High Tides

Wednesday 8th September 2010

High Tides

Over the next few days the tides in Lerryn are going to be exceptionally high.  Boat owners should check their moorings and owners of properties liable to flooding should take the usual precautions.  The parking area alongside The Red Store will be covered to a depth of several feet and the main car park will also be affected.

The times and heights of these tides are:

Wednesday, 8th September    1820hrs     5.7m

Thursday, 9th September         0652hrs     5.5m

                                                 1907hrs     5.8m

Friday, 10th September            0738hrs     5.6m

                                                 1953hrs     5.8m

Saturday, 11th September       0822hrs      5.6m

                                                 2037hrs      5.7m

Fortunately, the pressure will not be very low on these days and the wind strength not too strong.


Pictures of main car park on Wednesday, 8th September 2010

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