Old Lerryn - but not as you know it!

Friday 10th September 2021

Old Lerryn - but not as you know it!

Local historian Esthermary Todd worked for many years to piece together an understanding of the field layout and ownerships of Lerryn in times past.

Unknown to us, her friend Liz, who lived across the way recreated Esthermary's work as a huge (46 x 35") embroidered "map" of the area.  Liz took the embroidery with her when she moved away from the village and we knew nothing of it until she died.  Her daughter-in-law then contacted the hall and asked whether we would wish to be the custodians of this very remarkable piece of work. 

Of course we agreed, and the fabric, now safely framed, will be on display in the main hall from 10.30 am to noon on Friday 10th September.  After that it will be hung on the wall but we thought that people would like to get a closer look at it before then.  Come and join us for coffee!

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