Lerryn.net Crowdfund Appeal

Sunday 12th August 2018

​Please help us raise our target of £2400 to develop a brand new website for Lerryn and the surounding areas, the website is run by a small group of volunteers

Our aims are to strengthen and develop the real sense of community which already exists by reaching out to those who live in the more isolated areas of our area, including those who are home bound.

Enable those who have moved away from the area, including those who have moved abroad, to keep in touch with news of their friends and families.

Promote the educational, artistic, cultural and social life of our area as well as providing a ‘shop front’ for local businesses.

Publish and store today's news and information, creating over time an archive for future generations.

Proudly host our Village Archive - a photographic record which spans the years 1890 to the present day.

The current site has been running very successfully for ten years, but must now adapt to current technology – including the increasing use of mobile devices.

Visit our Crowdfunder page to make a donation:


We are also on Facebook - lerryn.net and on twitter @lerrynvillage please visit us and tweet away, if you would like to advertise on lerryn.net then please get in touch - with the new website coming, and advertising campaign over the next 8 weeks you will surely get noticed.

Our new Website functions will include the following needs.

  • a Content Management System which is accessible and easy to use, so that more people can upload their own text, photos and posters, ensuring a more sustainable operational model

  • a Content Management System which gives us the power to change words and images on our site as necessary without running up additional maintenance costs

  • a responsive design for users visiting the website on their tablets or mobile phones

  • to meet the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and XTHML standards of the World Wide Web Consortium

Lets raise this money as a community and spread the word far and wide!

Thank you for your support!


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