David retires

Saturday 24th July 2010

At an event magnificently organised by his daughters, retiring school head David Vipond was host to a large part of the village in the Memorial Hall last  Friday night - and well into Saturday morning, in some cases! A very interesting display of photographs commemorated a selection of the events in David's thirty-year headship, and reminded some members of the village of what they  - or their parents - had looked like as schoolchildren. The presence of many of today's generation of children made the event a warm-hearted one and provided a good reminder of the importance of what David has achieved in the school. Not everybody was respectful, of course, and Bernard Bonsey, the Chairman of the school's governing body, read out an end-of-term 'Report' for David, casting doubt on this young man's ability to fulfil his potential in view of the dubious company he keeps. (It is rumoured that a copy of this might be available for those who missed it.) Inevitably, after David's long commitment to the school, the party was about the school itself as well as its retiring head, and we all wished continuing success for both of them. 

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