David St John's Farewell

Wednesday 6th October 2021

David St John's Farewell

David, who lived in Lerryn from 1994 to 2014, died suddenly in June this year.  After the private funeral service, his family thought that it would be a good idea to commemorate his life with gatherings of friends from all aspects of his past life.

At the packed farewell reception on the 10th of September in the village hall of Kings Sombourne, the Hampshire village to which he and Elizabeth moved in 2014, there were representatives from the oil industry in which he worked as an engineer, the choirs in which he sang, the communities into which he gave so much of his time and skills and the numerous charities he supported.  The Romsey Choral Society sang four pieces and the “Larks", a small ensemble to which he also belonged, sang five of his favourite songs.

Champagne flowed, a handsome buffet lunch was served and toasts were raised to the memory of David and then to Elizabeth who died in 2019.  Lerryn was well represented, and a commemorative card signed by over 40 old friends from here was handed to his appreciative family.  Wherever he lived David gave his utmost to his communities.  His energy, organisational skills and his good humour will be much missed by so many but mostly by his large and loving family.
May he rest in peace.

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