Message from Mike Casey - former resident - Can you Help?

Friday 6th March 2009

If anyone can help with this or if you know some of the people mentioned who were Michaels neighbours in Lerryn View can you please email him or contact us at and we can pass on any info. He is very keen to try and track down some former neighbours....if you read this and can let those people know that Michael is trying to get in touch with them he would be very grateful

hello  as you see my name is michael and i am trying to find my roots so to speak old friends. i lived in lerryn view some years past with a lady called meta jackson last known name husbaind gordon who have both died.

My family was friends with the pearse,s well my brother was (Kevin casey) we left lerryn around 1970 i believe there was the davey,s at the top r/handside ie john same age im 48 this year. the todds girls name hellen whent to birthday party at her house lived in main village in 70\'s , stead family single mum had 4 kids i think me and kev play with them cant think of any more name anyway when or if you have a village meeting can you ask ie todd family if any one has any photos of 1970 back to1965 and pass on my email to all who remembers me and kevin as i would like to get in i have very little memory of my child hood in lerryn school and no photos .

As my 5 year old girl called Abbie is asking questions her self now and i cant aswer or show her whot i was like metta had children her self (Terry,Roger,Sylvia,and bernice all of witch was a lot oldder than us. My dad was called walter patric casey died when in was 9/10 years old if anyone called get in touch and help me i and abbie would be so greatfull. 


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