Lerryn History Society - October Meeting

Sunday 16th October 2011

The next Members' Meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th October at 2.00 p.m. in the Red Store.

A visit by Jo Mattingley (Royal Cornwall Museum Development Officer) to advise on the upkeep of artefacts and documents which we have recently acquired from the Red Store and the "Mansell Shop".

This is your opportunity to see, close up, these fascinating historical items, which range in size from an "Elsan" toilet to thimbles.

Jo will demonstrate the techniques involved in preserving and storing these artefacts and documents, and you will be able to decide how/where we store them, and how we can show them to a wider audience in Lerryn

Everyone is welcome. Entry free to members, but it only costs £1.00 to join!!

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