Johnny Cowling coming to Lerryn

Thursday 19th April 2018

Johnny Cowling coming to Lerryn

“One of our great undiscovered comedy talents … he gave us an hour of Pure Genius, he was Brilliant a true entertainer, who could make anybody laugh.” Fern Britton – My Story

Funny man Johnny Cowling has been delighting audiences for over 10 years with his Cornish charm, quick wit, vocal talent and humour.

Johnny is an entertainer who likes to get among the people during performance – with a wealth of tales and yarns to spin. Johnny has a natural warmth that makes him popular with family audiences and adult audiences alike. His clear Cornish voice make every word (and song when singing) easy on the ear, yet still invigorating.
His topics including – the ever changing face of Cornwall, ladies appliances, Cornish family life, holiday makers and much much more.

Who has Johnny Cowling been compared to? Well, mix a pinch of Jethro, a dab of Michael Barrymore, a spoonful of Tommy Cooper and a hunk of Elvis and standing before you would be a 6ft 1″ Cornishman Johnny Cowling.

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