New Playground for Lerryn ? Cuckoo's ?

Thursday 9th April 2009

The New Lerryn Discussion Forum is now live and on line covering these topics....and whatever else you want to get off your chest or tell others about.

Its quick and easy to read the views or suggestions of others and then post short messages back if you want to join in the discussion.

Anyone can follow the discussions by clicking on the DISCUSSION FORUM button on the home page.

To add your pearls of wisdom or start new discussions, all you need to do is sign in once to get a password and leave your details and then you are free to add discussions or coments to those that others have put on the site. You can even select to have an email sent automatically when someone adds something to any particular topic.

If anyone has any problems loggin in first time let us know and we can make sure you get online.

Discussions are monitored by the website group, we receive an email everytime something is added so that if there was ever anything inappropriate if can be removed straight away.

It is your village website and this is a great facility for raising issues, asking for help or just having a bit of fun with others using the site in the village. Please take a look !

CLICK HERE to view the discussions currently going on - as a taster the following are already underway.

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