Message From Rich Cornwall

Tuesday 11th August 2009

On Saturday 8th Aug at 6pm I crossed the bridge into Lerryn something that just over a week earlier I was not sure I would ever do again.


Huge thanks are due to the remarkable efforts and speedy actions of the RCHT - Treliske and the London Heart Hospital who made this possible.


Still the most emotional and heart warming events were down to our friends in Lerryn. Prue was overwhelmed with the numerous and varied offers of support and assistance along with the huge volume of cards. Now I am able to understand it myself I feel totally humbled by everyones thoughts and efforts.


If I can take this opportunity to thank everyone most deeply, who are too numerous to mention by name, and hope in the coming days to be able to thank everyone in person.


Lastly and with all my love my biggest debt is to my Prue.


Rich Cornwall




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