New banner for Lerryn School

Tuesday 17th December 2019

New banner for Lerryn School

The school needed a new banner and Mat Blunt wanted it to be created with the children's involvement.  The children themselves were very clear about what they wanted on their banner. It had to feature the school, the school hill, the river, the bridge, the stepping stones, plus birds, sheep and fish - and ALL the children. Mat called in the WI.

For a year, a team of WI people went into the school two afternoons a week. Over that time, every child in the school made a direct contribution to the banner: stitching around the letters; making the stepping stones; sewing fruit and flowers onto the trees they had cut out. They also made figures to represent themselves. Not only did they stitch their school uniform into place, but they also thought and talked about how to represent facial expressions, hair styles and eye colour. At the end, as launch time approached, they decided where on the banner they would like 'their' person to stand.

It was hard work and good fun for both adults and children, and the banner looks lovely.

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