Outcomes of lerryn.net AGM

Tuesday 19th April 2011

The AGM took place on 4th April and the key outcomes were as follows:

1.  Election of officers:

  • Annie Singer - Chair
  • Bernie Gibbons - Treasurer
  • Ann Gibbons - Secretary

Other members of the committee are:  Richard Morris, Keith Rooker and Damon Wilcox

2.  Adoption of the amended constitution

The following objects were agreed:

Our overarching objective is to provide and maintain a community website (www.lerryn.net) to benefit the residents of Lerryn and the surrounding areas. Our website will be developed by residents for residents, unlike other village websites that have been developed purely for visitors.

We aim to:

      • Contribute to the development of the real sense of community that exists in Lerryn through sharing news and information
      • Enable those of our elderly/disabled residents, who have Internet access, to have access to news and information which they might otherwise miss out on
      • Support and celebrate the work of local community groups and charities by advertising their events, publishing their reports and giving them the opportunity to buy their own pages
      • Provide a platform where matters of interest to residents can be discussed
      • Enable former residents of Lerryn and surrounding areas, including those who have moved abroad, to keep in touch with life in Lerryn
      • Enable former residents of Lerryn and surrounding areas to reconnect with their past by publishing archive materials
      • Contribute to the on-going development of the village archive by making our news items and photographs available to other community groups, such as the History Society
      • Facilitate the commercial life of the area by providing space on the website whilst ensuring that the costs of providing these services are fully recovered
      • Investigate ways in which those residents who do not have the Internet can have access to the information posted on the website

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