Lerryn Produce Association Notice

Monday 1st June 2009



When you read this the Plant Sale will be over and the Show will be only 2 months away on August 1st 2009, times does fly.


I hope that you picked up a schedule at the coffee morning, if not they are available from the shop, Viv Turner at Creekside Cottage or Penny Philp.


In recent years the entries in the classes for Flower Arranging have been a little disappointing. We all know that there are some very talented and artistic ladies, and gentlemen! in the village who excel at this. I understand that once again the W.I. will be involved so how about the young mum’s having a go, having swept the board at Quiz Night you should find Flower Arranging a piece of cake.


The photography class this year for adults is “Cornish Sunlight”, plenty of scope there to let your imagination run riot provided of course the sun does shine.


For children the title is “Horror” we are looking for a really scary picture of any size.


At the school David Vipond tells me that the potatoes have broken surface, it will be very interesting to see how this works out and who will be successful in winning the shield.


Happy gardening


Peter Bucknell


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