Help for Heroes Coast Path Challenge

Tuesday 5th July 2011

We have been asked if we can put this info up in support of a no doubt very fit young man who is attempted to break the record for completing the full South West Coast Path later this month. 

We wish him the best of luck !  Anyone who has walked bits of the route will be astounded to note he is looking at walking around 43 miles a day !

You can follow his progress on the links below or make a donation for Help for Heroes to spur him on.


Record Challenge - 630 Miles in 14 days on foot 10th July...


36 year old Terry Davis intends to complete the entire South West Coast Path (630 miles) on foot, unsupported and in 14 days or less.  In order to complete such a grueling challenge he will have to cover a staggering 45 miles per day and if successful he will be the first to achieve this.  The South West Coast path is the longest national trail in the United Kingdom.

Why do it?

Firstly, he loves a challenge and defying the odds.  Secondly nobody has successfully completed a solo attempt of the South West Coast Path (630 miles) on foot and in 14 days or less, though others have tried and failed.  Thirdly and more importantly Terry is doing the challenge to raise money for two extremely worthwhile charities, Help for Heroes and Cancer Research (UK).

Terry’s Experience:

He has previously completed the entire Pennine Way (275 miles), solo, on foot and on more than one occasion.  The last time he attempted this he managed the entire distance in under 10 Days, though he did not really push the boundaries.  His previous experience will be highly relevant in terms of planning, preparation and actually attempting this new challenge.  Besides long distance backpacking Terry is also a keen long distance runner and this complementary set of interests should put him in good stead to complete this challenge, especially when combined with his other character traits.

“I am under no illusion as to how physically and mentally demanding this challenge will be, and that it will probably be one of the hardest challenges that I have ever attempted in my life.  However, nobody said it was going to be easy and that is part of the fun!!!”

“The pain and discomfort that I endure whilst completing this challenge will be nothing compared to that suffered on a daily basis by the amazing individuals that are supported by Help for Heroes and Cancer Research (UK).” 


Its easy to make a donation to support this effort on the events website at


It will be possible to follow the challenge via the challenge website and Terry will also be blogging live during the challenge via Twitter and Facebook.

Website:  (central challenge web resource).

Twitter: !/ltwellness


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