Lerryn Boatwatch - Update

Sunday 20th June 2010

Lerryn Boatwatch - Update

Attempted Theft last week Cliff Area

Be on your guard! Once again one of the houses close to Cliff with a waterside mooring has reported an attempted theft of a 15hp engine from a boat.  Once again the engine clamps had been opened fully and one of the engine bolts had been removed but the theft was foiled by one of the locking bolts that secures the engine to the transom.  Perhaps in frustration the thief then cut through the fuel line for little apparent reason. However the main thing is that the engine was saved.

The same device  last summer saved other 15hp engines owned by Encounter Cornwall. It's a simple thing: a bolt through the transom which takes minutes to fit with a drill.  The bolt has a hardened steel lock on it which can only be removed by whoever has the key. The style prevents anyone getting anything between the lock and the bolt and so it's almost impossible to cut it out.

In addition, if you have ever had the misfortune of having an engine drop off the back of a boat in the water, an added bonus is that the locking bolt will prevent this ever happening as well.

The locking transom bolts are available from Outboard Marine Services in Lostwithiel and remember all Boatwatch members get a 10% discount which applies to this product. They have proved themselves to be the best deterrent and preventative measure against engine theft for those in the area who have to leave engines on boats overnight.  If you want to protect yourself as much as possible it's a sound investment.

In the meantime we obviously have had someone in the last 10 days trying to steal outboards again so please be vigilant and call the above number or contact Damon or Tim if you see ANYTHING suspicious and we will pass on the information. The above incident will almost certainly have been attempted by someone with a boat on the water and most likely at night.  Note the following news item about the Penmarlam thefts, where those responsible for over £80,000 of engine theft on this river alone were caught because someone passed on details about a suspicious vehicle.... any information may be vital !

Update on the Penmarlam Engine Thefts - 

Better news here from the Police

Following the thefts of boat outboard engines at Penmarlam Boat Yard, Lanteglos, which appears to be part of a national series, three persons from Lithuania have been arrested. They have been bailed until August whilst further investigation is carried out. They were arrested in the Midlands with the assistance of our colleagues in Staffordshire following similar thefts in the Helford area where an alert member of the public recorded the registration mark of a suspicious vehicle. They are believed to be part of an organised gang.

Boatwatch Update

We have now had nearly all the boat registrations back at Boatwatch and are preparing the information to be sent over to Looe Police who will also hold a record of registered boats in case of theft or damage.

Our new page "On the water" should be on the website soon. We are just waiting whilst the Lerryn.net committee brings in some other new changes to the website and our new page will go live with the changes. As a reminder this will include information on security measures and how to order them

Volunteers for Regatta Week

We have been asked by the police for a few volunteers for some high profile visual walking and checking of boats during the Regatta Week.  Twice in the last three years this has been the time that Lerryn has been targeted by thieves.  We hope that high visibility jackets and some late evening patrols will help safeguard the boats for everyone this year.  If you would be able to be part of a patrol for a couple of hours one night in Mid August during Regatta Week please email us via info@lerryn.net


Finally, never mind Egyptian Geese! For those of you jumping in the water just, be aware Encounter Cornwall have reported several blue jellyfish spotted this week during trips -  one at Penmarlam and the other just off Penpol and heading for Lerryn !  Ouch !




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