LAMA special trips

Saturday 16th October 2010

In the light of our passengers' feedback, we have decided to slightly change our programme of special trips for the remainder of this year.

  • On Saturday 23rd October, we are going to the Tavistock Farmers' Market
  • On Thursday 4th November , we will be combining our monthly trip to Liskeard with a trip to Kernow Mills
  • There will be no special trip in December


We are currently carrying out a passenger survey in order to plan our programme of trips for next year.  Some passengers have suggested that if we started our trips one hour later, we would get more passengers.  So, in November, we will be trialing the new departure time for the Kernow Mills and Liskeard Trip.  Tell us what you think!

For further details, please visit our LAMA web page.  To book a seat,  contact Annie and Keith on 01208 871272.

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