Jazz evening a great success!

Monday 11th August 2008

Jazz evening a great success!


 On Saturday 9th August at 5.00 pm, despite the rain and the wind, thirty intrepid villagers set off for Falmouth. Their destination: Prince of Wales Pier. Their purpose: to board an Enterprise boat for a three and a half hour Jazz Rivershuffle up the Carrick Roads, including a 45 minute stop-over in St Mawes.

The bus journey from Lerryn to Falmouth was undertaken in monsoon conditions, and that was inside the bus!  It is a good job plenty of umbrellas were on hand.  David even had the nerve to collect money for the journey!  Evidently the roof of the bus had been damaged on the run from Lostwithiel before the pick up (We didn't believe it either!).  


Whatever misgivings any of us might have had when we set off, we all had a great time onboard the trip boat, thanks to the wonderful traditional jazz played by the Great Western Jazz Company.


We were all impressed by the way the windows steamed up so quickly!  Had the weather been fine, we could all have admired the wonderful scenery of the Carrick Roads as the boat went up the river Fal and then made its way to St Mawes.
Still, we all huddled under cover and had a great time, as you can see from the photographs that were taken!
Hardier souls even ventured above deck and got wet, very wet, but they did see a ship!
The band was very generous. The musicians donated £50.00 to LAMA and in addition, they allowed us to hold a raffle, which raised a further £106 for the minibus. It definitely made it worth our while to don wellies and waterproofs in the height of the summer!
Thank you to all participants for their generosity and their good spirit!
PS: we are hoping to invite the Great Western Jazz Company for a curry and jazz evening in March in the Memorial Hall. So watch this space!

Photos courtesy of Derek Knott and Rob Briggs.

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