Flu friends

Friday 28th August 2009

In the event that swine flu becomes widespread in the village and surrounding area, we think that it will be useful to have some contact names of people to help out if you and your family and neighbours are unwell at the same time.  The following people have kindly volunteered to be "Flu Friends":

Madeleine & Peter Bidwell: 872232

Tim and Jane Bulmer:  871430

Marguerite Butt:  873357

Sue Daw:  873634

Norman Douglas:  873895

Anne Gibbons:  873434

Jill Gooch:  872680

Jill Grant:  871334

John Halkes:  873393

Jackie Harman:  872340

Ann Henderson:  873428

Barry and Gillian Hunt:  871044

Jim Kelly:  873837

Charles Morgan:  872834

Catherine Murphy:  871195

Bill Needs:  872884

D & P Rolling:  873295

David and Elizabeth St John:  873373

Nick Smith:  873355

Lesley Thomas:  872862

Viv Turner:  873458

Sue Watts:  871513

Gill Wolhuter:  01503 220467


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