Greg's Radio Show

Sunday 13th July 2014

Greg Hill-Turner, Viv Halkes Grandson, has got himself a radio show!

It is with a new community station (not for profit) called The Hub, which launches on 26th July. If you happened to be between Truro and St Austell they will be on 106.1fm. Alternatively, you can listen to them on-line at Greg will broadcast live every Saturday morning between 10am and 11am and will focus on film reviews/music from films.

As with all small community projects they need help with funds. An easy way to do this is to join their lottery - £1 a week to play of which 50p goes to The Hub - prizes are £5 for 3 digits, £25 for 4 digits, £1000 for 5 digits, £25,000 for 6 digits. If you feel you would like to/can join up it would be greatly appreciated - just follow the link on their website.

Or if anybody knows someone involved in a film who would like to be interviewed for the show give Greg a shout on

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