Horses move into Ethy

Thursday 5th September 2013

The National Trust wanted to let people know that we will be putting four of our Dartmoor ponies into the wood pasture at Ethy for a short spell. 

They're quite docile, but we would like to ask people NOT feed or try to pet them, however tempting it might be as it encourages unwanted behaviour in the ponies. We also ask that people are vigilant about keeping gates closed. 

Dog walkers are asked to keep control of their animals when walking through the area and to heed information on the signs at the entrance to the pasture. 

Introducing the ponies is a big step forward for the restoration of the pasture and follows the summers work of reducing the old Douglas Fir  stumps. 

For any questions or concerns please get in contact with the Southeast Cornwall Ranger team 

Tel: 01726 870146



Many Thanks  Ben Norwood

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