 questions

Watch out for MORE questions in November and December !

All answers are local. An example would be:

              When the gavel falls, this couple should be successful

Answer: Peter & Madeline Bidwell

Entries by15th December 2008

£10 HMV voucher for most correct answers

(If a tie, there will be a draw for the prize)

1.  Judy's husband is out with Polly

2.  Graham, Tim & Bill might find their primate here

3.  At harvest time Gary ran the mix here

4.  Even with the credit crunch, I doubt you could buy this abode for a couple of bob

5.  On the river an otter as well

6.  The girl by the lake does not have far to go to work

7.  Sounds like the conqueror is making bread

8.  Adge Cutler would like these folk

9.  One of the teletubbies may be leaving here soon

10. Winding along floating downstream

11. Porcine way

12. All aboard Woody Allen's 1986 film but leave some of the girls behind

13. Did the old rail company put one on the horses to give this couple a whale of a time ?

14. They cork about for this river hazard

15. Oh so rich the French turn around for this handyman



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