Message from The Richards Family

Wednesday 17th December 2008


This is just a little thank you and goodbye to everyone in Lerryn from the Richards Family
By the time you read this we will be well into the first leg of our New Zealand Ad venture. It will be hard to leave all of our lovely friends and family in Lerryn but hopefully this is just Au Revoir and not goodbye as I hope we will see a lot of you again soon.
Since we arrived in Cornwall well over 10 years ago we have made a lot of lovely friends and I just want to thank a few who have made our stay here particularly memorable.
Firstly thanks to Roz who helped in Josh’s early years and who I have a lot to thank for – without her I am sure he would not have eased himself into playgroup and then school so well and of course developed such lovely manners ! Special thanks must go to Mrs Oliver who has been a wonderful friend and teacher to us both, without her Joshua would certainly not be working for his Grade 3 Piano exam and I am hoping she will be one of our first visitors. A huge thank you to Wendy and Sandra and Mr Vipond all who have had to put up with me as well as Joshua for the last five years. Thank you for making my time in school so enjoyable. To David a special thank you for teaching Joshua how to play the guitar. We have been truly blessed to have known you all and Josh has had the most wonderful start in his academic life.
I would like to thank Alix for being such an excellent friend and to Jackie and Tracey and to all the people who organised the brilliant Mama Mia evening. For the girls at the shop and all the kind people who have wished us well and sent us cards over the last few days – we will miss you all.
Without Jane and Polmartin Stables I don’t know how I would have kept my sanity for these past few months and who introduced me to her lovely Arabs. The girls Tess and Jazz would like to thank the biscuit ladies for all the lovely doggie treats, we will also miss meeting Mike and Dennis on our walks. I know Joshua will want to thank Jonathan at Lostwithiel Youth Football Club and all his friends in the U11’s squad and all the members of the Pantomime.
Lastly but not least my lovely understanding family and especially Helga who we are leaving behind but certainly not forgetting and who we hope will visit us soon.
If you would like to follow our adventures we have a travel blog and will keep it updated regularly 
We hope to see you again soon
Love from Charlotte, Jo and Joshua

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