Mixton House

Sunday 4th September 2011

Mixton House

The following email has been received in connection with a 1960s photo seen in the photo archive:

Dear Archive

It was lovely to see a photograph of Mixton as I remember it. I am Mrs  King's great nephew, and that year (1964) I met her for the first  time.  She was also a zoologist, and her husband worked with one of  the top scientists in the US prior to WW1. She had an extraordinary  intellect and was truly a remarkable woman, way ahead of her time and  published ground breaking research with a fellow of the royal society  on nuclear division. I note that I can see the wire netting frames on  the windows. Her sister who also lived there, used to feed the birds  and they eventually took to entering the house and so they had to  install wire netting on the windows to keep them out.

Your spelling of  Mr Kalloway's name is incorrect - just so you know! (Now corrected!)


Dr Colin G. Evans
New York


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