Saturday 21st January 2012

Here is the quick step-by-step procedure:

1.  Telephone Hayley Thomas of Richards in Par on Wednesday with your fish order and agree on fish type, amount and approximate price.  Telephone number to ring is 01726 825078

2.  Fish will be caught between Wednesday and Friday

3.  Collect the fish from the Drill Hall in Lerryn between 11 and 11.45a.m. on the following Friday

4.  The fish will be in a package with your name on and with an invoice showing the price to be paid to the person on duty

5.  The person on duty will keep the money and pay the Richards driver on the following Friday.  Richards will accept cheques provided that the invoice is for more than £10

6.  If you are unable to phone on Wednesday,  Richards will do their best to accommodate orders placed on Thursday

7.  Obviously the fish will not keep,  so please make sure that there is somebody to collect and pay for it.

Any queries to Bill Needs 01208 872884 or David St.John 01208 873373

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