More Theft - Outboard Engines can you help?

Friday 21st August 2009

Two outboard engines were stolen on Wed night from the foreshore

One a local residents was padlocked to the boat on its mooring by the car park - it was a 15hp engine so we can assume there was more than one person involved due to the weight.

The other was taken from a visitors boat left near the slipway.

This has all been reported to Looe Police and the Harbour Commission who are now investigating following the dingy theft on Monday

Due to the tide times on Wed it seems most likely that the thefts are from land by a vehicle

An old red Ford type, estate van with writing on it was seen on the “scene of the crime” on Monday around Little Quay at 10.00 & there was evidence of cut rope found in the lay-by nearby at 10.30.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious please let us know so we can pass the information on ..... in confidence if need be.

Meanwhile until those involved are caught or move on please make sure you keep an eye on yours and your neighbouring boats.

A new item has been set up on the Forum Page for anyone with any ideas on how we stop this kind of thing.

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