Mevagissey Fish - Do you want a Lerryn call?

Monday 26th November 2012



Some of you will have seen and visited the Fish Van in Lostwithiel outside the Community Centre on Friday Mornings.  Indeed, one or two people have approached the owner with a view to reinstating Pete Randall’s spot in Lerryn.  Apparently, the owner is willing to do this as long as there is sufficient demand and as long as there is just one point of call (Lerryn Car Park being the obvious one).   The only slots available would be on a Monday or Tuesday.  If you would be interested in supporting this idea, then please e-mail me on and I will endeavour to coordinate something.  If there is sufficient interest, then a new slot for Lerryn would take place early in February, to allow for the owner’s extended holiday after Christmas.


Lin Briggs, 26 November 2012

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