Lerryn Film Club

Tuesday 5th July 2011

Schedule of films for 2011/12

Saturday 17th September 2011 - "Made in Dagenham"

Saturday 15th October 2011 - "Bright Star"

Saturday 12th November 2011 - "Good Night and Good Luck"

Saturday 10th December 2011 - "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Saturday 21st January 2012 - "The Tales of Hoffmann"

Saturday 18th February 2012 - "The King's Speech"

Saturday 17th March 2012 - "A Day in the Life"

Saturday 21st April 2012 - A.G.M. followed by "A Private Function"

Membership is invited at a cost of £15.00 per person for the whole season.

For information, please contact the Membership Secretary on 01208 871430

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