Lerryn Car Park - Keep it free of charges!

Saturday 27th February 2010

Cornwall Council is consulting on Car Parking Charges via a questionnaire, copies of which the Parish Council have made available in Lerryn River Stores.

This is vitally important to Lerryn as the economic viability of the Shop, the Ship and the School (not to mention smaller businesses) rely on the Lerryn Car Park remaining FREE.

Following the formation of the Cornwall Council Unitary Authority, St Veep Parish Council were worried (rightly as it turns out!) that a unified Car Parking policy may be adopted which could result in charges for all car park users.  Most of Lerryn Car park is owned  by the new Cornwall Council.  The Parish Council requested last year that the ownership of the Car Park be transferred to them to secure its future as a free car park.  No decision has yet been received regarding this request.

We urge everyone to obtain a copy of this questionnaire from the shop and to complete it supporting Lerryn Car Park remaining free and the ownership passing to St. Veep Parish Council.  Completed questionnaires can be returned to the Shop or to a Parish Councillor. 

If you do nothing else for the village this year please do this!


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