Lerryn View Woodland Management

Friday 26th November 2021

Lerryn View Woodland Management

In early December 2021, our team of forestry experts will be carrying out a tree felling and
restocking operation in Lerryn View woods.

Why are we doing it?The felling operation is guided by both improving woodland health and managing public
safety. The woodland is currently home to a large number of Ash and Western Red Cedar
trees. Many of the Ash trees have been affected by Ash Dieback, as a result public safety has
been compromised. Western Red Cedar is a non-native species grown for timber and its
dominance in the woodland is impacting the biodiversity of the area.
We never fell trees without due consideration, and have a comprehensive policy in place to
help us make decisions around tree felling and to ensure we achieve a benefit to nature.
For more information on Ash Dieback, please visit our website: www.nationaltrust.org.uk

What are we doing?
The Ash and Cedar trees will be felled, the timber will be removed from the site and some of
which will be used for projects in the local area. The woodland will then be restocked with a
diverse mix of native broadleaved trees. Improving the species diversity will introduce more
resilience to the woodland as well as creating a more interesting canopy, a mixed age
structure throughout the woodland and a more diverse ground flora.

Additional Information
The felling works may take up to four weeks and the restocking will take place following this.
Once all work is complete, the woodland footpath will reopen to the public.
Not all ash trees are being felled across the land we manage – those where public safety is
not a concern will remain to naturally tolerate the disease. Disease resistant trees will be the
seed source of future ash trees.

South East Cornwall Ranger Team
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