Don't Spoil My Day

Saturday 7th August 2010

Don't Spoil My Day

I am in your area now and what I am looking for is this: -----------

A nice, light, tidy outboard with no security lock.  Easy to remove, light to carry and worth a few quid at the car boot sale.


 I don't want to see this: --------------------------                Locks make my job more difficult.


 I don't even mind these police security covers if they have been placed over the engine cowling.  They are worth a few bob, too, so I end up with an engine and a security cover!

                                               A quick feel will tell me that the cowling is still there.


I definitely do not want to find that the cowling has been removed from the engine and replaced with the police security cover

  I will have to purchase a new cowling to be able to sell this engine and I may get caught.

Oh, and by the way, don't paint or punch post codes on your engine or use Selecta Dot markings.  It makes my job of passing on your engine so much more difficult and increases the chances of my getting caught.



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